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Welcome to E-Light - the Crystal Herbs Newsletter - January 2022

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope that you have all had an enjoyable festive break and that you are now feeling rested, renewed, and inspired as we begin 2022.

The extremely mild temperatures that we experienced over the Christmas and New Year period seemed a fitting end to a year that had provided us with so many other unexpected twists and turns along the way.

As we look back over 2021 the things that stand out for us are the periods of energetic intensity, the gifts, and challenges that these brought with them and gratitude for all that we have managed to achieve along the way.

Reviewing 2021 through the eyes of the mainstream media might give you the impression that nothing has changed for the better over the last twelve months. However, if you look beneath the surface, you can see that at a grass roots level there is a very positive change in consciousness taking place and that people are waking up to the fact that they have the power to create a new reality and are actively taking steps to do this.

2022 looks set to be another year of fast-track transformation and change. It is likely that we will look back on it this time next year and describe it as having been a fast-moving roller coaster ride of dramatic, chaotic, and unexpected events interspersed with moments of great insight and expanded awareness. As always, our point of perception will inform our experience so the more grounded and connected to yourself you can be the easier it will all be to negotiate.

The coming year will bring us many opportunities to make new choices about what we want in our future reality and to release anything that is not of a sufficiently high vibration to go on the journey with us. Just stay present to the opportunity and allow old past life wounds and limiting cycles of behaviour to release and clear. Above all enjoy the journey!

In E-Light this Month: the Energies of January, Spiritual Expansion, Unwinding and Dismantling, Full Moon in Cancer, the Influence of Capricorn, Deep Transformation, Essence Suggestions for January & our latest Special Offers and News.

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Snowdrop flower

The Energies of January

The energy flow in January will take us into inward reflection with an invitation to transform at a core level. There is a strong flavour of Plutonian death, rebirth and renewal within the energies this month which will be assisting us to make structural change within ourselves.

It is time for us to bring forward who we truly are and to allow the veils of amnesia to clear away in the alchemical fire of Plutonian transformation so that we can stand firm in the power of our spiritual truth.

Spiritual Expansion

The cosmic line up this month will bring forward some strong themes for us to work with, all of them with a focus on helping us to evolve and expand spiritually.

It is helpful to keep this in mind because at the nitty gritty level of everyday life it does not always feel easy to be challenged to move out of our comfort zones in so many areas of life all at once. However, the high frequency light and love that is now flooding onto our planet and into every living being is saying to us just let go, wake up and remember who you are. You are powerful beings who know how to use light and love to help create change, this is why you came.

An important thread in the energetics this month is the invitation to go within and check whether you have any old patterns or story loops that are ready for recycling so that your energetic foundation remains as strong and healthy as it can be.

Unwinding and Dismantling

The next few years will be offering us the opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness. In order for this to happen there has to be an acceleration in the speed of unwinding and dismantling of the old structures and systems that have been such an integral part of third dimensional consciousness.

There are threads in the energetic picture this month that will be helping this along big time.
The Saturn/Uranus square, which was such a feature of last years energy picture is still ongoing and will continue to highlight the conflicting viewpoints of old versus new and control versus freedom this month.

However, Uranian energy will begin to become more dominant in this uncomfortable partnership, so we are likely to see more unexpected events, erratic behaviour, and demonstrations for freedom of choice as a consequence.

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn this month and will bring a focus to the exposure of corruption and related secrets especially those related to financial and economic affairs. We may see old systems begin to wobble and even fail completely as change sweeps through these areas of life.

This can feel unsettling, even scary, if we do not keep the bigger picture in mind so remember that there are new more enlightened systems just waiting for the opportunity to come to the fore that will take their place.

Another strong theme this month will highlight the need for greater fairness and equality in all areas of life. You may feel this internally as a need to speak out about injustice or we may see it play out in the world as a visible and noisy clash of ideologies.

Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon this month is on January 17th, exact at 11.48 UK time. With the sun in Capricorn and the moon in Cancer creating a cardinal grand cross with Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries, power, control and emotional intensity will be the dominant themes of this full moon. Likely there will be a lot of noisy, chaotic events going on in the world as these themes play out.

