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Welcome to E-Light - the Crystal Herbs Newsletter - June 2020

Dear Friends,

Time seems to have been especially weird and elastic this year, perhaps because so much of what we consider ‘normal life’ has had to be put on hold. For us it seems particularly hard to believe that we are now in the month of June and already at the midpoint of the year.

Over the last few weeks we have just been doing our best to live in the moment and enjoy the warm, sunny weather that we have been blessed with.  It has given us a welcome opportunity to make lots of new mother tinctures to replenish stocks and to enjoy the wonderful display of roses now flowering in such glorious abundance in our garden.

In E-Light this Month: the Energies of June, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Gemini & The Festival of Humanity, Venus Rebirth, Solstice and New Moon Eclipse, Aligning with the Harmonics of the Heart, Essence Suggestions for June & our latest Special Offers and News.

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Cerato Flower

The Energies of June

The energies of June have a flow and depth to them that will take us deep inside ourselves to reflect, integrate and realign. This is powerful, highly transformational energy containing huge potential for positive change and spiritual upliftment.

By the third week in June we will have a total of six retrograde planets, including Mercury, all encouraging us to journey within from a variety of perspectives.  There are also threads in the energy stream that could provoke some uncomfortable emotional intensity, especially around any unresolved anger you might have.

This means that it will be particularly important to stay grounded and connected with yourself this month so that any emotional volatility can be recognised and dissipated with conscious intent.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

We have a full moon lunar eclipse on June 5th with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. This will be a particularly potent eclipse energetically and you will most likely have felt the intensity of it building over the past week.

Themes around this eclipse will centre on the need for us to step up, stand in our spiritual power and own the truth of who we are. If this brings you some moments of discomfort stay with it and recognise that it is just an opportunity to transform some old stories that you have believed about yourself, particularly those where you have made yourself small or felt too insignificant to make a difference.

Gemini Symbol

Gemini & The Festival of Humanity

All the planetary activity taking place this month is set against the backdrop of the in-flowing energies from the constellation of Gemini, represented astrologically by the sign of the twins.

Gemini focuses the potent forces of the second Ray of Love & Wisdom, so while the sun is in Gemini, we receive a heightened flow of the unifying, harmonising energies of unconditional love.

The third great spiritual festival of the year, the Festival of Humanity is celebrated on the Gemini full moon. As the combined energies of Love and Wisdom pour onto the planet, the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed, raising consciousness and bringing a focus to the healing of duality.

Do take time out to connect into this potent spiritual offering so that it can be fully received, integrated and anchored into the Earth. The Great Invocation copied at the end of this newsletter is used as point of focus by many around the world, for this purpose.

Venus Rebirth

The energies of June have a flow and depth to them that will take us deep inside ourselves to reflect, integrate and realign

Venus has been in retrograde motion since May 12th and in the process has gradually moved behind the sun and disappeared from view in our night skies.

Venus conjuncts the Sun on June 3rd and then reappears on June 10th this time resplendent as a morning star. This process is often called the rebirth of Venus. The energies of Venus affect us deeply here on Earth and when she changes direction it can touch each of us deeply in the heart.

This movement facilitates a process of metamorphosis during which we descend into our personal underworld to transform a part of ourselves that we no longer need and then re-emerge renewed and ‘rebirthed’. This can be a temporarily painful process of unravelling old heart wounds that we have hidden away from ourselves, so if you find yourself involved in such a journey this month just be kind to yourself and allow flow. You will emerge stronger and even more beautiful on the other side.

Solstice and New Moon Eclipse

By the time we reach the Solstice and the powerful new moon solar eclipse on June 20/ 21st you will have shed some more old layers of who you are not and be ready to move forward through the doorway of new possibilities that will open up at this time.

The dimensional shift that we are moving through is gathering pace and the energies flowing in over this period will contain high frequency light and encoded information that will further expand our consciousness and multidimensional connections.

To engage with this portal of opportunity we just need to be in vibrational alignment with it through the harmonics of the heart.

