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News Update - 31st March 2020

Latest Updates - Coronavirus & Your Orders

Crystal Herbs Local

Please see our Latest Updates - Coronavirus & Your Orders for the latest information about how the current situation is effecting your orders, service and delivery from us here at Crystal Herbs as the Coronavirus situation evolves and changes. We will try and keep this page as up to date as possible as things progress.

Current Status: We're Operating as Close to Normal as Possible

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

Latest Updates - Coronavirus & Your Orders

Essence Review - 26th March 2020

Grounding & More – The Being Present Essence Review

Loosestrife Flower - Being Present Essence

Being Present is for staying fully present and focused in the now. Its good for if you find yourself easily ‘spaced out’, ungrounded or if you drift off into a dream world of ‘what ifs’, making it difficult to stay present and focused.

The Being Present Essence Review

Article - 18th March 2020

9 Essences to Help You Stay Calm & Balanced

9 Essences to Help You Stay Calm & Balanced

A few thoughts on the current Coronavirus situation – our world has been in a particularly unsettled, chaotic state for some time now, but despite this everyday life has continued to function with a reasonable degree of ‘normality’ for most people. However, this has now changed with the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus, a pandemic which is gradually turning everything upside down and rocking the foundations of everyday lives all around the world.

9 Essences to Help You Stay Calm & Balanced

Essence Review - 28th February 2020

Opening Your Heart: Heart Chakra Essence Review

Rosa Deep Secret flower from the Heart Chakra Essence

The Heart Chakra Essence is a powerful combination to help you to open your heart chakra and connect with unconditional love, releasing feelings of loneliness, separation, isolation, fear of closeness or feelings of being unloved.

The Heart Chakra Essence Review

Transformational Stories - 10th February 2020

Forgiving the Past, Stepping Lightly into the Future

Lily Stargazer Flower

Transformational Stories - in our first of this series of transformational stories Jackie Stewart shares her experiences with the Forgiveness Combination from the Divine Harmony Essences.

Forgiving the Past, Stepping Lightly into the Future

New Special Offers - 4th February 2020

New Special Offers for February

Special Offers for February

Our new special offers for February include the Open To Receive Essence, Borage Flower Essence, the Heart Chakra Essence, the Light Body Essence set and more, all at 20% discount.

New Special Offers for February

Essence Review - 31st January 2020

Peace Rose Flower Essence – Support for a Troubled Heart

Peace Rose Flower

The Peace Rose Essence is one of our most popular essences. Its powerful vibration provides wonderful support for anyone with a troubled heart, helping you to more fully embody the vibration of peace.

The Peace Rose Flower Essence Review

Article - 17th January 2020

Q & A - I can’t get over a relationship which ended a few months ago……

The End of a Relationship

When an important relationship ends, you may feel bereft, abandoned or rejected. Break-ups can bring our past experiences of loss, separation, grief or fear to the surface.

When A Relationship Ends

Essence Review - 4th December

New Festive Gift Ideas for 2019

Heart Connection Set - Festive Special Offers

Here are some gift ideas for those that love Flower & Vibrational Essences or for those who would like to share that love with someone else! From Essences to books and more, here are some of our favourite recommendations for the festive season.

Find Our New Festive Gift Ideas for 2019 here

Essence Review - 2nd December

Chamomile Flower Essence – Calmness, Relaxation & Serenity

Chamomile Flowers

Calmness, Relaxation & Serenity - our Essence Review for November is for the Chamomile Flower Essence. This lovely single Flower Essence helps to align the mental body and balances the solar plexus chakra allowing the release of emotional tensions, bringing calmness, serenity & freedom from worry.

Find out more: Chamomile Flower Essence Review

Essence Review - 23rd September

Earth Star Essence Review – Grounding & Presence

Earth Star Essence

This month’s Essence Review is for the Earth Star combination from the Rainbow Light Body Essences. This powerful and deep acting Essence helps you to effectively ground and focus energy. Being properly grounded in this way is essential for us to attune fully with our Higher-Selves and the higher realms.

