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Welcome to E-Light - the Crystal Herbs Newsletter - February 2022

Dear Friends,

It seems no time at all since the beginning of January and the last time we sent you all a newsletter, yet somehow a whole month has gone by and here we are at the beginning of February.

We have just passed the cross-quarter day between the December solstice and the coming March equinox, and it is becoming very obvious that the daylight hours are lengthening again, and that Spring is not far away. The garden is slowly waking up as the first aconites, snowdrops, crocuses and catkins come into flower along with the beautiful pink hellebores that have taken over a corner of the garden as their own.

We are currently busy taking inventory of our mother tincture stocks and planning what will need to be re-made over the coming months as the season gets underway. Not too much more cold weather and some nice sunny Spring days please!

In E-Light this Month: the Energies of February, Full Moon and Venus conjunct Mars, The Influence of Aquarius, Honouring your Inner Authority, Essence Suggestions for February & our latest Special Offers and News.

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Aconite flower

The Energies of February

The cosmic line-up for February has a continuing thread of intensity woven through it which may well bring us some interesting moments of revelation & drama as well as much greater clarity and truth.

When Mercury stations direct on February the 4th all planets will be moving in a forward direction, and this will enhance the feeling of acceleration and everything happening faster than usual. This is great energy for advancing projects or ideas but might feel a little overwhelming if we do not remember to stay grounded.

The universe is definitely pushing us forward this month. It will be a valuable opportunity to get clear on your truth and to make new choices about how you want to go forward over the next few months. Once you have clarity about your direction, getting things done will be quick and easy in this energy flow.

New Moon

The new moon on February 1st brought us some fresh new energy and ushered in the Chinese New Year, the year of the water tiger.

You may well have felt the tensions in this new moon energy as it impacted the square between Saturn and Uranus that is such a feature of the energetics at the moment. Saturn brings restriction while Uranus wants freedom, the old versus the new.

This is an uncomfortable energy at both an inner and outer level and one that we will be negotiating for most of this year in one way or another, so take a few moments this month to check in on anything that might need re-balancing within you to make this more comfortable.

Full Moon and Venus Conjunct Mars

The Aquarius full moon, Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, is on February 16th at 4.56pm UK time. This is a powerful full moon in a fixed grand cross with the moon’s nodes, newly moved onto the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

Feelings could well run high in this full moon energy as it emphasises the heart and the need for leadership that focusses on an outcome that is for the highest good of all. Something that appears unfortunately to be woefully lacking in our world at the moment.

Structures based in the old paradigm that are not flexible enough to change may well start to fail more visibly in this energy, so it is good to remember that space has to be created before something new and more life enhancing can emerge. 

This energy will also bring anything to the fore within us as individuals that might prevent us from standing firmly in our own authority.  

Also on February 16th, Mars and Venus join together in Capricorn in a conjunction that will again bring passions to the fore. In the light of the full moon and closely observed by Pluto this could lead to some interesting revelations and clarity in relationships as well as directing our attention to any imbalance in how we use our yin/yang energies.

Aquarius Symbol

The Influence of Aquarius

Each month of the year the sun shines upon the Earth through a different constellation, magnifying its influence and the energetic qualities and opportunities that it stimulates.

This year the sun moved into the constellation of Aquarius on 20th January, so we are now receiving the full flow of magnified Aquarian energy.

In astrology Aquarius is represented by the symbol of the water bearer, who freely distributes the waters of life and love to all. The airy, expansive energies of Aquarius stimulate connection to the higher mind and bring forward the spiritual values of unity, sharing, community, freedom and right human relationships.

From our perspective looking out to the cosmos from Earth, Aquarius is now occupying the influential position of Earth’s rising sign, as you might see it in an individual astrological chart. This means that we are now fully into the Age of Aquarius, so not only will we experience an annual magnification of Aquarian energy at this time of the year, it will also remain a consistent and potent influence on Earth for the next 2000 + years.

The cosmic line-up for February has a continuing thread of intensity woven through it which may well bring us some interesting moments of revelation & drama as well as much greater clarity and truth

Honouring your Inner Authority

One of the themes that could dominate our experience this month involves leadership and the use of power and whether this is in or out of balance, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

As this theme plays out it will be set against a backdrop of very fast-moving energies where both feelings and events are likely to be volatile and deeply felt.

