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Dear Friends,

June brings us to the mid-point in the year, the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and the month when the roses are blooming at their most glorious here in the UK.

Our garden currently has the most beautiful display of roses in many variations of colour and shapes, while Dr Bach’s wild rose has just begun to pop up in the hedgerows around us in great abundance.

The weather looks set to offer us some proper beginning of summer weather too, so hopefully we will all get some opportunities to enjoy ‘smelling the roses’ and sitting in the sunshine this month. Just what we all need to uplift our vibration and top ourselves up.

In E-Light this Month: the Energies of June, Full Moon in Sagittarius, Gemini & The Festival of Humanity, Summer/Winter Solstice, Healing Polarity, Essence Suggestions for June & our latest Special Offers and News.

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Blue Moon Rose

The Energies of June

In general, the energy flow for June promises to be a little less intense than has recently been the case with more opportunity to review, rest, recharge and have some fun.

In general, the energy flow for June promises to be a little less intense than has recently been the case with more opportunity to review, rest, recharge and have some fun.

Mercury turned direct at the beginning of the month bringing a welcome return to greater mental clarity, focus and direction. 

As always there are many threads in the cosmic energy flow this month, some of which will be encouraging us to take time out to reflect and review the somewhat hectic process of transformation that we have been through over the last few months.  

This is a welcome opportunity to consolidate what we have learned, make sure we have not missed anything and to review whether we are taking responsibility for ourselves in every area of life. Strong inner foundations are essential as we move forward on our journey of transformation.

There are also some strands in the energetic picture for the month that will stimulate greater freedom of expression, creativity, optimism, and the desire to have fun. Use this energy to help you release anything that has become old and stale in your life. Remember that the universe has your back, just step forward with courage and new things will open up for you.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon this month is in Sagittarius on June 14th and is exact at 12.51pm UK time. Full moons by their very nature are illuminating and this one will be especially so as it is a super moon, meaning that the moon will be physically very close to the earth. Not only will the moon appear very large in the sky, but it will also exert an extra strong gravitational pull on both the Earth and on us.

Neptune joins the full moon party in a T square with the Sun and Moon at this time so we have an interesting mix of energies that will highlight issues around freedom, truth & justice as well as turning a spotlight onto where there have been deceptions, secrets, and lack of integrity.

Pay attention to what is revealed for you at this time. There is potential for us to connect more deeply with our own inner truth and to receive a flow of new ideas and understandings. Stay in your heart as you observe anything that is revealed in the outer world. Recognise that this is the old coming into awareness for transformation.

Gemini & The Festival of Humanity

Gemini Symbol

All the planetary activity taking place this month is set against the backdrop of the inflowing energies from the constellation of Gemini, represented astrologically by the sign of the twins.

Gemini focuses the potent forces of the second Ray of Love & Wisdom, so while the sun is in Gemini, we receive a heightened flow of the unifying, harmonising energies of unconditional love.

The third great spiritual festival of the year, the Festival of Humanity is celebrated on the Gemini full moon, (sun in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius). As the combined energies of Love and Wisdom pour onto the planet, the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed, raising consciousness, and bringing a focus to the healing of duality.

Do take time out to connect into this potent spiritual offering so that it can be fully received, integrated, and anchored into the Earth. The Great Invocation copied at the end of this newsletter is used as point of focus by many around the world, for this purpose

Summer/Winter Solstice

Depending upon where you are in the world you will either experience the longest day or the longest night of the year as the sun reaches its furthest point of travel into the northern hemisphere on June 21st. In the UK the solstice is exact at 10.08 am UK time on June 21st, as the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer.

This solstice will again bring us an influx of high frequency light, love, and new coding to enhance our evolution, both personally and collectively. This will be a powerful time to meditate, absorb and integrate what we are so lovingly being gifted.

Healing Polarity

Our world seems to be in a constant state of flux and continues to change rapidly in ways that we could not even have imagined a few short years ago. The constant upheaval of transformation and change is not comfortable and each month the cosmic energy flow continues to hold a focus that will stimulate even greater levels of change.

From a higher perspective this is all part of the grand plan that will allow humanity and Earth to more up the spiral of evolution. Everything is in hand and is working out in the best way that it can.  

