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Being Present!

Being grounded and in the now

Grounding is an important issue for many people to work with. Being grounded means being ‘in the now’; focusing our energy, thoughts and feelings in the present moment. As we do this it gives us a connection to and sense of safety on Mother Earth together with the physical vibrancy of actually being in our bodies. In this state we are at our most able to create and manifest what it is that we want in our lives.

So what is it that stops us from being grounded? The only thing that really stops us from being fully grounded in the now is the thought or feeling that we don’t want to be here, or that it is not safe at some level to be grounded here. These conscious or unconscious thoughts or feelings might have their origins in the experiences that we have had in this lifetime, or those that echo from previous life times, but each time they get triggered it can make it difficult for us to want to focus and ground our energy here in the moment. Being with the issue in the moment really means at some level facing some of the emotional pain and trauma that we keep so well buried. However, all these old patterns, whether relating to difficult childhood memories, guilt, fear, emotional trauma or past life echos, need to be worked with and gently released so that we can be more fully into our own energy.

When you feel yourself becoming ungrounded, try simply sitting with how you feel in the moment and how you feel about being there in the moment, and let yourself connect with any thought patterns, beliefs or feelings that are present. Over a period of time this will often help you to get a slightly deeper understanding about the patterns that you carry about being grounded. As you work with the patterns and begin to release them it allows you to strengthen your sense of grounding and ability to be grounded in the moment.

The Being Present Combination helps to work with the process of becoming more grounded. It can help to gently bring into awareness the issues that need working with and to help them to release, allowing you to feel more grounded and here in the present.

The Being Present Combination is one of the Divine Harmony Essences.

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