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Aspen – Bach Flower Remedies

Clearing Unknown Fears… Last month we focused on Agrimony from the Bach Flower Remedies range, and this month its the turn of Aspen. The beautiful energies of the Aspen remedy help us to feel unafraid of the unknown, and it is one of those remedies that so many people find helpful.

Aspen – Bach Flower Remedies

Aspen helps those who experience anxiety for which there appears to be no logical reason. This can take the form of vague but potent apprehension of some unknown future event or an uneasy ‘spooked out’ feeling in the dark or in strange places. The creepy, shivery feeling that is sometimes described as ‘someone just walked over my grave’ expresses the Aspen fear of the spirit / psychic realms very well. Shaking, trembling, or vague fluttering feelings in the tummy together with coldness, paleness & nightmares are all indications of the need for Aspen.

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Dr Bach’s description of Aspen:-

“Vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. Yet the patient may be terrified of something terrible going to happen, he knows not what. These vague unexplainable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers often are afraid to tell their trouble to others.” From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies – By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

Dr Bach placed Aspen in the Fear Group

The Latin Name for Aspen is:- Populus Tremula

For more information on how to use the Bach Flower Remedies, please see Using and Choosing Bach Flower Remedies

Working with Fear

If you would like something more deeper acting as a complement, you could also try an Inner Calm Essence or a Pink Rose Essence – this helps to clear and release blocked fears.

What do you think? If you have any experiences of using the Aspen remedy, or any thoughts or ideas that you would like to share in relation to it, please leave us a comment!

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