However, seen from an everyday perspective it is becoming more and more obvious that things are not working properly anymore and also that those in positions of authority have no idea as yet how to ‘think out of the box’ in ways that would allow new solutions to be revealed.

As the doorway to polarity consciousness closes and the one into unity consciousness opens wider, we are passing through a corridor of time in which all of the unresolved issues from the past, both collective and individual, have to be brought into a new state of harmony and balance.

As part of this process, we are witnessing the exposure of the lies, corruption, deceit, abuse of power and hidden agendas that have unfortunately too often been a part of our global societies. With the energy flow this month likely to push more of these uncomfortable revelations to the surface to be seen, the question arises; what help can we personally offer to speed up the healing of polarity?

The Power of the Heart


The answer to this question takes us into direct engagement with the power of the heart. Unity consciousness is a heart-based consciousness that will help you to see clearly beyond polarity, and to recognise the powerful, unifying force of unconditional love that connects all of life.

Open your heart wide to see both ends of any polarity that presents itself to you this month, whether it be one within yourself or one that becomes glaringly exposed on the world stage. Do your best not to engage with any of the stories that might accompany this polarity, and simply observe it from as full a heart space as you can manage. Notice any emotion or thought forms that might arise as you do this and include them in your heart-based observation.

There are huge quantities of high frequency love and light pouring onto the planet this month so open your heart to receive it and become part of the bridge that will allow it to anchor more fully into this everyday reality. Let it ignite the love within your own heart so that polarities can heal and new more expanded solutions to our problems can become visible.

New ideas and possibilities are all around us, we just need to engage with them at a frequency level that allows them to manifest.

Cerato flower

Essence Suggestions for June

This month our essence suggestions focus on engaging the power of the heart to bring about the healing of polarity.

This takes us firstly to our Rose Collection Essences. Throughout the ages Roses have been associated with the heart and are traditionally given as a symbol of love. As a species they hold the vibration of unconditional love and their gift to us is their ability to help awaken and expand the spark of Divine Love embedded within our own heart centre.

Unconditional love is the base vibration of unity consciousness and the more that we can bring this frequency into our hearts and lives, the easier it will be for old polarities to be healed.

There are sixteen individual rose essences in this set, each with a different focus on balancing the heart chakra, as well as four Rose Essence Combinations; Awakening the Heart, Heartfelt Forgiveness, Purity of Heart and Unconditional Love.

If you find yourself in need of support to engage the power of the heart over the next few weeks, do check out this set of essences to find those that will best help you.

More Essences to help Heal Polarity

Polarity consciousness is deeply embedded in both our emotional and mental approach to life and sadly, nowhere more so than in how we engage with ourselves. So often we forget to hold ourselves in the healing vibration of unconditional love and instead judge and chastise ourselves for not being ‘good enough’ in some way.

Fear, judgement, and lack of self-value are all important drivers of polarity consciousness. If you should find yourself dealing with any of these uncomfortable vibrations this month here are some suggestions for essences to help you see a bigger picture; Inner Calm; transforming fear, Inner Freedom; transforming judgement Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness and Self-Acceptance; restoring unconditionality.

Balancing our inner male/female energies is also an important part of healing polarity, both within ourselves and in the outer world. This might be a particularly strong theme in the flow of Gemini influenced energies this month. Choose Inner Unity; male/female unity for support with this issue.

Lastly, why not treat yourself to a Harmony & Tranquillity; promoting balance from our Pure Vibrations Spray Collection to help keep you firmly in your own peaceful centre.

Special Offers

Special Offers for June

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer - with a discount of 20%.

Individual & Combination Essences

Soul Retrieval Essence

Soul Retrieval - Inner Child Essence - 20% Discount

When we go through difficult times in life and especially when there is shock or trauma involved, it is very easy to become ungrounded. In this state of not wanting to be here, the personality will often reject or deny some of the issues involved, and during this process of rejection, parts of the personality can splinter off the whole to leave the individual somehow incomplete. This essence helps return that which is lost and to help complete the inner child.

Soul Retrieval Essence | Inner Child Essences | £7.80


Handel Rose Essence

Handel Rose Essence - 20% Discount

The lovely Handel Rose Essence helps to promote the qualities of strength, courage and positive self value. It is a particularly helpful Essence if you hold any issues stuck in your heart chakra that are creating feelings of low self-worth.

