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The Voice of Freedom


As we look around the world at the events that have unfolded with such speed during the first few months of 2011 it is clear that the collective consciousness of humanity has finally become strong enough for the voice of freedom to be heard on a large enough scale for change to be inevitable. Freedom is very much a quality of the soul and individuals all over the world are responding to the insistent voice of freedom resonating from their own soul connection and taking appropriate action. The same is true in relation to our own individual lives and the current energy flow will particularly support us in hearing the voice of freedom from our own soul encouraging us to release old restrictions and set a new pathway forward for the coming year.


As we write this we are bathing in the energies of Pisces and approaching the end of the astrological year. Not only is Pisces the last sign in the annual zodiacal year it is also the sign that has been the prevailing planetary influence for the past 2000 years. At the end of any cycle it is normal for us to find ourselves re evaluating our experiences and taking time to clear away any old ‘clutter’ that has accumulated before we move forward again. We are currently experiencing the magnification of this process on both a personal and collective level as we move from the influence of the Age of Pisces fully into that of the Age of Aquarius. Intense and chaotic though this process might appear on the surface it is immensely important for the coming Aquarian cycle.

The Energy of Pisces

The energy of Pisces brings us the opportunity to re-evaluate the connection between soul and personality and to open to higher levels of consciousness. The glyph that represents Pisces is that of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions while connected together by a thread. These two fish represent the soul and its incarnating personality aspect connected together by the silver cord that is the personality’s lifeline to the soul while it is in incarnation. Pisces energy reminds us that the personality is in reality an aspect of the soul manifest in form and that the fusion of the two is the ultimate goal. It seeks to move our awareness towards the underlying unity behind the apparent duality of our everyday existence.

As we swim in the watery, sensitive energies of Pisces we are encouraged to release those old aspects of personality that keep us in duality mode and to listen for the promptings of soul guiding us towards that which will be important for us as the new cycle begins when the sun enters Aries. Any areas of our lives where the personality is still pulling in the opposite direction to the soul are likely to be highlighted so that we can release and let go into greater freedom. In the powerful high frequency energy that we that has become the norm for us now it is easier than it has ever been to let go of old patterns of the past. All we need do is be willing not to argue for our limitations and to surrender whatever it is to the light of higher understanding, for transformation to take place.

The Voice of Freedom

As we are all know any new pathway that we choose to follow inevitably provides us with challenges to overcome along the way and following the voice of freedom from our soul is certainly no different. The first challenge in this respect is to be able to distinguish the voice of the soul from that of the personality. Often this comes in the form of an inner knowing that is so powerful that it cannot be disregarded, however we must then find the faith, trust, strength and courage to follow through with what is being requested of us. Suddenly we can find ourselves facing what appears to be unknown territory, perhaps a place that we have never been before in any previous lifetime. In this situation the mind is often full of ‘good ideas’ why it will not be possible to do what we know is right in our heart. Often these doubts and misgivings will be echoed back to us from friends and family who pick up on the wobble of uncertainty in our vibration and reflect it back to us. If this scenario seems at all familiar to you, take a deep breath and recognise that it is simply a wonderful opportunity engineered by your soul to help release some old stuck energies and that all is well however it may seem!

Staying Grounded

Grounding - Base Chakra

No matter what issues present themselves to us for transformation, there is no doubt that we are best equipped to deal with them successfully if we are able to stay centred and grounded in our own energy. Many people still unconsciously associate being grounded with old painful memories from the past that make them reluctant to fully connect with the earth in this current incarnation. The consequent lack of adequate grounding means that there is no anchor for the personality self and no foundation for the soul’s light to flow into, making it very difficult to keep a consistent soul connection. With this in mind here are a few suggestions for essences that would provide support with this issue; Base Chakra combination (Chakra Essences), Earth Star Lightbody Essences) Be Here Now (Inner Child Essences) or Earth Connection (Pure Vibrations Spray).

All true change takes place in the quantum space beyond the linear reality of the left-brain. It is therefore important that we find ways of engaging with this space on a regular basis each day. Meditation is the traditional way of doing this, however using our creativity or walking in nature are also equally good for some people. This space is where we engage with the present moment and where new choices can be made that change our everyday reality. The current energy flow is very supportive of this expanded consciousness but we must be willing to detach from the everyday mind that keeps us in the past or future in order to make best use of it. Essences that would provide support here are; Inner Harmony (Divine Harmony Essences) or Stillness (Inner Child Essences) for those needing help to calm an overactive mind, and Inner Focus to enhance and support meditation. Inner Wisdom, Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) and Energetic Alignment (Pure Vibrations Spray) can all offer support for those seeking to engage more fully with the quantum field of expanded awareness.

While the idea of unlimited freedom resonates perfectly with the Soul, it can sometimes feel a scary proposition to our personality especially during times of heightened transformation. For anyone needing a little support to move quickly and easily through a patch of fear we can thoroughly recommend our Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Sprays).

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