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Twelve New Crystal Essences for 2019

12 March, 2019 Crystal Herbs 0

We’re delighted to introduce you to some of our new Crystal Essences   We have twenty three new Crystal Essences which we’re adding to the Single Gem & Crystal Essences range. These lovely new Essences […]

Fluorite Crystal
Essence Reviews

Fluorite Crystal Essence Review

3 January, 2017 Crystal Herbs 0

For our Essence Review this month we have selected Fluorite, which is one of our many individual Gem & Crystal Essences. Fluorite Crystal Fluorite Essence Essence Range: Single Gem & Crystal Essences How to Use: […]

Larimar Crystal
Essence Reviews

Larimar Essence Review

30 August, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0

This month’s Essence review is for the Larimar Essence. Larimar helps to balance and stabilize the emotions and the etheric body, especially in situations where the difficulty is caused by shock or trauma. Larimar Essence […]

Moonstone Crystal
Essence Reviews

Moonstone Essence & Crystal

12 August, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0

The beautiful Moonstone crystal has a pearly moon like luster and it has long been valued for its beauty and it’s energetic properties. Historically the Romans used it in their jewellery and it has long […]

Alexandrite Crystal
Flower Essences

Alexandrite – Gem Essence

3 July, 2014 Crystal Herbs 0

Alexandrite We’re very excited to have just received a new piece of Alexandrite. This beautiful gemstone has the amazing ability to change its colour; green or blue-green in daylight, Alexandrite turns a soft shade of […]