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Your Vibrational Frequency is Important

Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions to help you to raise your vibrational frequency and align with your highest potential

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Managing Our Vibrational Frequency – paying attention to the vibrational frequencies that we allow to become a part of our life experience is becoming increasingly important.

Paying attention to the vibrational frequencies that we allow to become a part of our life experience is becoming increasingly important.

In our current reality we have a vast range of frequencies available to us contained within what might be described as various parallel realities. Some of these ‘realities’ exist within the old 3rd/4th dimensional patterning and others relate to the new 5th dimensional template. Currently they run side by side as we consciously or unconsciously make creative choices about how we want to experience life.

The choice of emotions and feelings that we hold most consistently in our awareness create a filter that determines which ‘reality’ we experience. The energy flow is currently configured to offer consistent opportunities for us to review and adjust anything in our filtering system that is out of alignment with the new 5th dimensional template.

Here are some essence suggestions to help keep you on track.  

Upgrading your Energetic Foundations

Firstly, strong energetic foundations are crucial to our ability to anchor and hold higher frequency energies. Our three lower chakras are constantly having to adjust and expand their function to accommodate the changes we need to make in this regard.

The base chakra is particularly important here as it provides a very necessary anchor point for our multidimensional self, so if you find yourself struggling to stay grounded, connected and on purpose you might well find either a Base Chakra, Being Present; becoming grounded or an Earth Star combination very supportive.

Difficulty with creativity, adaptability or flowing with change might indicate either a Sacral Chakra or Creativity; restoring individuality combination would be helpful.

The solar plexus chakra is another energy centre that often needs support as we evolve and grow. If you struggle to stay focussed in your own energy, are overly affected by situations and people around you, depleted of energy or struggle with control issues then a Solar Plexus combination is for you. Also check out the Auric Protection Spray; safe boundaries and White Bluebell from the Karmic Essences for further support with these issues.

Expanding into the Consciousness of the Heart

Heart Chakra Essence

Heart Chakra Essence

The Heart Chakra Essence helps you open your Heart chakra and connect with unconditional love. When the Heart chakra is closed there can be feelings of loneliness, separation or isolation from others, a fear of closeness or a feeling of being unloved. Also good where there is a tendency to be overly critical, jealous or superior, perhaps unable to reach out to others.

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Fifth dimensional consciousness is heart based, unity consciousness, something we are all familiar with when we connect with the vibrations of our multidimensional self through the heart chakra.

The still point within the heart is also where we need to go to open fully to receive and absorb the high frequency energies, so here are some suggestions for essence combinations that can help to expand this all-important energy centre.

The most obvious choices here are either a Heart Chakra, Higher Heart Chakra or Open to Receive; creating abundance combination. However, you might also like to check out the Rose Collection combinations, Awakening the Heart, Heartfelt Forgiveness, Purity of Heart & Unconditional Love for some alternative possibilities to help you expand into the conscious of the heart this month.

Two of the most obstructive vibrations when it comes to the ability to consistently maintain a heart-based consciousness are fear and judgement, so if either of these uncomfortable frequencies gets too noisy in your space, check out Inner Calm; transforming fear, Strength & Courage Spray; overcoming fear or Inner Freedom; transforming judgement for support.

Integrating High Vibrational Frequency Energy

Inner Light; opening to the light, is an excellent combination to support anyone who needs to expand their capacity to absorb and use high frequency Light.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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