How then, do we best negotiate this energy? We are moving into a time where it is essential that we take ownership of our own inner authority and learn to stand fully in the power and light of our own beingness.

This is something that comes from the inside out and not from the outside in. No title, position or wealth can provide this for us, we have to find it from within ourselves. Maybe this is why so many of our leaders today seem unable to offer us any real leadership or vision for a better future. Most are still trying to uphold the old paradigm concept of power, control, and domination, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Time to Move On

The cosmic line-up this month will be prompting us to recognise that this old paradigm has served its purpose and that it is now time for us to move on, individually and collectively. If we can go with the flow, it will support us to explore beyond the old paradigm and remind us of what a powerful influence we can be in the world, simply by being willing to stand firmly in the authority of our own power and light.

The doorway to our inner authority is through the heart where we know who we are at soul level. Give yourself permission this month to step fully into this space. Recognise that you are here as a co-creator, a way shower for those a few steps behind on the journey.

Choose carefully where you put your focus and attention. Do your best to avoid being pulled back into dis-empowering belief systems that do not honour your inner authority and right to choose what is best for you. Above all remember that the emotions we choose and the actions we take as individuals, have a strong effect on the world around us.

Choose to be like a beautiful flower in a garden that offers its fragrance and presence to enhance the environment around it, so that all can thrive.


Water Violet flowers

Essence Suggestions for February

In this month’s Essence Suggestions, we are going to focus on some essences that might be particularly supportive over the coming few weeks. The cosmic energies this month could well feel intense, volatile, and fast moving.

As always there will be many threads of reality all playing out at once, so it is important that we remember to choose our personal focus and perspective with care.

Honouring your Inner Authority

In the energetics this month we might well find our ability to operate from the inside out being tested. This is a work in progress for all of us because it represents a radical shift from the generally accepted view of how life works. The power and control game is one that has been playing out for a long time on the Earth. It takes many forms and all of them involve getting us to believe that our power lies outside of ourselves. Examples of this can be found in religious, educational, and governmental systems to name but a few. The energies this month are requesting us to recognise that our inner authority is our birth right and that now is the time to reclaim it.
The solar plexus chakra is our power centre so if we have any problems reclaiming our personal authority strengthening this chakra would be a very helpful starting point. In these circumstances we recommend a 25ml Solar Plexus Chakra to help. A lack of self-value, uncertainty and fear are other issues that make it difficult for us to stand in our power. For support with any of these issues chose, Feeling Worthy, Inner Certainty or Inner Calm.

Doorway to the Heart

 The doorway to our inner authority is through the heart where we know who we are at soul level. Sometimes this doorway can become less visible to us, especially when we are feeling stressed or threatened in some way.

If this is your experience this month, try taking an Unconditional Love combination to remind you how to get into your heart more deeply and then follow it on with a Soul Connection combination to help you hear the messages from your soul more strongly.

Balancing Yin/Yang

There are some strong threads in the energy flow this month that could highlight how we use our feminine and masculine energies and whether they support and complement each other or not. If you have difficulty operating from your inner authority, check whether you need to rebalance either of these energies. Both need to be in balance for us to be able to do so.

In these circumstances we suggest taking the following essences in sequence. Male Essence, then Female Essence and lastly Inner Unity.

This will strengthen the positive qualities of both yin and yang energies and then help them to work together more productively. If you decide to do this, take each essence until it is finished before moving onto the next one in the sequence.

Other Help Essences This Month

Lastly, here is a reminder of two of our Pure Vibrations Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month. Earth Connection to help you stay grounded & focused and Energetic Alignment to help you expand you connection and perspective. 

Special Offers

Special Offers for February

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer - with a discount of 20%.

Individual & Combination Essences

Puya Flowers

NEW! Puya Flower Essence - 20% Discount

We have a new Flower Essence made from the amazing Puya flowers! Puya flower essence has a dynamic fiery energy which works as a catalyst for awakening more of your true self as well as giving you the impetus to move forward in your life. It helps you to focus on what is going on for you at an inner level and heightens your ability to hear your inner guidance.