Find out more: Earth Star Essence Review - Grounding & Presence

Essence Review - 8th August

Queen Anne's Lace - Clarity & Focus of Spiritual Ideas

Queen Annes Lace

Our latest Essence review is for Queen Anne’s Lace. This lovely Essence stimulates the development of clairvoyance (inner vision) and telepathy. It opens the crown chakra and calms the mental body, enhancing the ability to see the bigger picture of a situation.

Find out more: Queen Annes Lace Flower Essence Review

Essence Review - 10th July

The Sphere Essence - Creation & the Divine Feminine

Sphere Vibrational Essences

Our Essence Review for June was for the Sphere Essence from the Platonic Solid & Sacred Geoemtry Essences. The Sphere represents the Void, the place from which all of creation is initiated. This is a deep, feminine energy that will help connect you with your own creative, sacred centre.

Find out more: Sphere Essence Review

Latest News - 21st June

Gentle Hermione – A Change to Our Rose Collection

Gentle Hermione Rose

Sweetheart Rose has been a much-loved part of our Rose Collection for many years. Sadly, the mother tincture has now run out and this version of Sweetheart Rose is no longer available from any UK rose grower. So instead we are delighted to introduce you to the beautiful vibrations of the Gentle Hermione Rose!

Find out more: Gentle Hermione – A Change to Our Rose Collection

Essence Review - 15th May

Dandelion Flower Essence - Calmness & Grounding

Dandelion Flower Essence - Calmness & Grounding

Our Essence Review for April is for the Dandelion Flower Essence. The lovely Dandelion Essence helps to release tension from the mental body, bringing calmness to an overly active mind, drawing you deeper into yourself and connecting you more fully with the present moment.

Find out more: Dandelion Flower Essence

Essence Review - 29th March

Impatience, Frustration & Irritability - Restoring Patience

Restoring Patience Essence Review

Our Essence Review for March is for the Restoring Patience combination from our Divine Harmony Essence range. This powerful Essence helps to dissolve vibrations of impatience, frustration & irritability, encouraging greater stillness and the ability to be in the now.

Find out more: Restoring Patience

News - 12th March

Twelve New Crystal Essences

New Crystal Essences

We're delighted to introduce you to twelve new Crystal Essences - these lovely new Essences cover a whole range of issues, energies and pathways for spiritual growth and development.

Find out more: Twelve New Crystal Essences

Essence Review - 28th February

Snowdrop Flower Essence - Loss & Sadness

Snowdrop Flower Essence

The lovely Snowdrop Flower Essence is all about coming to terms with the pain of bereavement, separation, sadness and loss, and it helps to restore a sense of hope and joy for the future.

Find out more: Snowdrop Essence Review

Essence Review - 1st February

Sacral Chakra Essence - Creativity, Emotions & Sexuality

Sacral Chakra Essence

The Sacral Chakra Essence is all about creativity, emotions and sexuality. It’s a really helpful Essence if you find it difficult to express or get in touch with your emotional needs, or you experience out of balance emotions, relationship difficulties, low self-image, anger, frustration, impatience, blocked sexuality or creativity.

Find out more: Sacral Chakra Essence Review

Essence Review - 11th January

Energetic Alignment Essence – Alignment & Soul Connection

Energetic Alignment Essences

The Energetic Alignment spray helps to bring all your subtle bodies, chakras and subtle energy points into greater alignment. It is an excellent spray to use before meditation or contemplation and enhances your connection with your inner wisdom and soul guidance. It is also a very effective spray to use when you feel energetically scattered, ungrounded and disconnected from yourself.

Find out more: Energetic Alignment Essence

News - 4th January

The Flowers of Life - a New & Updated Version

The Flowers of Life book

This beautifully illustrated book is an updated version of Shimara’s original 1997 book of the same name. It is full of information about vibrational essences and how to use them for personal healing and transformation. The many colour photographs included in this book bring the frequencies of the essences fully into awareness and can be used as a resource to guide selection.

Find out more: The Flowers of Life

Happy New Year

From us all at Crystal Herbs we'd like to wish you all a very happy New Year. May 2019 bring you lots of love, happiness, joy and abundance!

Essence Review - 7th December

Valerian – Being in the Here & Now

Water Lily Flower Essence

Valerian is a wonderful Essence for grounding. So if you feel a deep dis-connection from your physical body, often feel ungrounded or spaced out, have an inability to function fully in the world or a recurring feeling of not wanting to fully be here in the now, this would be a very helpful Essence.

