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Cosmic Influences for January 2018 – Supermoon, Capricorn & More

Supermoon over mountains

What the Cosmos has on the menu for us this month and how to make the best use of the energies available.

Overall the energy flow in December seems as though it will feel a little calmer and less frantic than has been the case over recent months. Of course, this does not mean that there will be nothing going on, just that it might seem a little slower in pace and not everything all at once for a change.

The energies this month will bring a focus to any adjustments that we might need to make in the structure and foundation of our lives to allow for greater expansion and growth. Self-appreciation, flexibility and willingness to adapt will be all be important qualities to nurture this month.

Emotional Supermoon Energies

On January 1st this year the moon was at the closest point it will come to the Earth for the whole of the coming year. It was also full, resulting in a very beautiful ‘supermoon’ that provided a wonderfully illuminating start to the New Year. This full moon was in the watery and emotional sign of Cancer, so you may have found that its penetrating light also brought an internal focus to any emotional issues that have not yet been laid to rest. 

Transformational Energies

Since the solstice on December 22nd, we have had a particularly strong flow of beautiful, uplifting and inspiring spiritual energies flowing onto the planet.

These energies are stimulating change and transformation in a gentle but powerful manner that is best not resisted. Take time each day to connect in your heart, opening to receive this golden energy and allow it to assist you to transform from the inside out.

In general, January will be a good month to reflect upon what is right for you going forward and also make any changes that might be needed to allow this to happen. It will also be important for us to look at how we can best support our wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually, over the coming twelve months.

So start your year by appreciating yourself, feel what is going on for you, listen deeply to the intuition and wisdom of your heart and allow your life to reshape itself accordingly. Any action that you need to take will then follow as a natural consequence of this process.

The Influence of Capricorn

Caprocorn Glyph

The prevailing planetary influence for most of January comes to us from the constellation of Capricorn, represented by the glyph of the mountain goat in personality-based astrology and the unicorn in soul based astrology.

Over the next few weeks the Sun will magnify the inflowing energies from the constellation of Capricorn increasing their influence on every aspect of life on Earth. Within the focussed flow of this earthy, Capricornian energy we may find ourselves stimulated to overhaul the structure and foundation of our lives on all levels, personally and collectively.

Tenacity and ambition are both qualities inspired by Capricornian energies. These qualities can either be used to further selfish materialistic ambition or they can be channelled into a co-creative force that inspires new more expanded opportunities for all the human family. As always, the choice is ours and the energies will simply highlight and support the choices we make whether these are conscious or unconscious.

Building Strong Foundations

There is a lot of planetary activity in the Capricorn area of the sky this month and this will tend to bring an even greater focus to the opportunities available for positive transformation. Be prepared to be tested on whether your foundations in life are such that they will allow for expansion and growth. Anything that restricts this will need adjustment and could come under the spotlight this month. We could put this another way and say any beliefs that you hold that do not allow you to embody your true essence as a fifth dimensional being might be all too obvious to you this month.

It is very likely that we may see this energy noticeably affecting big corporations and governments over the next little while because many of these have structures that are very much based in old restrictive energy models.

Whether you look from an individual perspective or a corporate perspective, flexibility and willingness to adapt will be important qualities to have available to draw upon this month.

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