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Cosmic Influences for November 2017

Bridge in Autumn Landscape

What the Cosmos has on the menu for us this month and how to make the best use of the energies available.

The Energies of November

Everywhere in the world now you can see the old stories that belong to third dimensional consciousness unravelling as things that have previously been hidden from view are brought into the light of awareness for transformation.

This will be a particularly strong theme throughout November because the energetic alignments for the next few weeks continue to have a focus that is firmly fixed on promoting change and transformation.

There is a definite degree of intensity in the energetic line-up this month which will be pushing us to engage more fully with our empowered fifth dimensional self, so that we are able to make a positive contribution to the creation of a new reality.

At times this could feel challenging and uncomfortable, as though you are being well and truly pushed out of your comfort zone. If this is your experience this month remember that the universe always has your back, and that this is simply an opportunity to release who you are not in favour of becoming more of who you really are.

Success is assured if we just keep moving forward with the least amount of resistance that we can manage. Just stay grounded, detached and focussed on your own truth so that what you no longer need can be released and transformed.

The Influence of Scorpio

Scorpio Symbol

The sun moved into the constellation of Scorpio on October 23rd providing us with the perfect energetic backdrop to assist with our process of change this month.

When the sun magnifies the watery energies of Scorpio the energetic focus is always one of deep inner transformation. Scorpio energy is warrior energy and it will unequivocally take us deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious, emotional nature. Here we can find ourselves confronted with the need to make the choice to transform ourselves from the inside out.

There is a ‘death and rebirth’ flavour to these energies that can feel both intense and challenging if we are tempted to resist the proffered invitation to make any changes that might be necessary.

The influence of Scorpio could feel particularly intense for the few days around the full moon which is exact in the early hours of November 4th, or late November 3rd in some time zones. This full moon with the sun in Scorpio and the moon in the opposite sign of Taurus always tends to ignite emotional sensitivities and the consequent propensity for overreaction and emotional drama.

So, if you should find yourself in a situation this month where some sort of emotional drama is playing out around you, remember to breathe deeply, ground yourself and detach energetically. For best results choose the path of least resistance and just go with the flow if you can.


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