Find out more: Valerian – Being in the Here & Now

Essence Review - 2nd November

Water Lily – Loneliness & Separation

Water Lily Flower Essence

The Water Lily Essence works with deep feelings of isolation and loneliness. It helps to clear and release unexplained feelings of grief and sadness and deep old heart chakra blocks and barriers. Water Lily gently dissolves these old patterns & energies, bringing understanding and the ability to reach out to others once again.

Find out more: Water Lily Essence - Loneliness & Separation

Essence Review - 5th October

Azeztulite Essence - Integration & Expansion

Azeztulite Essence

Azeztulite Essence expands perception and the ability to see beyond your normal confines. It helps open your connections with the Earth and increases your ability to use high frequency light.

Find out more: Azeztulite Essence - Integration & Expansion

News - 27th September

Bamboo from Music of the Plants

Bamboo Device - Music of the Plants

We're delighted to be stocking the new Bamboo device from Music of the Plants. The Bamboo is an instrument that gives voice to plant perception and consciousness. These amazing devices have been developed to allow you to listen to and interact with plants and more importantly, for them to interact with you.

Find out more: Bamboo - Music of the Plants

News - 7th September

Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences

Hyssop Flower

This summer we created three new essences from sacred geometric shapes; Sphere, Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life which we been having fun testing out on ourselves and other interested folks.

You can find these essences included in our new set of ten Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences alongside the platonic solid essences and two platonic solid combinations, Metatron’s Blend and Inner Light.

Platonic Solid Essence Set

These Vibrational Essences are available in a 10ml or 25ml size bottle and as individual Essences or as a complete set of all ten.

We have also made all the essences in this set available as individual 30ml sprays. We have found that spraying these essences into our auric field is a very powerful way of using them.

Find out more: Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences

Essence Review - 23rd July

Transforming Feelings of Guilt - Hyssop Flower Essence

Hyssop Flower

Our Essence Review for July is for the Hyssop Flower Essence. Hyssop alleviates deep feelings of guilt whether these are conscious or unconscious. It is only as we allow ourselves to confront the old memories to which our guilt is attached that we can begin to forgive ourselves and recognise that we have learned from the experience. This essence helps us to do this, releasing much mental and emotional tension in the process.

Read More: Transforming Feelings of Guilt - Hyssop Flower Essence

Essence Review - 4th July

Learning to Trust & Allow - Wild Iris Flower Essence

Wild Iris Flower

Our Essence Review for June is for the Wild Iris Flower Essence. This is a really good Essence for those working with deep unconscious feelings of responsibility for the welfare of others or the planet. It’s helpful for where there are unresolved power issues, the need to change others, to be in charge or feelings of deep responsibility.

Read More: Learning to Trust & Allow - Wild Iris Flower Essence

Essence Suggestions - 15th June

Self-Love, Compassion & Acceptance - Flower Essence Suggestions

Handel Rose

This months Essences suggestions are centred around the heart. So you can find some Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions to help promote greater acceptance & loving compassion for yourself and to help release old issues in and around relationships

Read More: Self-Love, Compassion & Acceptance

Personal Growth - 15th June

Healing the Heart – Defence Patterns & Compassion for Yourself

Iceberg Rose

Healing the Heart. Defence Patterns & Compassion for Yourself - a look at the energies of the moment and the importance of clearing and releasing old blocks in the heart chakra.

Read More: Healing the Heart

Cosmic Influences - 12th June

Cosmic Influences for June 2018 - Resolving the Past, Emotional Sensitivity & Gemini


You may find yourself touching into the energies of old family patterns this month. If this is the case be kind to yourself and allow the energy flow to gently help you release old crystallised energies so that old crusty stories can be dissolved once and for all.

Read More: Cosmic Influences for June

News - 11th June

Jackie Stewarts Course

Advanced Essence Practitioner Training Diploma run by Jackie Stewart.

Catherine Keattch from Crystal Herbs is delighted to have been invited to provide a day’s teaching on Crystal Herbs Essences on the next Advanced Essence Practitioner Training Diploma, developed and run by our friend and colleague Jackie Stewart.

