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The Flower Essence Blog is an exploration of Bach Flower Remedies, Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences and Personal & Spiritual Growth.

Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and Personal & Spiritual Growth

Here you can find a wealth of information, including our monthly Essence Reviews, our articles on using Essences for personal & spiritual growth, and much more. We hope you find some help & inspiration!


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Bach Flower Remedies

Cerato Bach Flower
Bach Flower Remedies

Coping with Energetic Intensity

7 April, 2017 0

Essence suggestions to help when all your issues are triggered at once. In the energy flow over the next few weeks we could very easily find ourselves having to linger in our personal underworld of […]

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Flower Essences

More On Essences

More On Personal Growth

Luffa Flower
Personal & Spiritual Growth

Reclaiming Your Personal Authority

12 January, 2018 0

January is often a time when we pause to review where we are in life as well as setting our direction for the coming twelve months. The energies are currently directing us to review our […]

Helping Yourself With Essences

Regensberg Rose
Helping Yourself With Essences
In the Spotlight

Centaury – Bach Flower Remedies

by Crystal Herbs in Bach Flower Remedies 1

For those that can at times be weak willed or subservient… The Centaury remedy, helps you to develop a stronger will and greater sense of yourself. Centaury – Bach Flower Remedies Centaury restores the qualities [...]


Larimar Crystal
Essence Reviews

Larimar Essence Review

30 August, 2016 0

This month’s Essence review is for the Larimar Essence. Larimar helps to balance and stabilize the emotions and the etheric body, especially in situations where the difficulty is caused by shock or trauma. Larimar Essence […]

Wild Iris Flower
Helping Yourself With Essences

Trusting Yourself & Your Inner Wisdom

15 May, 2017 0

Essence Suggestions to help you follow your own inner direction When it comes to sorting out your priorities and pondering your direction and purpose in life, there can be all sorts of issues on the […]

Lemon Flower
Essence Reviews

Lemon Flower Essence Review

24 October, 2016 0

This month’s Essence review is for the Lemon Flower Essence. This lovely single Flower Essence helps to promote clarity of thought, balance the mental body and is good for those who find it difficult to […]

Crystal Herbs News & More

Snowy Norfolk Roads

Snow, Snow & More Snow

2 March, 2018 0

Winter & Snow in South Norfolk – the Story of Our Week For perhaps the first time ever, we have had to have a ‘snow day’ or two here at Crystal Herbs! Although Tueday was […]

PC2017 - Blog Banner

Plant Consciousness Conference 2017

12 October, 2017 0

Connecting With the Natural World "Plant Consciousness explores the higher intelligence of nature, how to connect and learn from it and why it is essential for the development of consciousness and the well-being of the […]


Beautiful Roses & the Vibration of Love

1 September, 2017 0

Some of the beautiful roses flowering at Crystal Herbs at the moment… These four beautiful roses are flowering and sharing their energies with us at the moment and are a joy to see outside our […]

Water Lily White Flower
Personal & Spiritual Growth

Evolving Group Consciousness

16 February, 2018 0

Aquarian Stimulation Our planet is currently receiving a huge amount of high frequency energetic downloads to help us dissolve our third/fourth dimensional matrix and fully anchor the new fifth dimensional one that is now available […]

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