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Dear Friends,

Here we are in April with nature unfolding its new pristine beauty all around us and providing us all with a comforting, much needed sense of springtime normality. Yet in every other way the world is very far from normal as we all try to accommodate ourselves to the restrictions that Covid19 has made necessary.

Here at Crystal Herbs we are focussed on continuing to provide you all with the very best service that we can while safeguarding our staff and their families. So far everything is going well, and we are even managing to make some essential stocks of new mother tinctures as the weather allows. We will continue to update you with the news from here through our website.

In E-Light this Month: the Energies of April, Super Full Moon, the Influence of Aries, Planetary Reset, Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, Essence Suggestions for April & our latest Special Offers and News.

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Impatiens Flower

The Energies of April

The cosmic line-up for April is focussed on providing exactly the right dynamics to encourage further transformation and planetary evolution.

The driving force behind this potent energy is the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn which is exact on April 4th. This is a call for a deep energy cleanse and a request for soul growth both individually and collectively. Pluto is calling for permanent change and Jupiter is providing the doorway into the expansive new possibilities that are available through that process of transformational change.

There is a potent opportunity here to move into a completely new level of soul power, one that we have not been able to embody for many lifetimes. You might feel this as a surge of soul force flowing through you, possibly moving your life into a different trajectory than you had previously anticipated.

Do your best to focus on the new beginnings rather than on the ending of anything old and past its sell by date. We are on the cusp of something completely new so just allow in the best way that you can and ‘follow the yellow brick road’.

Super Full Moon

We have a full moon in Libra opposite the sun in Aries on April 8th exact at 3.35am BST. This is a supermoon and will be the closest full moon of the year so we will feel its illuminating qualities particularly strongly.

There is a tense, somewhat confrontational aspect to this full moon that could bring unresolved issues to the surface particularly in relationships. The gift here is that Libra always seeks balanced solutions rather than conflict so take the opportunity to review any relationship issues that arise this month and negotiate adjustments as necessary. Remember that this could very well involve the relationship that you have with yourself at all levels. For instance, allowing more space for your relationship with your soul / spirit might become more obvious.

We may also find that with so much enforced separation from family, friends and loved ones the energies of this full moon could activate old feelings of loneliness and separation. These can be uncomfortable and painful especially if we are unable to employ our normal tactics of distraction to avoid the feelings. In this situation be sure to give yourself plenty of love and self-acceptance. Remember you are not alone and reach out for support through whatever communication channel is most accessible to you.

Pisces Symbol

The Influence of Aries

During April the sun shines onto the earth through the constellation of Aries, creating a magnification of the qualities and ray energies associated with this constellation, which is represented in western astrology by the glyph of the Ram.

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries marks the beginning of a new astrological year and brings with it a potent opportunity for new beginnings. Its fiery, initiating energy seeks to promote regeneration and renewal in all areas of life, both spiritually and physically.

Aries energy is highly creative, mental energy that brings with it a flow of inspiration and new ideas from the collective higher mind. In fact, exactly what we need right now to carry us forward into the new territory now opening before us.

Planetary Reset

Each year as we complete a zodiacal cycle and begin a new one, the energies of Aries propel us forward into the next level of growth possible for us, collectively and individually.

A template of possibilities is provided for us at this time by the planetary hierarchy that we can access and work with, either consciously or unconsciously. This year the beginning of the new astrological year is unlike any other that we have experienced, because we have arrived at a major reset point for the planet and for humanity. The catalyst being used to instigate this reset moment is the coronavirus that is now sweeping across the planet.

Currently there is a lot of chaos, confusion and fear because the bigger picture is not visible to many people at an everyday level. However, from a soul perspective the opportunity for a planetary reset is something that we have all been working towards for a very long time.

Many souls have incarnated over and over again with the intention of being awake enough to guide humanity through this very time that we are living in now. If you are reading this newsletter most likely you are one of them.

Spiritual Awakening

The cosmic line-up for April is focussed on providing exactly the right dynamics to encourage further transformation and planetary evolution.

This time of social distancing and quarantine is necessary, not just to deal with the consequences of the virus, but also to take the pressure off Mother Earth and to create space for people to connect deeply with themselves in ways that help them to remember and awaken spiritually to who they really are.