However, we can also choose to use these energies as an opportunity to strengthen our ability to stand in our own power from a spiritual perspective. How are we using our power? What do we still allow to have power over us? Do we still have some emotional issues that make it difficult to operate from a place of balanced power?

Capricorn Symbol

The Influence of Capricorn

The prevailing planetary influence for most of January comes to us from the constellation of Capricorn, represented by the glyph of the mountain goat in personality-based astrology and the unicorn in soul-based astrology.

Over the next few weeks, the Sun will magnify the inflowing energies from the constellation of Capricorn, making its energetic focus more available to us. Tenacity and ambition are both qualities inspired by Capricornian energies. These qualities can either be used to further selfish materialistic ambition or they can be channelled into a co-creative force that inspires new more expanded opportunities for all the human family.

With Pluto still hanging out Capricorn for the next few years, overhauling the old and establishing the new foundations we need to evolve, will remain a priority.

The energy flow for December has an intense, fast moving, turbulent aspect to it that could well provide us with some unexpected changes as well as some very positive opportunities

Deep Transformation

We are currently being called upon to expand our abilities to stand in the strength of our spiritual power and truth as part of the deep transformation now taking place on Earth. Over the coming months and years, we will likely find ourselves challenged again and again to ride the waves of change while remaining in alignment with our own spiritual truth. Since the energies this month will be providing us with some wonderful opportunities to test our abilities in this regard, we thought we would offer you a few reminders that might help you along the way.


Perspective is all important in this situation. Firstly, remember that you are not here by accident and know exactly how to do what you came here to do, even if you can’t consciously remember this yet. You are part of a huge team of beings, incarnate and otherwise, all with a focus on assisting with the transformation of humanity.

Secondly, recognise that structures and systems will likely have to dismantle before there will be space for something new. Keep your focus on what you want to create rather than getting caught up in what is failing and falling apart. Thirdly, remember that the universe has your back and that there are new green shoots of positive change popping up everywhere to be nurtured.

Stay in Touch

Check in with yourself on all levels often. Take time out to connect with your body, mind and emotions so that you know exactly what is going on with you and can make adjustments as needed. The incoming waves of light are flooding through our physical, emotional and mental bodies and requesting us to release anything that does not resonate with our spiritual truth.

If we can just remember to allow and be kind to ourselves, whatever we no longer need will release and transform very quickly.

Stay in your Heart

Opening our hearts to ourselves is a major component in our ability to stand in our spiritual power and truth. When we live from our hearts, guidance and higher perspectives are freely available to us. The polarities of the everyday world start to blend together, and it is easier to stand in our own, integrity, truth, and spiritual power.

Hellebore Flowers

Essence Suggestions for January

In this month’s Essence Suggestions, we are going to focus on some essences that might be particularly supportive over the coming few weeks.

The energetic flow this month is likely to bring us many new opportunities for deep transformation and expanded spiritual connection. Our point of focus and the perspective we view these opportunities from, will strongly influence our experience of them.

Stay in your Heart

We are always at our most powerful when we operate from the love in our hearts and in alignment with our spiritual truth. An open heart is our gateway to spiritual expansion and our foundation for awareness of fifth dimensional unity consciousness. Any transformational work that we need to complete within ourselves will be achieved with the greatest ease and grace when done from a heart-based perspective.

With this in mind our first essence suggestions this month are for combinations that can provide support to expand your ability to live in the heart.

A Heart Chakra combination can be wonderfully supportive to expand your heart connection and to dissolve any old heart wounds that are making it difficult for you to operate fully from the heart.  Letting Gois the combination to choose when old emotional pain is blocking your heart connection.

Forgiveness, choose this powerful combination to help you move into greater forgiveness for yourself and others. Nothing keeps us shut out of our heart more than an inability to love ourselves.

Spiritual Expansion

Staying connected to your inner truth and guidance will be especially important over the coming weeks and months. Soul Connection, Inner Focus and Causal Body would all be helpful essences to expand your abilities to stand in your own spiritual truth and light.

Strong Foundations

This would be a good month to overhaul your energetic foundations to make sure that they are strong enough for the work of deep transformation. The lower three chakras are particularly important here so check out our Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra combinations to see whether any of these foundational chakras need some extra support.
Finally, fear is a vibration that can sometimes be responsible for weakening our energetic foundations so if you notice any of these kinds of vibrations popping up this month the Strength & Courage spray is the one for you.

