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Festive Gift Ideas for Family & Friends...

1st December 2020

Snow covered trees lining a pathway

With the festive season approaching we've collected together some magical & meaningful gift ideas for family and friends. You can find a selection of special Essences & sets to nourish Mind, Emotion & Spirit and help you to align with your highest potential. Ideal for those that love meditation, soul connection, or who want to feel more creativity or connect more with their divine abundance or who love Bach Flower Remedies & much more.

Festive Gift Ideas

Update on the Covid-19 U.K. November Lockdown

November 2020

Crystal Herbs Update

We're Open Online & Sending Out Your Orders

As the U.K. goes into a ( hopefully short! ) second national lockdown, we'd like to reassure you that we are very much still open and sending out your orders. We are also still here to offer essence help and support by phone and email and we are continuing to hold a steady vision of love, support, ease and wellness for everyone and the Earth at this time of transformation.

More: Covid-19 U.K. November Lockdown

Transformational Stories: Engaging With Life – Even in 2020

20th November 2020

Valerian Flower with leaves in the background

Guest Blog Post by Jo Robson - I love the synchronicity that occurs when we are able to let life flow.  My journey with Valerian started with one of these moments....

Engaging With Life – Even in 2020

Balance, Harmony & Equilibrium – The Octahedron Essence

10th November 2020

Octahedron Essence bottles - close up of labels

The Octahedron Essence promotes the qualities of balance, harmony and equilibrium at all levels of our being. It carries a reminder of the need for the balance of spirit and matter or ‘as above, so below’.

Octahedron Essence

Exploring Green Calcite Essence

2nd October 2020

Green Calcite crystal close up showing colour and striations

Our latest Essence Review is for the Green Calcite crystal essence. This powerful essence helps to open new energy pathways in the body so that you can connect with and anchor more of your soul energy into your everyday awareness.

Exploring Green Calcite Essence

Disarming the Fear of Love - by Sharon Curran

11th September 2020

Disarming the Fear of Love

It’s a funny thing love, some of us will think about it in the context of relationships. The new age world will talk about it in terms of self-love and raising your vibration. In its purest form, it brings with it a feeling of oneness. A feeling that makes all the wrongs right. It’s what we all strive to feel more of and yet, if love is the answer, why do so many of us fear it?

Disarming the Fear of Love

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Explore Our New Essences & Sets

We love making new essences and exploring new vibrational energies and frequencies. Here you can find the new essences that we have created and made over the last little while and any new sets and existing essences that we may have changed or updated.

New Essences & Sets

Harmony, Relaxation & Connection With Nature: the Bells of Ireland Essence

25th August 2020

Bells of Ireland Flowers

Our Essence Review for August is for Bells of Ireland. This flower essence promotes a sense of harmony & relaxation and is a really helpful Essence for those who find themselves unduly wound up by every day events. It also enhances communication with nature spirits and strengthens the etheric body.

Bells of Ireland - Harmony, Relaxation & Connection

Boundaries, Self Worth & Emotions: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Review

28th July 2020

Buttercup Flower

If you are currently finding that the roller coaster of life a bit overwhelming and it's difficult to stay centred and connected to yourself, then the Solar Plexus Chakra Essence might be just the combination that you need to help you find a greater degree of balance.

Boundaries, Self Worth & Emotions: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Review

How to Release Painful Emotions and the Best Essences to Help You

10th July 2020

Calla Lily Flower

There are some painful emotions and stories that are particularly uncomfortable and difficult to release, feelings we don’t want to feel and resist getting in touch with them. Here you can find some essences and tips to help.

How to Release Painful Emotions and the Best Essences to Help You

Blue Moon Rose – Hidden Heart Wounds

26th June 2020

Blue Moon Rose Flower

This month’s essence review is for the Blue Moon Rose. This unusually coloured rose helps to bring into consciousness those old painful issues that have been hidden away and relegated to the shadowy regions of consciousness, making it a very useful essence for acceptance and transformation.

