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The Flower Essence Blog is an exploration of Bach Flower Remedies, Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences and Personal & Spiritual Growth.

Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and Personal & Spiritual Growth

Here you can find a wealth of information, including our monthly Essence Reviews, our articles on using Essences for personal & spiritual growth, and much more. We hope you find some help & inspiration!


Latest Blog Posts

  • Bluebells
    Helping Yourself With Essences

    Harmony, Truth & Integrity – Essence Suggestions

    Flower & Crystal Essence suggestions to help you stay focussed and aligned with what is important for you There seems to be an unending supply of those ‘opportunities for growth’ moments around right now, something [...]
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth

    Your Truth is Important

    It’s important for all of us that we explore our own truth in more depth and take steps to align with that truth with as much integrity and trust as we can manage. Being True [...]
  • Calm-Seas
    Personal & Spiritual Growth

    Cosmic Influences – June 2017

    What cosmic influences the Cosmos has on the menu for us in June and how to make the best use of the energies available. Themes for June There is a positive forward moving feel to [...]
  • Wild Iris Flower
    Helping Yourself With Essences

    Trusting Yourself & Your Inner Wisdom

    Essence Suggestions to help you follow your own inner direction When it comes to sorting out your priorities and pondering your direction and purpose in life, there can be all sorts of issues on the [...]

Featured Post

Lemon Flower
Essence Reviews

Lemon Flower Essence Review

24 October, 2016 0

This month’s Essence review is for the Lemon Flower Essence. This lovely single Flower Essence helps to promote clarity of thought, balance the mental body and is good for those who find it difficult to […]

Bach Flower Remedies

Cerato Bach Flower
Bach Flower Remedies

Coping with Energetic Intensity

7 April, 2017 0

Essence suggestions to help when all your issues are triggered at once. In the energy flow over the next few weeks we could very easily find ourselves having to linger in our personal underworld of […]

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Your Truth is Important

16 June, 2017 0

It’s important for all of us that we explore our own truth in more depth and take steps to align with that truth with as much integrity and trust as we can manage. Being True […]

Flower Essences

More On Essences

Pennyroyal Flower Essence
Essence Reviews

Pennyroyal Flower Essence

25 July, 2016 0

This month’s Essence review is for the Pennyroyal Flower Essence. This very useful Essence helps you to repel and dissolve negative thought forms and to strengthen your auric field as well as to bring a […]

More On Personal Growth

Personal & Spiritual Growth

The Eclipse of the Sun in Pisces

8 March, 2016 0

Wednesday’s Solar Eclipse In the very early hours of Wednesday March 9th UK time, there will be a new moon total eclipse of the sun, the only total solar eclipse of 2016. It will not […]

Helping Yourself With Essences

In the Spotlight

Centaury – Bach Flower Remedies

by Crystal Herbs in Bach Flower Remedies 1

For those that can at times be weak willed or subservient… The Centaury remedy, helps you to develop a stronger will and greater sense of yourself. Centaury – Bach Flower Remedies Centaury restores the qualities [...]


Flower Essences

Good Grounding & Becoming More Grounded

21 March, 2013 0

Click for Gallery Why Is It Important To Be Grounded? A good strong connection with the earth – or good grounding – is an important part of fulfilling our divine potential and functioning fully in […]

Borage Flower
Flower Essences

Borage Flower Essence

1 June, 2015 0

The Beautiful Borage Flower Borage has a beautiful blue flower ( although you will also occasionally see a pink one ), with five perfect pointed petals. It is very popular with the Bees and brings […]

Crystal Herbs News & More

BFVEA Gathering

BFVEA Gathering – Flower Essences & More

3 April, 2017 0

BFVEA Kegworth Gathering 2017 I recently went along to the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association ( BFVEA ) Gathering at Kegworth to join in with this years annual meeting. The Gathering happens each year […]


Enjoy the Daffodils

27 March, 2015 0

William Wordsworth, in his famous poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ recalls coming upon ‘a host of golden daffodils’ and describes in the final stanza of the poem how enduringly uplifting the memory of […]

Bach Display Stand

New Flower Essence Display Stands

7 November, 2014 0

Click the picture above for more images We have a lovely new selection of display stands and display options now available for our wholesale customers for our range of Bach Flower Remedies and Flower, Gem […]

Snowy Trees

Happy Christmas…

16 December, 2011 0

Christmas Greetingsfrom us all at Crystal Herbs! We wish you all a peaceful Christmas break and a joyous & prosperous New Year! Thank you for all your orders, contributions and kind comments over the past […]

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Creativity Essence
In the Spotlight

Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions – Individuality & Creativity

by Crystal Herbs in Flower Essences 0

Expressing Your Individuality & Creativity Creativity Essence A lovely combination helping you to express your creativity and to recognise your individuality. It helps to transform old stuck energies and free up your natural creativity – also helpful if you feel withdrawn and find it hard to feel free to be yourself. Shop: Creativity Essence One of the themes of this month’s energy flow is the [...]