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Blue Moon Rose - Hidden Heart Wounds: our Essence Review for June is for the Blue Moon Essence. Blue Moon brings in awareness and helps to clear those elusive blocks in the heart chakra that have been hidden away and relegated to the shadowy regions of consciousness.

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Blue Moon Flower

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Blue Moon Essence Review

Our focus for this month’s essence review is the Blue Moon Rose from our Rose Collection Essences. This unusually coloured rose has been blooming abundantly in our garden for the last few weeks and it has been calling out to me every time I visit that part of the garden.

Its message is very clear: now is the time to align fully with the harmonics of the heart and to transform anything that is standing in the way of this.

The planetary energy flow is currently providing us with a huge opportunity for personal and collective transformation. In fact, it is positively and actively demanding it. Whether we are ready or not, all of our old issues that are not in vibrational alignment with unity consciousness are being brought into awareness for review and realignment.

The depth and breadth of these old imbalances can be seen clearly as they play out on the world stage in various uncomfortable ways. We also all have personal versions of these patterns hidden away within ourselves.

Those of us who are more awake and aware are currently being requested to take ownership of our own patterns of imbalance and allow them to transform so that a new more expanded version of reality can be anchored for all to align with when they are ready.

Hidden Heart Wounds

Some of our most uncomfortable issues stem from old heart wounds where we have perceived that we are not loved, not worthy, unwanted, rejected, misunderstood etc.

There are many ways in which these issues can be reinforced, ranging from a parent who is not able to be sufficiently open and loving to actual emotional or physical abuse during childhood. In order to cope under these circumstances, we gradually close our own hearts and hide aspects of ourselves away.

Often, we believe that there is something wrong with us and hide this belief away inside of ourselves. We then surround it by a defensive wall designed to stop us from being hurt again and to prevent others from seeing the flaws we believe we have.

These internal defences can create unconscious resistance that feels very real until we dismantle the internal barriers. If you find yourself dealing with uncomfortable patterns of resistance as you respond to the call to align with the harmonics of the heart, do checkout the Blue Moon Rose essence for support.

Blue Moon Rose Essence

The Blue Moon Rose essence is an excellent essence to take when you are working with an elusive blockage in the heart chakra.  It will help to bring into consciousness those old painful issues that have been hidden away and relegated to the shadowy regions of consciousness.

As the essence helps to melt the resistance and dissolve the emotional pain it will be easier to allow what has been hidden to come into awareness for acceptance and transformation, leaving the heart chakra free to open more fully.

How to Use

Blue Moon Rose essence works extremely well taken as a single essence on its own. An effective dose for most adults is four drops on the tongue 4 x a day, straight from the stock bottle. For best results take consistently for a period of two to four weeks.

It is also very effective mixed into a stock combination with other deep acting Flower, Gem or Crystal essences if you want to focus on an issue in more depth.

Blue Moon Rose is one of the essences included in the Awakening the Heart combination from our Rose Collection Essences.

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This is a very helpful combination for staying fully present and focused in the now. Its good for if you find yourself easily ‘spaced out’, ungrounded or if you drift off into a dream world of ‘what ifs’, making it difficult to stay present and focused. Also helpful where there are difficulties starting or completing jobs.

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Emotional Body Essence - 20% Discount

This is a powerful Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combination helping to promote a fast clearance of buried emotions and old emotional patterns. It helps to clear old energy stuck in your emotional body and releases old emotions and emotional energies, especially where there is a fear of facing your thoughts and feelings.

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Golden Rod Flower

Tanzine Aura Essence - 20% Discount

Tanzine Aura is a powerful essence to help stimulate spiritual connection, clarity and insight. It helps us see beyond the illusions of everyday reality and helps to activate the Brow and Crown chakras.

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Rhodochrosite Essence - 20% Discount

The loving energy of Rhodochrosite has the ability to help you to extend unconditional love to those parts of yourself that have become closed off and unable to receive love. It can help a wounded inner child to release old emotional traumas and to become whole again and is also helpful to dissolve long held issues relating to self-esteem or any feelings of self-hatred.

Rhodochrosite Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | from £4.40

Sunflower Essence - 20% Discount

Sunflower works in the heart chakra as well as promoting greater balance between one’s inner yin yang energies. It can help to balance the male ego and transform feelings of anger or hostility related to one’s father or towards God/Divine Intelligence. Sunflower is also a helpful essence to stimulate the flow of higher wisdom and increase intuition.

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Heartfelt Forgiveness Essence - 20% Discount

This powerful Rose Essence combination carries the vibration of forgiveness deep into your heart chakra. It helps to bring into awareness any past events or situations that still require forgiveness, either of self or another, allowing your heart chakra to open more fully.

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Stillness - Inner Child Essence - 20% Discount

The Stillness Essence is all about developing patience. Impatience leads to an angry or snappy nature, nervous irritability and reduces the flow of life force energy through the energetic structure. As we become more patient, all levels of our being become more relaxed & our pace of life seems to slow down. Making ‘time’ to meditate each day helps our mind to stop racing & more of our spiritual nature to develop.

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Angel Essence Set One

Angel Essence Set One - 20% Discount

The Angel Essences work with the energies and frequencies of the Angels to help you to create a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms. The ten Angel Essences in this set are: the Angels of: Abundance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Glory, Joy, Love, Patience, Peace, Purification and Tranquillity. They are lovely Essences to use, either in the moment when you're in need of help or inspiration, or longer term to work with more deep seated issues or patterns.

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Positivity Set

Developing Positivity Set - Divine Harmony Essences - 20% Discount

Everything that we think and feel contributes to our energetic signature, which determines the quality of life we experience. This lovely set of Essences helps to transform old personality patterns, helping to bring about positive change in both our inner and outer worlds. It contains the following ten Divine Harmony Essences: Clarity, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Decisiveness, Emotional Balance, Inner Strength, Motivation, Spontaneity and Thankfulness.

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