Special Offers

Special Offers for January

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer - with a discount of 20%.

Individual & Combination Essences

Vlarian Flowers

Valerian Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Valerian is a wonderful Essence for grounding. So if you feel a deep dis-connection from your physical body, often feel ungrounded or spaced out, have an inability to function fully in the world or a recurring feeling of not wanting to fully be here in the now, this would be a very helpful Essence.

Valerian Flower Essence | Karmic Essences | From £4.48


New Horizons Essence

New Horizons - 20% Discount

A really helpful combination for those who need help to initiate or support change in their lives. Perhaps experiencing a sense of stagnation or inability to see the bigger picture of life. This Essence helps you negotiate the challenges of change, encouraging a stronger connection with the ‘bigger picture’ of life and dissolving feelings of inertia & stagnation.

New Horizons | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.88



Pearl Essence - 20% Discount

Pearl balances the emotions and is therefore a very powerful essence for working with a wide range of emotional issues. It helps to develop flexibility in emotional problems, especially those related to spiritual and religious issues. It helps to stimulate insight and greater understanding of our inner feminine aspect and is helpful where there are emotional issues relating to the mother or a mother figure in someone’s life.

Pearl Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | From £4.52


Integration Essence

Integration Essence - 20% Discount

The Integration Essence is a powerful and deep acting combination helping you to integrate and balance your inner masculine and inner feminine energies. It helps the intuitive feminine aspect of you to function as an equal partner with your logical masculine aspect, and vice versa.

Integration Essence | Rainbow Light Body Essences | £7.76


Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence - 20% Discount

This Essence is all about self-definition, personal power, will and positive emotional expression. It's very useful if you feel: oversensitive or too open to others, or have a sense of vulnerability, lack of self worth or issues with personal boundaries, anger or emotional neediness.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence | Chakra Essences | from £4.88


Angel of Purification Essence

Angel of Purification - 20% Discount

The Angel of Purification will assist you to release and transmute lower frequency energies from your subtle bodies and auric field. Call on this Angel when you need help to create a greater purity of thought and mind.

Angel of Purification | Angel Essences | From £4.48



Blue Moon Rose Essence

Blue Moon Rose Essence - 20% Discount

This essence brings forward and helps to clear those issues of the heart chakra that have been relegated to the shadowy regions of consciousness. As these issues come into the light of awareness, the shadows melt away in the light of our love and the heart chakra is able to open more fully.

Blue Moon Rose Essence | Rose Collection Essences | from £4.48


Heart Connection Spray

Heart Connection Spray - 20% Discount

This lovely spray helps to promote a swift cleansing of old emotions that block you from fully opening your heart or simply to help you open your heart more deeply either to yourself or others. It helps to cleanse old emotional pain and remind you of the Love that you are.

Heart Connection Spray | Pure Vibrations Collection | From £8.92


Sets of Essences

Bach Set Self Select Set

Bach Flower Remedy Self Select Sets - 20% Discount

Our self select Bach Flower Remedy sets are an ideal starter or gift set. You can choose any 10 different Bach Flower Remedies for your set, which will come in an attractive card presentation box. Each remedy is at Stock Level and is handmade for you with love and care, helping to ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of remedy.

10ml Bach Self Select Set | 25ml Bach Self Select Set | Bach Flower Remedies | From £29.60


Heart Connection Set

Heart Connection Set - 20% Discount

This lovely set of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences is focussed on helping you re-connect with Divine Love - the essence of all that is real in our universe and is present in the hearts of each of us, waiting for us to choose to re-member and re-activate it. It contains the following ten Essences: Angel of Love, Awakening the Heart, Fuchsia Essence, Heart Chakra, Heartfelt Forgiveness, Inner Wisdom, Open to Receive, Purity of Heart, Ruby Essence & Unconditional Love.

Heart Connection Set | Gifts From the Heart | from £39.60


All at 20% discount for the month: Crystal Herbs Special Offers

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Well, that’s it from us, it just remains for us to wish you a wonderful month of expansion and transformation and to send you all our love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.

With Peace & Love,


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