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Tulip Flaming Parrot
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Tulip Flower Essence

21 April, 2017 Crystal Herbs 0

Tulip & Flaming Parrot Tulip Flower Essences Tulips are one of the worlds most popular spring flowering bulbs. Each year they bring a beautiful variety of colour to gardens and public spaces, heralding the arrival […]

Fluorite Crystal
Essence Reviews

Fluorite Crystal Essence Review

3 January, 2017 Crystal Herbs 0

For our Essence Review this month we have selected Fluorite, which is one of our many individual Gem & Crystal Essences. Fluorite Crystal Fluorite Essence Essence Range: Single Gem & Crystal Essences How to Use: […]

Lemon Flower
Essence Reviews

Lemon Flower Essence Review

24 October, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0

This month’s Essence review is for the Lemon Flower Essence. This lovely single Flower Essence helps to promote clarity of thought, balance the mental body and is good for those who find it difficult to […]

Compassion Rose Flower Essence
Essence Reviews

Compassion Rose Essence Review

26 September, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0

The focus for this months essence review is on the Compassion Rose Essence from our Rose Collection set. Compassion Rose Compassion Rose Essence Essence Range: Rose Collection Essences How to Use: Take four drops on […]

Healing Abuse Essence
Flower Essences

Flower Essence Suggestions for September 2016

13 September, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0

Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through September Healing Abuse Essence This powerful combination is an excellent support for anyone working with issues related to abuse. It helps to dissolve the vibrations of trauma […]