Aligning with the Harmonics of the Heart

As the energetic foundations of our old third dimensional reality continue to crumble, many new possibilities are becoming available for us to explore. These streams of possibilities are rather like parallel realities that run side by side with each other and are accessed through our choice of vibrational alignment.

These new realities are based in unity consciousness and are entered by aligning with the harmonics of the heart. This is why it is so important for us to use every opportunity that we have to release any old emotional issues and related belief patterns that still hold us stuck in polarity consciousness.

This month is one where we could well find painful old heart wounds from the past resurfacing for release and transformation. None of us find this a particularly comfortable process, so just do your best to engage it with as little resistance as you can manage.

Imagine that you are a flowing stream of pure, clear water just bubbling along, finding a way around any obstacles in your way, however large they might appear to be. Being able to hold yourself in the vibrational frequencies of compassion and love is your key to success with this.

In this process not only are you establishing a new foundation for yourself you are also creating a template for others to use as they awaken and begin to find ways to align with the harmonics of the heart.

There are many people in the world right now who are in great pain and fear and are acting out in ways that seem impossible for us to understand as we watch from our perspective. They are exposing the extremes of duality consciousness and the deep pain and wounding caused by past acts of brutality, aggression, and inhumanity of human against human. In the current energy flow, it is impossible for this not to surface and to do so in a way that speaks of the depths of the unconscious pain and suffering that so many still hold. These old imprints are held within all of us and as a collective we must resolve and transform them before we can fully move into unity consciousness.

Anchor yourself deeply into the harmonics of the heart and hold a focus of compassion and love for all those who are in fear, suffering or acting out old wounding, regardless of how polarised and extreme their behaviour. See them through the eyes of love and know that eventually they will remember who they are and begin to align with the harmonics of the heart so that they can heal and transform. 

Essence Suggestions

Essence Suggestions for June

Since all the important themes this month take us back to the heart in various ways, this month’s Essence Suggestions are based on combinations that particularly work with the issues of the heart.

Dissolving Old Heart Wounds

This could be a theme for many this month. The most obvious choice here is a Heart Chakra combination. If you are unsure of exactly what the issue is that is creating heart based emotional pain, then this would be a good combination to start with.  Fuchsia from the Karmic Essences can also be very supportive when you need to dislodge some old painful emotion that is causing a blockage in the heart chakra.

Emotional attachment in relationships can often be a source of old heart wounding. Choose Letting Go; dissolving attachment or Release to help you dissolve the unwanted energies and move on.

Open to Receive; creating abundance, Healing Relationships; restoring intimacy & trust and Healing Family; resolving family issues might also be helpful for some this month.

Compassion for Self

Many of us still find it difficult to extend loving compassion to ourselves. For support with this issue check out the following essences to see which one would most help you. Forgiveness; transforming guilt, Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality, Inner Freedom; transforming judgement, and Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind.

Aligning with the Harmonics of the Heart

This takes us to our Rose Collection Essences. Throughout the ages Roses have been associated with the heart and are traditionally given as a symbol of love. As a species they hold the vibration of unconditional love and their gift to us is their ability to help awaken and expand the spark of Divine Love embedded within our own heart centre.

There are sixteen individual rose essences in this set, each with a different focus on balancing the heart chakra, as well as four Rose Essence Combinations; Awakening the Heart, Heartfelt Forgiveness, Purity of Heart and Unconditional Love.

If you find yourself in need of support to align more fully with the harmonics of the heart over the next few weeks, do check out this set of essences to find the one that will best help you.

Lastly, why not treat yourself to a Heart Connection Spray; living in love from our Pure Vibrations Spray Collection, to help you align more easily with the harmonics of the heart. 

Special Offers

Special Offers for June

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer - with a discount of 20%.

Individual & Combination Essences

Inner Harmony Essence - 20% Discount

Inner Harmony is a really helpful combination for if you have an eternally busy mind or you're a very activity orientated person who habitually overworks or finds it difficult to ‘switch off’, rest or relax properly. It helps to promote inner relaxation and peacefulness, and is also helpful if you have any emotional or mental ‘tightness’.