Handel Rose Essence | Rose Collection Essences | from £4.60


Inner Freedom Essence

Inner Freedom Essence - 20% Discount

Inner Freedom is a really useful essence if you have a strong ‘inner critic’, get easily cross or intolerant with yourself and others or are quick to judgment. This combination helps to dissolve the vibrations of judgement and criticism and helps to encourage an open minded approach to life and the freedom to be yourself.

Inner Freedom | Divine Harmony Essences | From £4.88


Rose Quartz crystal

Rose Quartz Essence - 20% Discount

The lovely Rose Quartz Essence is particularly helpful where there is anger or difficulty with the father or a father figure. It can be used to increase confidence and stimulate creativity and personal expression. The energy of Rose Quartz promotes the ability to be unconditionally loving and accepting of self and others.

Rose Quartz Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | from £4.64


Rosemary Flowers

Rosemary Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Rosemary flower essence is uplifting and stimulating with positive effects on the mind, creativity, emotions and personality. Rosemary is particularly useful if you feel unhappy or withdrawn, are absent-minded and have difficulty concentrating, or want to express your creativity.

Rosemary Flower Essence | Single Flower Essences | from £4.64


Base Chakra Essence

Base Chakra Essence - 20% Discount

The Base Chakra Essence is all about working with fears and insecurities related to safety & survival as well as grounding. So old fears, difficulties with ‘grounding’, disorientation, disorganization, indecision, difficulty dealing with the pressures of life or fully manifesting creative ideas are all indications for this Essence. When the Base chakra is fully functioning there is a sense of being grounded, safe, secure, abundant and filled with vibrant well-being.

Base Chakra Essence | Chakra Essences | from £5.00


Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Cosmos links the heart chakra and the throat chakra, enhancing self-expression and promoting the release of emotional difficulties. It is a really helpful Essence if you are shy, introverted or find that you procrastinate a lot.

Cosmos Flower Essence | Single Flower Essences | From £4.64



Valerian Flowers

Valerian Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Valerian is a wonderful Essence for grounding. So if you feel a deep dis-connection from your physical body, often feel ungrounded or spaced out, have an inability to function fully in the world or a recurring feeling of not wanting to fully be here in the now, this would be a very helpful Essence.

Valerian Flower Essence | Karmic Essences | From £4.60


Sets of Essences

Rose Collection Self Select Set

Rose Collection Essences - Self Select Set - 20% Discount

The Rose Essences and Combinations in this range work with the heart chakra and help you to release all that is not love within your heart. The consciousness of the heart chakra is one of balance and unity and brings the gifts of inner peace, serenity, connection and unconditional love. With this set you can choose your own selection of ten of our Rose Essences & Combinations to awaken and balance your Heart Chakra.

10ml Rose Self Select Set | 25ml Rose Self Select Set | Rose Collection Essences | from £40.80


Core Emotions Set

Core Emotions Set - Divine Harmony Essences - 20% Discount

A wonderfully useful set of ten Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations to help you to gently release and transform many of the old emotional patterns and thought patterns that we all have to deal with in daily life. The set contains the following Divine Harmony Essence combinations: Feeling Worthy, Forgiveness, Healing Bereavement, Inner Calm, Inner Certainty, Inner Freedom, Inner Joy, Inner Peace, Restoring Patience and Self Responsibility.

Core Emotions Set - Divine Harmony Essences | Divine Harmony Essences | From £44.00


All at 20% discount for the month: Crystal Herbs Special Offers

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If the idea of a non-alcohol base for your Bach Flower Remedies is appealing or simply a neccessity, then one of our new Bach Remedy sets in organic apple cider vinegar might be just right for you. You can choose between 10ml and 25ml sets and card and wood boxes. You can find out more about these new sets here...

Bach Flower Remedy Sets in an Alcohol Free Base


Well, that’s it from us, it just remains for us to wish you a month filled with balance & harmony and to send you all our love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God,
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the centre where the will of God is known,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose that the Master’s know and serve.
From the centre that we call the race of men,
Let the plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore
the Plan on Earth.


With Peace & Love,


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