Read More: Advanced Essence Practitioner Training

Essence Review - 1st June

Sunflower Flower Essence

Masculine Balance, Leadership & Intuition

Our Essence Review for this month is for the Sunflower Essence. Sunflower opens the heart chakra and balances the inner yin & yang energies. It helps out of balance male energies and transforms feelings of anger or hostility related to the father figure. Sunflower is also a helpful essence to stimulate the flow of higher wisdom and increase intuition.

Read More: Sunflower Essence Review

Essence Review - 30th April

Despondency & Despair - Yellow Rattle Flower Essence

Yellow Rattle Flower Essence

Our Essence Review for this month is for the Yellow Rattle Essence. The lovely Yellow Rattle is for those who carry an innate sadness and melancholy from this or previous lifetimes. It can often feel difficult to express the depth of this feeling and it can cause recurring and apparently unfounded feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Read More: Despondency & Despair - Yellow Rattle Flower Essence

Article - 6th April

Your Vibrational Frequency is Important

Angelica Flower

Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions to help you to raise your vibrational frequency and align with your highest potential. Paying attention to your energetic foundations, aligning with the consciousness of the heart and increasing your capacity to absorb high frequency light are all important when it comes to managing your vibrational frequency.

Read More: Your Vibrational Frequency is Important

Essence Review - 5th April

Restoring Intimacy & Trust – Healing Relationships Essence Review

Healing Relationships Essence

The Healing Relationships Essence is for difficulties with intimate relationships, a lack of closeness and intimacy or an inability to trust in the relationship. It helps to promote greater intimacy & trust in relationships, dissolves defence patterns and supports the ability to build loving open hearted relationships.

Read More: Restoring Intimacy & Trust – Healing Relationships Essence Review

News - 5th March

After the Snow, Normality!

It's lovely to see the greens & browns of the countryside again after all the snow of last week and to finally be able to get back into Crystal Herbs today. We're sorry for the wait if you placed an order last week, but we're working hard to get all of the orders out asap, so your order should be with you soon!

News - 1st March

More Snow... and a Further Delay in Sending Out Orders

Snowplough in Action

We're sorry to say that we're still experiencing real problems with the weather and therefore with sending out your orders. Following on from yesterdays report ( below); although it was no longer snowing this morning, there was a lot of wind blowing large snow drifts across the roads. A number of us set off to try and get in this morning, but even some of the main roads were blocked and the two miles of side roads up to Crystal Herbs, where there will have been no gritting or snow ploughs, were again impassable.

The good news though is that the weather is set to improve significantly over the weekend so we will definitely be back in on Monday and will be dispatching all of your orders as soon as possible. We apologise to all of you waiting for your orders and thank you for your patience.

You can find pictures and more information here: Snow, Snow & More Snow – the Story of Our Week

News - 1st March

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Snowy Road

For perhaps the first time ever, we have had to have a 'snow day' here at Crystal Herbs! While we made it in for a while yesterday, we literally had to dig the car out of the carpark, and then again in the drive way, before retreating home in the heavy snow. Today the roads into Crystal Herbs were impassable, so as a result we are a little behind with all of your orders, but we are hoping to be able to get in tomorrow and get them all dispatched!

You can find pictures and more information here: Snow, Snow & More Snow – the Story of Our Week

Essence Review - 19th February

Deepening Your Experience of Meditation – Inner Focus Essence

Inner Focus Essence - Enhancing Meditation

Our Essence Review for this month is for our Inner Focus Essence. This Essence helps to calm your mind and emotions so that you can deepen your experience of meditation. It will help you to find the inner pathways that will deepen your experience of meditation, bringing a greater sense of centeredness and alignment with your soul.

Read More: Deepening Your Experience of Meditation – Inner Focus Essence

Essence Suggestions - 16th February

Transcending Old Polarities – Dissolving Judgement & Fear

Garlic Flower

Essence Suggestions - as we transcend our old polarities and polarity consciousness, we will inevitably come up against some of our deeply held old belief systems. So, here are some essence suggestions to help you dismantle any ‘road blocks’ that you might encounter, helping you to move beyond these old patterns as easily as possible.

