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Dear Friends,

May is always such an abundantly beautiful month here in the UK as all of nature bursts fully into magnificent new life. The countryside around us is currently dripping in Hawthorn blossoms and the vivid green of the new leaves unfurling daily on the trees is just so uplifting to the spirits.

It is no wonder that May is the month traditionally associated with the power of the feminine goddess and the beginning of summer, both of which are celebrated at the Celtic festival of Beltane on May 1st each year.

We hope that you are able to make some quality time to spend out in nature this month just taking in the beauty and allowing the energies to uplift and revitalise you.

In E-Light this Month: the Energies of May, Jupiter moves into Aries, Mecury Retrograde, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, Influence of Taurus, Completion & Realignment, Essence Suggestions for May & our latest Special Offers and News.

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Ceanothus flowers

The Energies of May

The cosmic line up for May promises to bring us a month of energetic intensity, change, unexpected revelations, and the opportunity for powerful realignments.

The cosmic line up for May promises to bring us a month of energetic intensity, change, unexpected revelations, and the opportunity for powerful realignments.

This is a very important month and one in which we would do well to pay attention to our own inner guidance and intuition as the primary source of inspiration for any actions that we might take.

There are many complex threads in the energetics this month and they are likely to take us on quite an intense roller coaster ride, but the opportunities are huge, provided that we go with the flow and do not try to back track into old ways of being. Look out for anything in your life that is complete and allow it to end gracefully so that something new can take its place.

There is an ever-increasing flow of beautiful, high frequency light flowing onto the planet and this is gradually changing our consciousness and waking us up to who we are as spiritual beings. It is also changing our physical bodies which can leave us feeling extra tired and possibly a bit ungrounded if we do not give ourselves enough time to rest, relax and integrate. Spending time in nature with a focus on grounding and connection can be helpful here.

Both the transformational Violet Flame and the energies of Mother Mary are especially available to us in May so do remember to call on their assistance this month to help you with your transformation.

Jupiter moves into Aries

Jupiter moves sign approximately every twelve months so when this happens the change of energy is usually very noticeable. On May 11th Jupiter will move from Pisces into Aries creating quite a pronounced shift in the energetics as he expands the action orientated, fiery energies of Aries. This is likely to feel like a breath of fresh air and bring with it new expansive ideas and the impetus to action them both personally and globally.

Mercury Retrograde

Always good to note when Mercury is in a phase of retrograde movement. This month Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini on May 10th and turn direct again on June 2nd. This energy will take us inward to reflect, review, contemplate and gather our intuitive guidance.

Communications in the outer world can sometimes be more than usually scrambled at these times so do remember to listen carefully and to be both clear and patient!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

On May 15th/16th depending upon where you are in the world, we have a full moon lunar eclipse, exact at 5.13am UK time. This eclipse is conjunct the south node of the moon in Scorpio and is undoubtedly going to be one of the most potent full moons of the year.

Full moons always bring emotional intensity which will be amplified here by the eclipse and even further expanded by the fact that the event takes place in Scorpio, the most emotionally intense sign in the zodiac.

Full moons bring illumination & revelation and south node eclipses in particular bring endings and completion. The south node of the moon represents our past so here we will find ourselves dealing with unresolved historical issues, both personally and collectively.

The death & rebirth nature of Scorpio energies have a penchant for opening up all of our emotional storage bins and taking us on a deep dive to find the most forgotten, murky, painful, and sensational things from the bottom of the heap. On the world stage this may look quite interesting to say the least! Try to stay centred and just observe what is revealed.

This eclipse energy has the potential to expose the secret network of corruption that keeps the rich and powerful in power and reveal how vested interests have led to a major lack of integrity in big business, as well as bringing dubious sexual and financial issues into awareness.

This is all with a focus on transformation since only when we can see what is hidden can we change it for something more positive. Many planets make aspects to this eclipse, reinforcing the message and directing our attention to those things that are now complete and need to be allowed to die to make room for something new.

Remember that although the time directly around an eclipse is when we feel its effects most obviously, the energies that are set in motion at the time will continue to affect what happens in our lives for several months afterwards. This particular eclipse could well be a catalyst for a great deal of positive change in our world, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks and months.

Taurus Symbol

The Influence of Taurus

The sun moved into Taurus on April 19th beginning a month-long period during which it will act as a powerful magnifier for the energies flowing into the Earth from the constellation of Taurus.

In western astrology, the earthy feminine energies of Taurus are represented by the sign of the bull. They bring forward the principle of illumination and offer the potential to see beyond the illusions of time and space.