While normal life is suspended for a while the seeds of new ideas and future possibilities have space to germinate and grow in ways that might otherwise not be possible.   

Take the opportunity provided to connect deeply with yourself on all levels, relax and allow what needs to happen as best you can. The whole process is being very carefully overseen by our planetary guides and the spiritual hierarchy. It is definitely not a random event.

Now is the time to shine your light strongly, remember who you are and hold a clear vision of a new reality based in love, unity, cooperation and equality unfolding on the Earth. If you see shoots sprouting from old patterns that still have roots into some aspect of self, weed them out with careful and compassionate precision.

Choose carefully what you align your energies with because as always, there is a lot of unhelpful and some completely false information doing the rounds. Avoid anything based in the polarity of right / wrong and instead support those things that are anchored in love, acceptance and cooperation.

New Crystal Herbs Meditation on YouTube

Staying centred, balanced and connected to our heart consciousness will be the most important thing that we can do for ourselves and those around us over the coming months.

To help you do this Catherine has recorded a short meditation that you can use to assist you to find this all-important inner space as you negotiate the challenges that we will all face over the coming few weeks. It will help you to:

You can find it on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49pgvz8vqVc&t=2s

Essence Suggestions

Essence Suggestions for April

Radical changes of the kind that we are experiencing in our everyday lives right now can be unsettling to say the least. They can rock our foundations and remove comfort zones in ways that leave us struggling to regain equilibrium.

With this in mind we have chosen to highlight some essences in this month’s Essence Suggestions that can quickly help restore a level of balance, harmony and perspective.

Bach Flower Remedies for Balance & Harmony

Top of the list here are the 38 Flower Remedies created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s. If you are feeling unusually wobbly or shaken out of your comfort zone in some way a well-chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies would be the very best thing you could offer yourself to help. They are wonderful rebalancing tools that quickly ease acute emotional or mental states and help to restore a sense of perspective so that you can deal with the situation more effectively.  

Remember that Bach Flower Remedies need to be taken consistently and often to get the best from them.  A good adult dose is 4 drops on the tongue taken at least 8 x a day, however in acute situations take doses more often until balance is restored.
You can find out more about Bach Flower Remedies and the ones that might particularly help you on our website here: Crystal Herbs Bach Flower Remedies. Please do contact us if you need advice on which essences to put in your combination, we will be only too glad to help.

Quick Acting Essence Sprays

Another resource that we turn to when we are in need of a quick energetic rebalance is the Pure Vibrations Spray Collection. Essences sprayed into the auric field act very quickly and are especially helpful at those times when you feel temporarily out of balance or off centre. Energetic Alignment; soul connection, Strength & Courage; overcoming fear, Earth Connection; strong foundations, Heart Connection; living in love, Positive Vibrations; cleansing negativity, and Harmony & Tranquillity; promoting balance, might all be particularly helpful this month.

Nurturing the Harmonics of the Heart

Expanding your capacity to live in the harmonics of the heart will greatly help you to negotiate these extraordinary times of transformation that we are living through.

A good starting place with this might be the Heart Chakra combination, which helps to clear and balance that all important chakra point. If you feel that your heart chakra is working well then checkout the Higher Heart Chakra as a next step.

All of our Rose Collection Essences work in the heart in various ways so we would encourage you to check these out and in particular the Awakening the Heart and Unconditional Love combinations.

Last but not least we recommend both the Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality and Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind combinations to help support the journey deeper into your heart this month.

Essence Special Offers

Special Offers for April

We have a new selection of special offers this month with each of the Essences and Sets below on special offer - with a discount of 20%.

Individual & Combination Essences

Higher Heart Chakra Essence - 20% Discount

A lovely and supportive combination for helping with issues around forgiveness and compassion. It's particularly useful for when you need help to forgive yourself or others and for developing compassion and the ability to love yourself unconditionally.

Higher Heart Chakra Essence | Chakra Essences | from £4.76

Feeling Safe - 20% Discount

This Feeling Safe Essence dissolves the belief that ‘the world is not a safe place’ and is a powerful combination for those who ‘never feel safe’, or perhaps have an unjustifiable sense of impending doom. It helps to promote trust in the flow of life and encourages a sense of inner security. It's also helpful if you experience difficulty coping with change or lack of trust that you will always be looked after.

