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Chakra Essences

Flower Essences for the Chakras

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel or spinning disc of energy’. We have seven main chakra points and hundreds of minor chakra points thoughout our bodies subtle energy system. These chakra points act as exchange points between the physical body and our supporting subtle energy system.

When our chakras are clear and balanced we can draw in the universal energy that we need and we are also able to use the divine qualities of each chakra ( you can find more on each chakra on our chakras page).

The proper functioning of our Chakras can become blocked by the old emotional patterns, beliefs or thought patterns that we carry, sometimes from this lifetime and sometimes from previous experiences in other lifetimes. Each chakra tends to resonate with a certain set of patterns or issues.

Our Chakra Essences

Our set of Chakra combinations was developed to help to clear, balance and align the 7 main chakra points and 3 important minor chakra points. The combinations help to clear and release the old emotional patterns, beliefs or thought patterns that can block a chakra from functioning properly.

To provice a little extra help, we have updated our Chakra combinations with some new essences, with some quite powerful results! We have also provided them with some attractive new labels!!

We hope that you enjoy these revised combinations – you can find more on the chakra combinations here


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