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Personal & Spiritual Growth

Evolving Group Consciousness

16 February, 2018 Crystal Herbs 0

Aquarian Stimulation Our planet is currently receiving a huge amount of high frequency energetic downloads to help us dissolve our third/fourth dimensional matrix and fully anchor the new fifth dimensional one that is now available […]

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Personal & Spiritual Growth

Reclaiming Your Personal Authority

12 January, 2018 Crystal Herbs 0

January is often a time when we pause to review where we are in life as well as setting our direction for the coming twelve months. The energies are currently directing us to review our […]

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Personal & Spiritual Growth

Time to Reflect and Realign

19 December, 2017 Crystal Herbs 0

The end of the year is traditionally a time to reflect and realign and to take stock of all that has happened over the course of the previous twelve months. This year there is certainly […]