Blue Moon Rose – Hidden Heart Wounds

7 Signs You’re Ungrounded & the Best Essences for Grounding

12th June 2020

Seven Essences for Grounding

We are often asked which essence to use for grounding when there are so many to choose from. So today we’re exploring 7 essences for grounding your energy and deepening your connection to the Earth so you can choose the best essence for you.

Seven Essences for Grounding

Overcoming Fear – Strength & Courage Spray

29th May 2020

Peace Rose - Strength & Courage Combination

Our focus for our new essence review is the Strength & Courage Spray. Essences in spray form are especially useful when you need some quick acting support. This is the spray to use when you find yourself in need of some vibrational help to summon up the strength and courage to face up to a challenging or unexpected situation in life.

Strength & Courage Spray

New Boxed Sets Shop Page

22nd May 2020

Essence Boxed Sets

Here you can find our complete range of boxed sets from all of the different essence ranges that we make. A set is a practical and economical way of buying all or a selection of essences from a particular range. Our sets come in an attractive wood or card box and you can find complete sets, self select sets and gift sets.

Essence Boxed Sets

New Crystal Herbs Website

20th May 2020

New Website Launched

After much hard work we're delighted to share our new website with you. It's had a thorough freshen up throughout, and we've added some new features and pages, with more to come. We hope that you like it and we'd love to hear any feed back!

Contact Us

Bach Flower Spirit Cards for Spiritual Insights and Emotional Shifts

15th May 2020

Bach Spirit Cards

The Bach Flower Spirit Cards help you to choose the Bach Flower Remedies intuitively and use them dynamically for yourself, family, friends and clients. Here you can find out more and follow their journey of creation.

The Bach Spirit Cards

Tulip Flower Essence – Self Worth & Honouring Your Unique Gifts

1st May 2020

Tulip Flowers

Tulip Flower Essence helps you to see your own self value & recognise and honour your own unique gifts so that they can use them to enhance what you do in all areas of your life.

The Tulip Flower Essence

Transformational Stories - The Violet Flame

17th April 2020

Transformational Stories - The Violet Flame

Transformational Stories - continuing our series of transformational stories, Eva Townsend shares her experiences with the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Violet Flame Essence.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

One From The Archives...

14th April 2020

Calendula flowers - Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra Essence is all about creativity, emotions and sexuality. It’s a really helpful Essence if you find it difficult to express or get in touch with your emotional needs, or you experience out of balance emotions, relationship difficulties, low self-image, anger, frustration, impatience, blocked sexuality or creativity.

The Sacral Chakra Essence

Grounding & More – The Being Present Essence Review

18th March 2020

Loosestrife Flower - Being Present Essence

Being Present is for staying fully present and focused in the now. Its good for if you find yourself easily ‘spaced out’, ungrounded or if you drift off into a dream world of ‘what ifs’, making it difficult to stay present and focused.

The Being Present Essence Review

9 Essences to Help You Stay Calm & Balanced

18th March 2020

Nine Essences

A few thoughts on the current Coronavirus situation – our world has been in a particularly unsettled, chaotic state for some time now, but despite this everyday life has continued to function with a reasonable degree of ‘normality’ for most people. However, this has now changed with the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus, a pandemic which is gradually turning everything upside down and rocking the foundations of everyday lives all around the world.

9 Essences to Help You Stay Calm & Balanced

Opening Your Heart - Heart Chakra Essence Review

28th February 2020

Rosa Deep Secret - Heart Chakra Review

The Heart Chakra Essence is a powerful combination to help you to open your heart chakra and connect with unconditional love, releasing feelings of loneliness, separation, isolation, fear of closeness or feelings of being unloved.

The Heart Chakra Essence Review

Transformational Stories - Forgiving the Past

4th February 2020

New Special Offers

Transformational Stories - in our first of this series of transformational stories Jackie Stewart shares her experiences with the Forgiveness Combination from the Divine Harmony Essences.