Puya Flower Essence | Flower Essences | From £4.52



Silver Essence - 20% Discount

Silver helps to reduce the effect of emotional constriction in the energetic system and stimulates the flow of creative thought through the mental body. It would therefore be a helpful support for those who find maintaining conversational flow difficult. Silver opens and activates the five spiritual chakras above the crown, increasing spiritual links. It also greatly stimulates intuitional feminine qualities and can be helpful used in combination with essences such as Gold and Copper to encourage balance between intuition and logic.

Silver Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | from £4.52


Base Chakra Essence

Base Chakra Essence - 20% Discount

The Base Chakra Essence is all about working with fears and insecurities related to safety & survival as well as grounding. So old fears, difficulties with ‘grounding’, disorientation, disorganization, indecision, difficulty dealing with the pressures of life or fully manifesting creative ideas are all indications for this Essence. When the Base chakra is fully functioning there is a sense of being grounded, safe, secure, abundant and filled with vibrant well-being.

Base Chakra Essence | Chakra Essences | from £4.88


Prosperity Essence

Prosperity Essence - 20% Discount

This is a good combination for when you need some help with issues related to a lack of abundance or 'poverty consciousness'. The Prosperity Essence helps to release negative thought patterns or emotions around 'not having enough', and any blocks you may carry to being more in the divine flow.

Prosperity Essence | Inner Child Essences | £7.76


Motivation Essence

Motivation - 20% Discount

The Motivation combination is for those who feel they are lacking in positive motivation or inspiration in life; perhaps experiencing feelings of stagnation, lethargy or inertia. It helps to encourage individual creative inspiration, dissolves energetic blockages that underpin feelings of lethargy & stagnation and restores a sense of positivity & motivation.

Motivation Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.88


Poppy Flower

Red Poppy Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Red Poppy helps to activate and release blockages in the base chakra, promoting greater grounding and more stable energetic foundations.

Red Poppy Flower Essence | Flower Essences | From £4.52



Mental Body Essence

Mental Body - 20% Discount

A powerful and deep acting essence combination to clear negative thought patterns and core beliefs held in the lower mental body and helping you to receive spiritual inspiration, guidance & ideas from the higher mental body.

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Lily Stargazer Flower

Lily Stargazer Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Stargazer Lily carries the vibration of unconditional love. It will gently open the heart and higher chakras helping them to come into greater alignment with this beautiful vibration. It is a particularly supportive essence where there is a need for forgiveness and greater self-acceptance.

Lily Stargazer Essence | Flower Essences | from £4.52


Sets of Essences

Archangel & Ascended Master Essence Set

Archangel & Ascended Master Essence Set - 20% Discount

A complete set of Archangel & Ascended Master Essences contains the four Archangel Essences and six Ascended Master Essences, helping you to connect with the beautiful gifts and frequencies of these beings. Each of the essences are vibrationally attuned to the consciousness of a particular Archangel or Ascended Master and will help you to link more easily with the web of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Archangel & Ascended Master Essence Set | Archangel & Ascended Master Essences | from £38.40


Pure Vibrations Collection Set

Pure Vibrations Collection Set - 20% Discount

A complete set of all ten of the Pure Vibrations Collection Essence Sprays. These beautiful Essence Sprays are designed specifically to provide the instant energetic support that can help you maintain positive vibrational alignment no matter what challenges you face in life. Please note that there is no box with this set.

Pure Vibrations Collection Set | Pure Vibrations Collection | From £73.60


All at 20% discount for the month: Crystal Herbs Special Offers

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New! Puya Flower Essence

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We have a new Flower Essence made from the amazing Puya flowers! Puya flower essence has a dynamic fiery energy which works as a catalyst for awakening more of your true self as well as giving you the impetus to move forward in your life. It helps you to focus on what is going on for you at an inner level and heightens your ability to hear your inner guidance. Keywords for Puya Essence are: dynamism, alignment, clarity, stability & focus.

New - Puya Flower Essence

Well, that’s it from us, it just remains for us to wish you a wonderful month inner exploration and to send you all our love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.

With Peace & Love,


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