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Strength & Courage Spray - Overcoming Fear: our Essence Review for May is for the Strength & Courage spray. This deep acting combination is specifically designed to help to dissolve and transform fear-based vibrations.

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Strength & Courage Essence Review

Our focus for this month’s essence review is the Strength & Courage Spray from the Pure Vibrations Spray Collection. Essences in spray form are especially useful when you need some quick acting support. This is the spray to use when you find yourself in need of some vibrational help to summon up the strength and courage to face up to a challenging or unexpected situation in life.

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Over the last few months we have all had to accept some very unexpected changes to the normal pattern of our lives, due to the coronavirus outbreak around the world. For many people this has been, and continues to be, a challenging and difficult situation. There is much uncertainty about the future, and this triggers old fears and anxieties to become more prominent in our awareness.

While we are all doing our best to socially distance ourselves at a physical level, the vibration of fear has no such boundaries at an energetic level, and it can be all too easy to find that we have unconsciously plugged into the fear that is currently rippling around the human collective consciousness. You will know that this has happened if you find yourself feeling afraid for no good reason or unable to separate yourself from a mind generated, fearful reality that is not your own.

Just recognising that what you are feeling might not actually all be yours can be enough to help you detach and unplug from the collective vibration of fear so that you can make a new choice for yourself. The Strength & Courage Spray is the one to use to help you with this process.   

The Strength & Courage Spray

The Strength & Courage Spray is a deep acting combination of flower, gem & crystal energies specifically designed to help dissolve and transform fear-based vibrations.

You could use this spray to good effect in many situations in life. For instance when you feel nervous about going to the dentist, sitting an exam or taking your driving test. Then there are the more complex situations in life where you find yourself in an unexpected situation that is challenging your reserves of strength and courage to face up to. Feeling afraid about how you are going to survive in life or deeply concerned for someone else’s wellbeing for example.

Whatever the situation you face, use this powerful spray to help you dissolve and transform vibrations of fear and remind you of your own innate strength and courage and the love that is your true self.

How to Use

Spray liberally into the auric field for a quick and effective energetic realignment or use over a period of time to support more permanent transformation. You can also take this essence spray internally in the same way as our other essence combinations if you wish.

As with all our Pure Vibration Sprays the Strength & Courage Spray is available with either a wheat alcohol or a wheat alcohol and rose water blend base for those who prefer a scented spray.

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Strength & Courage Essence

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Essence Special Offers

Current Special Offers

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer with a 20% discount.

Individual & Combination Essences

Heart Chakra Essence - 20% Discount

A powerful combination to help you open your Heart chakra and connect with unconditional love. When the Heart chakra is closed there can be feelings of loneliness, separation or isolation from others, a fear of closeness or a feeling of being unloved. Also good where there is a tendency to be overly critical, jealous or superior, perhaps unable to reach out to others.

Heart Chakra Essence | Chakra Essences | from £4.76

Open to Receive Essence - 20% Discount

This is a powerful combination to help you transform old thoughts or feelings of 'not enough' into a greater sense of abundance – whether in the form of money, love, joy or spiritual connection. It helps you to dissolve any old patterning of poverty consciousness and to open your heart chakra, releasing the barriers preventing oneness with the flow of universal abundance.

Open to Receive | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.76

Fuchsia Essence - 20% Discount

A powerful and very useful Essence, Fuchsia helps to quickly release pent up emotions such as anger, fear & resentment from the heart chakra, giving you access to the higher perspective on a situation that will allow you to forgive and move on.

Fuchsia Essence | Karmic Essences | from £4.32

Mother Essence - 20% Discount

This Essence helps you to release any difficult patterns or emotions related to the mother or mother figure. It helps develop more love, understanding and forgiveness in the relationship and also helps one feel more at ease with ones own feminine aspects, men need this too!

Mother Essence | Inner Child Essences | £7.72

Golden Rod Flower

Golden Rod Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Golden Rod is a lovely flower essence which helps to develop the connection between the personality and the soul/ higher self, promoting greater access to spiritual guidance.

Golden Rod Flower Essence | Flower Essences | from £4.40

Rose Quartz Essence - 20% Discount

The lovely Rose Quartz Essence is particularly helpful where there is anger or difficulty with the father or a father figure. It can be used to increase confidence and stimulate creativity and personal expression. The energy of Rose Quartz promotes the ability to be unconditionally loving and accepting of self and others.

Rose Quartz Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | from £4.40

Self Responsibility Essence - 20% Discount

The Self Responsibility combination is very helpful for working with the issues of resentment, bitterness or feelings that 'life is not fair'. It is very useful if you find it difficult to take full responsibility for yourself, perhaps preferring to blame others for your problems or difficulties in life. It will help to dissolve & transform feelings of resentment encouraging forgiveness and self-responsibility in all areas of life.

Self Responsibility Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.76

Sets of Essences

Chakra Essence Set

Chakra Essence Set - 20% Discount

A complete set of Chakra Essences makes a wonderful and deep acting toolkit to help you to work with your seven main chakras and three important minor chakra points. The ten Essences in this set are designed to help you to open and balance a specific chakra and to help you to release and work with the thoughts, emotions & energies related to that chakra.

Chakra Essence Set | Chakra Essences | From £41.60

Inner Child Set

Inner Child Essence Self Select Set - 20% Discount

Healing the inner child helps you develop a more positive personality, balanced emotions and greater spiritual connection, as well as creating powerful soul growth. With this self select set you can choose any twelve different Inner Child Essences to create a set that will help to facilitate the healing of your Inner Child and help you return to the radiance of your pure, true self.

Inner Child Essence Self Select Set | Inner Child Essences | from £76.00

All at 20% discount for the rest of the month: Crystal Herbs Special Offers

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