Inner Harmony Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | From £4.76

Being Present Essence - 20% Discount

This is a very helpful combination for staying fully present and focused in the now. Its good for if you find yourself easily ‘spaced out’, ungrounded or if you drift off into a dream world of ‘what ifs’, making it difficult to stay present and focused. Also helpful where there are difficulties starting or completing jobs.

Being Present Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.76

Emotional Body Essence - 20% Discount

This is a powerful Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combination helping to promote a fast clearance of buried emotions and old emotional patterns. It helps to clear old energy stuck in your emotional body and releases old emotions and emotional energies, especially where there is a fear of facing your thoughts and feelings.

Emotional Body Essence | Rainbow Light Body Essences | from £7.72

Tanzine Aura Essence - 20% Discount

Tanzine Aura Crystal

Tanzine Aura is a powerful essence to help stimulate spiritual connection, clarity and insight. It helps us see beyond the illusions of everyday reality and helps to activate the Brow and Crown chakras.

Tanzine Aura Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | From £4.40

Rhodochrosite Essence - 20% Discount

The loving energy of Rhodochrosite has the ability to help you to extend unconditional love to those parts of yourself that have become closed off and unable to receive love. It can help a wounded inner child to release old emotional traumas and to become whole again and is also helpful to dissolve long held issues relating to self-esteem or any feelings of self-hatred.

Rhodochrosite Essence | Gem & Crystal Essences | from £4.40

Sunflower Essence - 20% Discount

Sunflower works in the heart chakra as well as promoting greater balance between one’s inner yin yang energies. It can help to balance the male ego and transform feelings of anger or hostility related to one’s father or towards God/Divine Intelligence. Sunflower is also a helpful essence to stimulate the flow of higher wisdom and increase intuition.

Sunflower Essence | Flower Essences | from £4.40

Heartfelt Forgiveness Essence - 20% Discount

This powerful Rose Essence combination carries the vibration of forgiveness deep into your heart chakra. It helps to bring into awareness any past events or situations that still require forgiveness, either of self or another, allowing your heart chakra to open more fully.

Heartfelt Forgiveness Essence | Rose Collection Essences | From £4.76

Stilless - Inner Child Essence - 20% Discount

The Stillness Essence is all about developing patience. Impatience leads to an angry or snappy nature, nervous irritability and reduces the flow of life force energy through the energetic structure. As we become more patient, all levels of our being become more relaxed & our pace of life seems to slow down. Making ‘time’ to meditate each day helps our mind to stop racing & more of our spiritual nature to develop.

Stillness Essence | Inner Child Essences | £7.72

Sets of Essences

Angel Essence Set One

Angel Essence Set One - 20% Discount

The Angel Essences work with the energies and frequencies of the Angels to help you to create a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms. The ten Angel Essences in this set are: the Angels of: Abundance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Glory, Joy, Love, Patience, Peace, Purification and Tranquillity. They are lovely Essences to use, either in the moment when you're in need of help or inspiration, or longer term to work with more deep seated issues or patterns.

Angel Essence Set One | Angel Essences | From £38.40

Positivity Set

Developing Positivity Set - Divine Harmony Essences - 20% Discount

Everything that we think and feel contributes to our energetic signature, which determines the quality of life we experience. This lovely set of Essences helps to transform old personality patterns, helping to bring about positive change in both our inner and outer worlds. It contains the following ten Divine Harmony Essences: Clarity, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Decisiveness, Emotional Balance, Inner Strength, Motivation, Spontaneity and Thankfulness.

Developing Positivity Set | Divine Harmony Essences | From £41.60

All at 20% discount for the month: Crystal Herbs Special Offers

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Well that it from us for this month. We wish you all a wonderful month filled with the vibrations of love and send you many blessings with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.

And here as promised is the Great Invocation:

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God,
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the centre where the will of God is known,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose that the Master’s know and serve.
From the centre that we call the race of men,
Let the plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore
the Plan on Earth.


With Peace & Love,


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