Read More: Transcending Old Polarities

Personal Growth - 16th February

Evolving Group Consciousness

Water Lily

Our planet is currently receiving a huge amount of high frequency energies which are designed to stimulate awakening and expand personal and group consciousness, however as they are filtered through our differing levels of consciousness they have the potential to create a variety of effects.

Read More: Evolving Group Consciousness

Cosmic Influences - 9th February

Cosmic Influences for February 2018 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Aquarius & More


You may find yourself touching into the energies of old family patterns this month. If this is the case be kind to yourself and allow the energy flow to gently help you release old crystallised energies so that old crusty stories can be dissolved once and for all.

Read More: Cosmic Influences for February

News - Recent Event- 9th February

Learn From Other Worlds – Plant Communication & More

Learn from Other Worlds

We recently attended this fascinating workshop which was put together to explore the field of plant communication and plant consciousness. You can find out more about the event in blog report below.

Read More: Learn From Other Worlds – Plant Communication & More

News - Social Media - 6th February

Crystal Herbs on Pinterest


Do you use Pinterest? If you do use it or if you don't but are interested anyway(!), then we've just created a new Pinterest account for Crystal Herbs. We're adding plenty of new images all the time, so do check it out.

See More: Crystal Herbs Pinterest

Essence Review - 22nd January

Strengthening the Divine Masculine - Male Essence

Male Essence

Our first Essence Review for 2018 is for the Male Essence from our Divine Harmony Essences range. This powerful combination is all about strengthening & balancing your inner masculine energy (applicable for both women & men!) It releases old patterning that might prevent you from fully using your inner masculine qualities, such as strength, logical thinking & initiating action.

Read More: Strengthening the Divine Masculine - Male Essence

News - 22nd January

NEW - Bach Flower Spirit Cards

Bach Flower Spirit Cards

The Bach Flower Spirit Cards are a wonderful set of new Bach Flower Remedy cards produced by Jackie Stewart and Jason Smalley. The beautiful flower images on the cards will speak to your soul whether you’re a Bach Flower Remedy enthusiast or a flower essence practitioner. The cards have been designed to help you to choose the Bach Flower Remedies intuitively and use them dynamically for yourself, family, friends and clients.

The Bach Flower Spirit Cards come in a choice of two complementary decks

The Inner Clarity Deck (Bach Flower Remedy images on white background) and The Wild Embodiment Deck (Bach Flower Remedy images on nature background).

You can find out more here: Bach Flower Spirit Cards

News - 15th January

A Small Price Increase

As regular customers may notice, we have just had a small price increase. Since our last price increase in 2012 the market has changed a lot, and so have the costs. So although it's not something that we like to do ( or do often for that matter! ), we have had to implement a modest price increase so that we can keep everything in balance. We hope that you will continue to enjoy using our range of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences, and as ever, if you need any help or advice, please do be in contact and we'd be pleased to help.

Essence Suggestions - 12th January

Strengthening Your Personal Authority

Lily Calla

In this month’s Essence Suggestions, we are going to explore some combinations that work with the various aspects of reclaiming your personal authority and strengthening your sense of yourself.

Read More: Strengthening Your Personal Authority - Flower & Crystal Essence Suggestions

Cosmic Influences - 12th January

Cosmic Influences for January 2018

Capricorn Glyph

The energies this month will bring a focus to any adjustments that we might need to make in the structure and foundation of our lives to allow for greater expansion and growth. Self-appreciation, flexibility and willingness to adapt will be all be important qualities to nurture this month.

Read More: Cosmic Influences for January 2018

Personal Growth - 12th January

Reclaiming Your Personal Authority

Luffa Flower

A particularly important aspect of our foundation that we could consider as we check in this month is that of personal authority. A good question to ask yourself might be; how much do I occupy the driving seat of my life? For many of us this is still somewhat of a work in progress and something that the energy flow this month could well bring into greater awareness.

Read More: Reclaiming Your Personal Authority

Essence Review - 5th January

Strengthening the Divine Feminine - Female Essence

Female Essence

Our latest Essence Review is for the Female Essence. This powerful combination works to strengthen & balance the inner feminine energy in both men & women. It dissolves the old patterning that prevents the full use of feminine qualities such as creativity, intuition & nurturing.

Read More: Strengthening the Divine Feminine - Female Essence

News - What Happened in 2017

What's New Archive - 2017

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