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Emergency Essence becomes Revival Remedy

Reivial remedy


Revival Remedy
For Emergency Situations

A combination of:-

Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum & Star of Bethlehem.

10ml, 25ml & Spray | Cream

19th July 2010

Change is everywhere around us these days and here at Crystal Herbs we are certainly not being left out!

From Emergency Essence to Revival Remedy

As many of you will be aware we have now been using the name ‘Emergency Essence’ for our version of Dr Bach’s original ‘Rescue Remedy’ for more than twenty years. Over these years we were aware that we began to share the name with several others in the essence world, but were happy to coexist with them in a market place that seemed big enough for all.

However it has been brought to our attention that one particular user of the name has trademarks on it in many countries around the world and we have therefore decided that it is time for us to release the name Emergency Essence and to rename our version of it to avoid difficulty.

Revival Remedy

So as from July 19th 2010 Crystal Herbs Emergency Essence has been renamed Revival Remedy and Emergency Essence Cream has become Revival Remedy Cream. The contents of both products remain the same.

Revival Remedy Spray - in response to many recent requests, Revival Remedy is also now available in a handy spray form.

The Gift of Change

Revival Remedy Cream

All change brings with it the gift of new opportunities and we hope you will join with us in viewing this change as part of a positive flow of new and even better things to come.


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