Chestnut Bud Flower
Bach Flower Remedies

Chestnut Bud – Bach Flower Remedies

12 June, 2015 Crystal Herbs 0

The Chestnut Bud remedy is for those who find it difficult to learn from their mistakes, often repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Chestnut Bud – Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud helps those […]

Cherry Plum - Bach Flower Remedy
Bach Flower Remedies

Cherry Plum – Bach Flower Remedies

24 April, 2015 Crystal Herbs 0

The lovely Cherry Plum remedy helps you to restore the qualities of balance, calmness and positive control of the mind. Cherry Plum – Bach Flower Remedy Cherry Plum restores the qualities of balance, calmness and […]

Bach Display Stand
Bach Flower Remedies

New Flower Essence Display Stands

7 November, 2014 Crystal Herbs 0

Click the picture above for more images We have a lovely new selection of display stands and display options now available for our wholesale customers for our range of Bach Flower Remedies and Flower, Gem […]

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies for Christmas

16 December, 2011 Crystal Herbs 0

Bach Flower Remedies for Christmas & Beyond Incredible though it seems, 2011 is almost complete and we are now only a few weeks away from the beginning of a new year and fully into the […]

Cerato Bach Flower
Bach Flower Remedies

Cerato – Bach Flower Remedies

20 May, 2010 Crystal Herbs 0

For those who have difficulty trusting in their own intuition or ‘inner voice’… The Cerato remedy helps you to know and trust your own innate inner wisdom. Cerato – Bach Flower Remedies Cerato restores the […]

Bach Flower Remedies

Healing Herbs Wins European Court Case

10 October, 2008 Crystal Herbs 2

The names ‘Bach’ and ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ remain generic. Julian Barnard of Healing Herbs has been actively objecting to Nelsons’ trade marking of the name ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ and ‘Bach’ for nearly 20 years. In […]

Bach Flower Remedies

Challenging Times

8 April, 2008 Crystal Herbs 0

We were reflecting the other day on just how relentless the energetic push for transformation has seemed over the last twelve months and particularly since the beginning of this year. There was a time, not […]