Feeling Safe Essence | Divine Harmony Essences | from £4.76

Strength & Courage - 20% Discount

This powerful spray combination will help you to dissolve and transform vibrations of fear and remind you of your own innate strength and courage and the love that is your true self.

Strength & Courage Spray | Pure Vibrations Collection | From £8.68

Osteospernum Flower

Osteospermum - Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Osteospermum helps you to receive and to open up to others and the universal flow of energy or abundance. As well as being available as a single Essence, Osteospermum is also one of the Essences in the Open to Receive combination.

Osteospermum Flower Essence | Flower Essences | From £4.40

Pansy Flower - Flower Essence - 20% Discount

Pansy Flower Essence promotes vitality and wellbeing. It strengthens the etheric blueprint and expels impurities and it also stimulates the mental body and your intuition.

Pansy Flower Essence | Flower Essences | From £4.40

Grief - Inner Child Essence - 20% Discount

This lovely essence works powerfully at an emotional level, helping you to release and transmute grief in all its forms. It will help you to work with the recent grief of loss of a loved one through death, divorce and also other more subtle forms of loss such as home, work or pets. It also helps to release old buried grief brought in from previous lifetimes.

Grief - Inner Child Essence | Inner Child Essences | £7.72

Metatron's Blend Essence - 20% Discount

This essence is a blend of all five Platonic Solid shapes and the Sphere together. The energetic patterning of Metatron’s Cube is also incorporated into this combination of essences. It acts as a powerful reminder to our energetic matrix of its original structure and form, as well as stimulating the conscious memory of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life.

Metatron's Blend Essence | Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences | from £4.32

Sets of Essences


Bach Flower Remedy Set

10ml Bach Flower Remedy Sets - 20% Discount

A Bach Flower Remedy set makes a wonderful resource, whether used for yourself, family & friends or as part of a professional practice. Our 10ml Bach Flower Remedy set contains all 38 Bach Remedies along with two bottles of Revival Remedy combination, each of which are handmade with love and care according to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach. The set comes in a choice of a beautiful natural Linden wood box with a hinged lid or an attractive card presentation box.

10ml Bach Flower Remedy Sets | Bach Flower Remedies | from £110.40

Archangel Essence Set

Archangel & Ascended Master Essence Set - 20% Discount

A complete set of Archangel & Ascended Master Essences contains the four Archangel Essences and six Ascended Master Essences, helping you to connect with the beautiful gifts and frequencies of these beings. Each of the essences are vibrationally attuned to the consciousness of a particular Archangel or Ascended Master and will help you to link more easily with the web of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Archangel & Ascended Master Essence Set | Archangel & Ascended Master Essences | from £38.40

All at 20% discount for the rest of the month:
Crystal Herbs Special Offers

Latest News & More...

Ground Your Energy & Radiate Your Light Meditation

Ground Your Energy Radiate Your Light Meditation

The Heart Chakra Essence is a powerful combination to help you to open your heart chakra and connect with unconditional love, releasing feelings of loneliness, separation, isolation, fear of closeness or feelings of being unloved.

YouTube: Ground Your Energy Radiate Your Light Meditation

Grounding & More – The Being Present Essence Review

Loosestrife Flower - Being Present Essence

Being Present is for staying fully present and focused in the now. Its good for if you find yourself easily ‘spaced out’, ungrounded or if you drift off into a dream world of ‘what ifs’, making it difficult to stay present and focused.

The Being Present Essence Review

Latest Updates - Coronavirus & Your Orders

Crystal Herbs Local

We've created a new page on our website with all of the latest information about how the current situation is effecting your orders, service and delivery from us here at Crystal Herbs as the Coronavirus situation evolves and changes. We will try and keep this page as up to date as possible as things progress.

Current Status: We're Operating as Close to Normal as Possible

Latest Updates - Coronavirus & Your Orders

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Well that is it from us for this month. We wish you all a wonderful month filled with the joy of new perspectives and send you much love with the reminder to contact us if you need further help or support on your journey.


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