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The Crystal Herbs Newsletter - March 2024

Dear Friends,

In E-Light this Month: Owning your Light and Power, March’s Energetics, Uncreating what we have Created and our latest Special Offers and News.

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Owning your Light and Power

Uncreating the legacy of collective patterns

There are threads in this month’s energy flow that have a strong focus on helping us to continue to heal the deeply held old wounds and emotional issues that have been a part of our third dimensional life experiences for a very long time. These are deeply held collective patterns that affect all of us in one way or another.

Over many lifetimes we have contributed to the creation of these patterns through our own experiences, and they have become woven into the fabric of life and passed down from one generation to another. Now we are being presented with the opportunity to remember that we are powerful creators who can uncreate these old patterns to allow something new to unfold on Earth.

In the flow of Piscean energy this month we have a wonderful opportunity to connect more consciously with the experience of our own multidimensionality and unbreakable connection to the wholeness of life.

From this perspective we can view the old collective patterns with more objectivity, recognising that they are not as personal as they sometimes feel and that they certainly do not represent who we are as our true self. This is a powerful reality check that also provides us with a platform we can stand on energetically as we dismantle our contributions into the collective patterning.

Text: you are a powerful creator with the ability to uncreate old patterns in order to create something new. Plus Columbine flower

March Energetics

The Opportunities of Pisces and the New Moon

The energy flow for March is full of fast-moving energetic opportunities which will gather in pace and intensity as the month progresses. As March begins, we are in the full flow of watery Piscean energy, which is flexible, fluid and reminding us to tap into our divinity and let go of any old stuck patterns that might be holding us back.

The energies of the Pisces New Moon on March 10th expand this reminder by inviting us to step fully into the beautiful flow of compassionate, kind, creative, healing energetics that will be available to us at this time.

In this flow of energy, you can expand your growing sense of multidimensionality, embrace your intuitive, innovative ideas and more easily step forward with courage to make positive change.

The Equinox brings Powerful New Beginnings

Pisces is the last sign in the astrological year so in the weeks leading up to the Equinox when the sun moves into Aries, we will find ourselves tidying the threads of the closing year and aligning ourselves with the opportunity of a powerful new beginning as the next astrological cycle begins on March 20th.

The move from Pisces into Aries is always a powerful change of energy that brings with it the impetus to expand our horizons and move forward in new ways. This year this is a particularly strong thread in the energetics.

Eclipse Season starts here

March also marks the beginning of this year’s eclipse season, bringing us a potent full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th. The energies of an eclipse are always powerful and intense and can sometimes be experienced as disruptive, but they always have a positive focus on moving us further onto the trajectory that is for our highest good.

This particular eclipse will illuminate our close relationships and offer us the opportunity to release power struggles and other unhealthy relationship dynamics that are no longer fit for purpose.

The cosmic energy alignments this month have a focus on keeping us moving forward and helping us continue to move out of old redundant ways of being. As we move past the Aries point into the new astrological year on March 20th we need to be as fully in alignment with our true selves as we can be in order to take advantage of the opportunity for a quantum shift in consciousness that the energies of April will be offering to us.

Buttercup flower

Stories, Stories, Stories!

Old stories that might hold this polarity in place in your reality could include the idea that you are not strong enough on your own, not good enough, not worthy enough, and most potent of all, not lovable for who you are.

This confusion around our equality and unbreakable connection to the whole leads to deep fears, lack of trust, unhealthy competition, power struggles, and dominating or manipulative tactics employed with a view to feeling ‘safe’ and in control.

We may have had some very difficult experiences in previous lives where the choice to stand in our power has not been well received or we felt that we had misused our power in some detrimental way which has left a legacy of resistance and reluctance to own our power in this lifetime.

These old stories are not easy to own and until comparatively recently it has been only too easy to project them out onto those around us. It is now time for us to gather them in from both ends of the polarity and just be willing to own them so that the pattern can be dismantled. This is much easier when you keep in mind that this is a collective pattern that has been cocreated by all of us, not something that you have personally done wrong and need to feel ashamed of.

If you find yourself stuck with a pattern, take a look into the imprinting that you inherited from your birth family or those that you grew up with. It is often easier to see any bits of a pattern that we might be reluctant to own from this perspective.

Flower, gem & crystal essences are such wonderful tools to help us with the process of dismantling the energies of old stories. They will gently but firmly reach into the crystallised old energies that are holding a pattern in place, helping to dissolve them so that they lose their power. We then have the opportunity to see beyond the story that we have constructed and can begin to create something new.

The Self Responsibility Essence: another very strong thread often found in the victim patterning is that of resentment, which often manifests as a sense of unfairness or a tendency to blame others for our situation in life. If you should happen to find threads of this vibrational pattern in your explorations this month, just celebrate your discovery, gather the threads of the pattern back to you and choose a bottle of Self-Responsibility Essence; transforming resentment to help dissolve it. You will soon find yourself back in your power seat and able to create something new.

The Wild Iris Flower Essence from the Karmic Essences range might also be very helpful for anyone working with aspects of this pattern that relate to unresolved power issues or feelings of deep responsibility. The Inner Strength; restoring inner resolve is a great combination to use when you need to find that extra bit of inner resolve and determination to enable you to stand fully in your own power and light.

Iceberg Rose Flower

Realigning our Relationships

Uplifting & regenerating relationships

With the full moon lunar eclipse falling on the Libra/Aries axis later this month it is possible that our relationship dynamics could come into the spotlight for realignment if they are still based in old, outdated patterns that are serving no one. While this might feel uncomfortable in the moment it will be a wonderful opportunity to uplift and regenerate a relationship that has become a little bogged down in old patterns. Power struggles are likely to be particularly highlighted in this energy so do be very aware of what can be triggered off for you in this situation so that you can own it rather than project it onto the relationship. This will provide you with the leeway to take the relationship to a new level if it is possible or step back from it if it is not.

Divine Harmony Essences

March Special Offers

We have some lovely new March special offers for you. March can often be an especially interesting and powerful time of the year. It can be a month of movement and change, a time when we release the old and embrace the present and future in new and interesting ways. When we do this from a space of the heart and inner connection, it can be especially powerful.

Flower & Vibrational Essences are wonderful for helping you to re-connect with the power of your heart and the wisdom of your soul. The Essences on special offer this month are all really good at helping you to step more in your heart and your empowerment, to be more grounded and connected and confident in yourself.

All at 20% discount for the month

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