Within the energies of Taurus there is both the power of creativity and an element of potent magnetic attraction that amplifies the desire to create. In its highest form this energy seeks to blend and harmonise all aspects of creation in beauty and love.

It is aligned with the forces of enlightenment that remind us of the need to ‘to be in the world but not of the world’, so that we can turn the magnetic power of ‘desire’ into a force that will help to bring positive transformation to the many areas of life that currently require resolution.

Completion & Realignment

The energies this month are powerful and will take us on an important journey of transformation to make peace with the past and to realign ourselves with our evolutionary path.

The eclipse is one of those watershed moments that will ensure that things cannot return to exactly how they were before it happened. The changes set in motion will eventually be far ranging and permanent.

As we contemplate this, it is important that we remember that we and the Earth are on an evolutionary journey and also that we are joined on this journey by all the star systems in our galaxy and beyond. We are definitely not on our own! Many new choices have to be made along the way as we all negotiate this journey and what it entails. As our consciousness expands new possibilities open up before us that we had no capacity to connect with previously.

To take advantage of these opportunities however, some old, deeply held beliefs and ways of interacting with life will need to be relinquished along the way. This month the cosmic energy flow is aligning to provide us with a very powerful choice point, a moment of completion for some of the legacies of the past that cannot go forward with us into the future.

Releasing Limitation

We have all brought many energetic threads from past incarnations into our current life, with the intention of bringing them to a conclusion as opportunities present themselves for us to do so. These energetic threads are usually woven into stories that contain limitation and that do not allow us to see that we are powerful beings with the capacity to create our own reality.

You will be very familiar with your version of these stories; they will be the ones that you have worked with many times and that still pop their heads up from time to time. Usually what holds them in place are some very uncomfortable, deeply buried emotions that make the stories feel extremely real.

The energies this month will be supporting us to re-examine these threads so that we can finally see the story for what it is; a product of previously limited understanding.

If we can simply allow ourselves to view anything that comes to the forefront of our awareness from an expanded heart space where it is possible to see beyond the limitation, the emotional glue holding the story together will be able to dissolve more easily.

Make an intention this month to work with the energy flow and to allow completion of any old story that is holding you back. Once over the watershed you will never look back.


Once we can really see beyond the limitations of the past there are threads in the energetics this month that will help us to realign ourselves with the next stage of our soul journey. Listen carefully to your inner voice and follow the synchronicities that are always all around us when we are aligned with our inner truth.

Walk forward with confidence there is a magical journey opening up before us. Recognise that it will take time for everything in our world to realign with the new evolutionary possibilities and it may look like a messy process of transformation for some time yet, however the more we each contribute into the realignment through our personal journeys the quicker the outer will change.

Cerato flower

Essence Suggestions for May

With emotional intensity likely to be at quite a peak this month we thought that we would start our essence suggestions section with a reminder of how helpful a well-focussed combination of our Bach Flower Remedies can be if you find yourself in the midst of an emotional storm that is all consuming and difficult to see beyond. Bach Flower Remedies are wonderful when you need something to help bring you back into balance quickly.

Emotional Intensity

We all have our weak points when it comes to emotional intensity, and it can be very helpful to make a note of what states tend to come up for you when deep patterns are triggered and also the Bach Flower Remedies that will help you to create greater balance quickly.

This is particularly important if you can find yourself in some of the more extreme states like deep fear; Rock Rose, extreme despair; Sweet Chestnut; feeling out of control; Cherry Plum, deeply isolated; Water Violet or unable to cope; Elm.

There are of course many other possibilities beyond these few so do check out the Bach Flower Section on our website to make a comprehensive list for yourself. When you have completed your list, you can order your combination through our website here; Mix Your Own Combination.

Once you have your combination of 7 or 8 essences take it consistently, at least 8 x a day or more often if needed. Please do call us for advice if you need help with this process, we are always happy to help.

Heart Space

Cultivating the ability to move into an expanded heart space is one of the best ways that we can facilitate the release of old patterns. Heart space is also where will find the doorway into the new beginnings that always follow on from endings.

Here are a few essence suggestions to help you stay in your heart this month;
Heart Connection Spray, living in love; this is a wonderful spray to use when you need to expand your ability to stay in your heart. Use often! Heartfelt Forgiveness; this deep acting Rose combination will connect you into the Ruby Red Ray of Forgiveness and help you to release and move on. Letting Go, dissolving attachment; this might be just the combination you need this month to help you release old outworn relationship ties and agreements. Fuchsia; this is a really helpful essence to take when you need to release a build up of painful emotions blocking your heart chakra. It will act very quickly to help you see what the emotion is and assist you to dissipate it with ease.

