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An Important Cosmic Moment

June Energetics and the influence of Gemini

The energy flow this month is ripe with potential and opportunity. Like a giant ocean wave that has been gradually gathering power, the energies of June promise to build on the momentum of preceding months to lift us high and carry us forward into new possibilities and opportunities. The prevailing planetary influence for the month of June comes to us from the constellation of Gemini represented astrologically by the sign of the twins. In its highest form the energy of Gemini promotes harmony and synthesis in relationships of all kinds through the fusing of polarities. It particularly encourages us to bring greater harmony and balance into the relationship between the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Venus Transit

This year the synthesising effect of Gemini energy will be greatly expanded by the magnified influence of Venus, as it passes directly between the Earth and the Sun on June 6th. This rare planetary event always occurs in pairs, two days short of eight years apart. The transit this month is the second in the series that began in 2004. Energetically these two transits are linked and this month’s transit will bring completion to the cycle that began in June 2004.

Esoterically Venus is considered to be the Higher Self of the Earth, a relationship similar to that between personality and soul at an individual level. As Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth on June 6th we will receive the full force of Venusian energy magnified by the power of the sun, creating the effect of a temporary yet potent ‘soul merge’. This inflow of Venusian energy will encourage an expansion of soul consciousness within all of us, a fusing of heart and mind that has the potential to promote real and lasting change in the way we think and relate.

The June Full Moon

The scene will be set for this potent cosmic moment by a full moon lunar eclipse on June 4th. The full moon when the sun is in Gemini also marks the celebration of the third great spiritual festival for the year and World Invocation Day.  At this time the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed.
This year as always the combined energies of Love and Wisdom will pour onto the planet, lifting our consciousness, synthesising dualities and opening us up to receive and use the energies that will be available to us during the Venus transit to the full.

An Important Cosmic Moment

There can be little doubt that this is an important cosmic moment for us all, both individually and collectively. The in pouring Venusian energies will trigger remembrance of the unifying principle of Unconditional Love as the basis from which all life forms are created. While this might not immediately appear to be a conscious process for many, it will nevertheless greatly speed up the process of awakening that is now going on at full speed on our planet. From this will come the healing of duality thinking and the basis for the creation of relationships based on mutual respect and trust. It will also pave the way for technological advances that will be used for the benefit of humanity as a whole, rather than for the financial gain of a few. Those who are awake and aware know that this is a particularly important and fertile time in which to sow seeds for the future. So take time this month to receive the blessings available and to connect with the love of your true self so that you can align more fully with your souls purpose. This is definitely the time to bring forward all of your gifts and talents.

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