Forgiving the Past, Stepping Lightly into the Future

New Special Offers

4th February 2020

New Special Offers

We have a new selection of Essences on special offer for February including: the Open To Receive Essence, Borage Flower Essence, the Heart Chakra Essence, the Light Body Essence set and more, all at 20% discount.

New Special Offers

One From The Archives...

3rd February 2020

Lemon Flower

Our review from the archives is for the Lemon Flower Essence. This lovely Flower Essence helps to promote clarity of thought, balance the mental body and is good for those who find it difficult to make decisions or link issues together with clarity.

Lemon Flower Essence Review

Peace Rose Flower Essence – Support for a Troubled Heart

31st January 2020

Peace Rose Flower

The Peace Rose Essence is one of our most popular essences. Its powerful vibration provides wonderful support for anyone with a troubled heart, helping you to more fully embody the vibration of peace.

Peace Rose Flower Essence Review

Q & A - I Can’t Get Over a Relationship Which Ended……

17th January 2020

End of a Relationship

When an important relationship ends, you may feel bereft, abandoned or rejected. Break-ups can bring our past experiences of loss, separation, grief or fear to the surface.

When A Relationship Ends

January's Essence of the Month

10th January 2020

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence - this Essence is all about self-definition, personal power, will and positive emotional expression. It's very useful if you feel: oversensitive or too open to others, or have a sense of vulnerability, lack of self worth or issues with personal boundaries, anger or emotional neediness.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

Happy New Year!

January 2020

Cerato Flower

From us all at Crystal Herbs we'd like to wish you all a very happy New Year. May 2020 bring you lots of love, happiness, joy and abundance!

New Festive Gift Ideas for 2019

4th December 2019

Heart Connection Set - Festive Special Offers

Here are some gift ideas for those that love Flower & Vibrational Essences or for those who would like to share that love with someone else! From Essences to books and more, here are some of our favourite recommendations for the festive season.

Find Our New Festive Gift Ideas for 2019 here

Chamomile Flower Essence – Calmness, Relaxation & Serenity

2nd December 2019

Chamomile Flowers

Calmness, Relaxation & Serenity - our Essence Review for November is for the Chamomile Flower Essence. This lovely single Flower Essence helps to align the mental body and balances the solar plexus chakra allowing the release of emotional tensions, bringing calmness, serenity & freedom from worry.

Chamomile Flower Essence Review

October's Essence of the Month

6th October 2019

Spontaneity Essence

The Spontaneity Essence is a lovely Essence for those seeking to reclaim the spontaneity and innocent joy of their inner child and for those consciously working on healing their inner child. It helps you to get in touch with your inner child and dissolve unresolved childhood memories and emotional issues. It helps to encourage greater positivity and spontaneity in life.

Spontaneity Essence

Earth Star Essence Review – Grounding & Presence

23rd September 2019

Earth Star Essence

This month’s Essence Review is for the Earth Star combination from the Rainbow Light Body Essences. This powerful and deep acting Essence helps you to effectively ground and focus energy. Being properly grounded in this way is essential for us to attune fully with our Higher-Selves and the higher realms.

Earth Star Essence Review - Grounding & Presence

Queen Anne's Lace - Clarity & Focus of Spiritual Ideas

8th August 2019

Queen Annes Lace

Our latest Essence review is for Queen Anne’s Lace. This lovely Essence stimulates the development of clairvoyance (inner vision) and telepathy. It opens the crown chakra and calms the mental body, enhancing the ability to see the bigger picture of a situation.

Queen Annes Lace Flower Essence Review

The Sphere Essence - Creation & the Divine Feminine

10th July 2019

Sphere Vibrational Essences

Our Essence Review for June was for the Sphere Essence from the Platonic Solid & Sacred Geoemtry Essences. The Sphere represents the Void, the place from which all of creation is initiated. This is a deep, feminine energy that will help connect you with your own creative, sacred centre.

Sphere Essence Review

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