Lastly a reminder of two Pure Vibrations Sprays that will help you to stay grounded and connected this month; Earth Connection; strong foundations and Energetic Alignment; soul connection.

Special Offers

Special Offers for May

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer - with a discount of 20%.

Individual & Combination Essences

Heart Chakra Essence

Heart Chakra Essence - 20% Discount

A powerful combination to help you open your Heart chakra and connect with unconditional love. When the Heart chakra is closed there can be feelings of loneliness, separation or isolation from others, a fear of closeness or a feeling of being unloved. Also good where there is a tendency to be overly critical, jealous or superior, perhaps unable to reach out to others.

Heart Chakra Essence | Chakra Essences | from £4.88


Loving Communications Essence

Loving Communications Essence - 20% Discount

This Essence is all about honest, loving self-expression, so its a really useful Essence if you find it difficult to express your true feelings in an openhearted way, especially in close relationships. It helps to clear blockages in the the Throat Chakra and promote a greater ability to be free to be yourself.

Loving Communications Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.88


Pink Rose Flower Essence

Pink Rose Essence - 20% Discount

Pink Rose is an excellent Essence for when you feel like you cannot get to the root of a deeply held fear, or for if you experience phobias or fears with no apparent cause in this lifetime. It will help you to unlock these old feelings and transform the crystallised energy that has collected around the issues.

Pink Rose Essence | Karmic Flower Essences | From £4.48


Dodecahedron Essences

Dodecahedron Essence - 20% Discount

The basic shape of the Christ Conscious grid around the Earth is a Dodecahedron. This is also the geometric shape that surrounds each of us on the outer-most layer of our light body. Use this essence to help expand consciousness and the ability to see beyond the third dimensional framework of existence. It will also promote a greater alignment with and experience of your own Divinity.

Dodecahedron Essence | Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences | from £4.48


Comfrey Flowers

Comfrey Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Comfrey flower essence is supportive and stabilising to the entire energetic system, helping you to feel connected to your body and all its systems and functions. It is particularly soothing to the mind and stabilising to our bodies at an energetic level. Comfrey soothes the mental body so use it if you find it difficult to relax during meditation or want to release unconscious fears, beliefs, trauma and thought patterns.

Comfrey Flower Essence | Single Flower Essences | From £4.52


Integration Essence

Integration Essence - 20% Discount

The Integration Essence is a powerful and deep acting combination helping you to integrate and balance your inner masculine and inner feminine energies. It helps the intuitive feminine aspect of you to function as an equal partner with your logical masculine aspect, and vice versa.

Integration Essence | Rainbow Light Body Essences | £7.76


Sexuality Essence

Sexuality - 20% Discount

A really useful combination if you have difficulty expressing your sexuality in an open, natural and balanced way. Blockages around sexuality can result in an inability to be truly creative and make it difficult to relate to others in a natural and spontaneous way. Sexual energy is a powerful force which when combined with an open heart chakra can completely transform our ability to communicate in our inner and outer worlds.

Sexuality Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.88



Seraphinite Essence - 20% Discount

Seraphinite focusses the vibration of unconditional love and it helps you uncover your true purpose and potential and expands spiritual connection and enhances communication. It also helps to dissolve negative mis-perceptions and ‘self-talk’.

Seraphinite Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | from £4.52


Sets of Essences

Karmic Essence Set

Karmic Flower Essence Set - 20% Discount

The Karmic Essences are a wonderfully useful set of Flower Essences that can help to open the inner doorways and take you straight to the heart of an issue, promoting a swift release of any unconscious belief pattern that is holding you back. There are ten deep acting Flower Essences in this set, from Fuchsia to Yellow Rattle working on a range of emotional issues and patterns.

Karmic Essence Set | Karmic Essences | from £38.40


Inner Child Set

Inner Child Essence Self Select Set - 20% Discount

Healing the inner child helps you develop a more positive personality, balanced emotions and greater spiritual connection, as well as creating powerful soul growth. With this self select set you can choose any twelve different Inner Child Essences to create a set that will help to facilitate the healing of your Inner Child and help you return to the radiance of your pure, true self.

Inner Child Essence Self Select Set | Inner Child Essences | from £76.00


All at 20% discount for the month: Crystal Herbs Special Offers

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Well, that’s it from us, it just remains for us to wish you a month filled with joyful new beginnings and to send you all our love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.

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