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Celestial Weather

The following is an exert from Rich Humberts ‘Celestial Weather Forecasts’ and gives an astrological view of the energies that are going to be affecting the planet ( and us! ) over the next few days. This includes Saturdays lunar eclipse, which sounds like it could be quite powerful!

“This Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse aligns the Sun with Uranus (at the 3 o’clock position) at sunset in Washington, D.C. opposite the rising Full Moon (at 9 o’clock). Saturn and Neptune remain in opposition as they will for many days – Saturn is at 10 o’clock and Neptune at 4 o’clock. Uranus is exactly square to the high point of the chart that symbolizes those in authority and square to the base of the chart that symbolizes where we feel we belong. Jupiter, at the 6 o’clock position, makes square angle to the Sun, Uranus, and the Moon forming a T-Square pattern we’ve seen before in times of high stress. This combination can be summed up as mind-expansion – mind-expansion whether you’re ready or not. The signs emphasized are “mutable” signs that symbolize the adjustments we make to get in tune with the world around us. The eclipse will challenge us to make a significant adjustment to a situation or situations that are suddenly revealed to have changed.”

You can read the full article and the forecast for each day on the Celestial Weather site

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