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Article - 21st March

Understanding and Perspective Kyanite Essence Review

Kyanite Essence

Our Essence Review this month is for the Kyanite Essence. This lovely Essence helps to promote understanding and helps to harmonise differing perspectives. It also opens the brow chakra and stimulates creativity and soul connection.

Read More: Understanding and Perspective – Kyanite Essence Review

News - 10th March

Job Vacancy Here at Crystal Herbs

Crystal Herbs

We currently have a vacancy for someone to join our team here at Crystal Herbs to help with bottling, labelling and packaging our quality handmade Flower & Gem Essences. We require someone for two days a week and are looking for a responsible, practical, mature person, with basic computer skills who will be happy working as part of a small team. The ability to be adaptable, an understanding of complementary medicine, and a commitment to your own personal growth will also be important. Full training will be provided.

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply in writing, giving details of previous work experience & relevant skills. You can apply by Email or post - all contact details here: Contact Us

Article - 9th March

Releasing Emotional Resistance

Divine Mother Rose

Emotional Resistance - Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions to help reduce the power of old emotions and stories from the past; Forgiveness, Self Worth, Judgment, Compassion & Fear.

Read More: Releasing Emotional Resistance

Article - 8th March

The Healing Power of Allowing

Iceberg Rose

The Power of Allowing - if you find yourself in ‘Resistance’, consider replacing it with ‘Allowing’. Allowing is a very powerful catalyst for transformation.

Read More: The Healing Power of Allowing

Article - 7th March

Cosmic Influences March 2017

Rock Rose Flower

Cosmic Influences for March 2017 - What the Cosmos has on the menu for us in March and how to make the best use of the energies available.

Read More: Cosmic Influences For March

Article - 3rd March

Titanium Essence Review - Stability, Flexibility & Adaptability

Titanium Essence

The Titanium Essence - promotes the qualities of stability, flexibility & adaptability, making it an excellent essence to use during periods of change or inner transformation.

Read More: Titanium Essence Review

Article - 27th February

The Importance of Staying Focussed

Poppy Flower

Staying Focussed - the energy flow over the coming twelve months contains plenty of creative opportunity, but we'll need to stay firmly focussed to make the most of it.

Read More: The Importance of Staying Focussed

Article - 27th February

Cosmic Influences February 2017

Garlic Flower

Cosmic Influences - there are two distinct themes to the energies this February, both of which will be an ongoing influence for a large part of 2017.

Read More: Cosmic Influences – February 2017

Article - 20th February

Strengthen Your Coping Skills

Yarrow - White

Coping Skills, Grounding, Boundaries and Awareness - Essence Suggestions to help you to remain grounded, centred & aware; making it easier to stay connected to your core being and inner knowing.

Read More: Strengthen Your Coping Skills

Article - 16th February

Bach Flower Remedies - Balance in a Changing World

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies are wonderful for helping you to stay balanced and centered in a changing world, and as it is often said, the only thing that can be considered a reliable constant in life is change itself.

Read More: Bach Flower Remedies - Balance in a Changing World

Article - 30th January

Rhodochrosite Crystal Essence Review

Rhodochrosite Crystal Essence

Our first Essence review for 2017 is for the Rhodochrosite Crystal Essence. The loving energy of Rhodochrosite has the ability to help you to extend unconditional love to any parts of yourself that have become closed off and unable to receive love. Its a beautiful Essence to use and works strongly in the heart chakra.

Read More: Rhodochrosite Crystal Essence Review

Article - 20th January

Your Presence is Required Now

Loosestrife Flower

Your Presence is Required now - the energies of 2017 are highly creative in nature and will deliver anything we choose to manifestation at a speed that has never been possible before.

Read More: Your Presence is Required Now

Article - 20th January

Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions Staying Focused in the Present

Flower Essences

Our Essence Suggestions for January have a particular focus on Essences that might be particularly supportive for 'Staying Focused in the Present'.

Read More: Essence Suggestions

Article - 3rd January

Fluorite Crystal Essence Review

Fluorite Essence

Fluorite Essence is very grounding and helps to support your connection with your inner guidance. It also helps to dissolve negative energies and strengthens inner resolve, focus and self-discipline.

Read More: Fluorite Crystal Essence

News - 2nd January

Happy New Year!

From all of us here at Crystal Herbs, may we wish you a very happy, joyous and heart centred 2017!


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