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Brexit - What it Means and What is Going to Change

June/ July 2021 Update

Delivery to the E.U. VAT Paid

We are urgently looking into how we can best make use of the new IOSS EU import scheme or an equivilent delivered duty paid option. This will allow us to go back to collecting VAT when you place your order and deliver to you without you having to pay VAT separately on import. The difficulty at the moment is that the systems to make this happen are still either being created ( the UK government IOSS portal ), are hugely expensive ( registering for IOSS in the E.U.) or are only partly up and running ( the Royal Mail DDP option ).

So in the meantime we'd really like you to know that as soon as a viable option becomes available we will be using it as soon as possible in order to make your order delivery process as smooth and as easy as possible. We'll keep you updated on this page.

Please note that this page is for our lovely customers in the E.U. and does not apply to orders going outside of the E.U.


January 2021 Update

With a last minute deal between the E.U. and the U.K having been finalised and enacted, as of the 1st January 2021, we are now trading on new terms and for the first time in a long time, we are no longer a part of the single market. At the moment we are still trying to digest the full implications of what this means, so this page will be updated as more becomes clear at a practical and experiential level.

Please note that this page is for our lovely customers in the E.U. and does not apply to orders going outside of the E.U.

VAT Changes

An immediate change is that VAT will no longer be applicable on orders that we send to the E.U. So for all E.U. customers you will find that when you log into your account, you will see the VAT free price in your shopping carts. However, you will be charged VAT by your local customs officials when your parcel enters your country. The VAT applied to your order will be at your countries nationally set rate. However we have been advised that until the 31st July VAT on orders for under €22 will be waived.

Key Points:

  • Zero rated by us on your invoice
  • VAT will charged on import by your local customs authorities and will be payable before your local postal service will deliver your parcel.
  • VAT on orders under €22 should be waived until the 31 July.

No Additional Tariffs

The new trade deal allows for tariff free trade between the E.U. and the U.K. where the items ordered are of British origin. All of our Essences are handmade by ourselves here in the U.K. and so there should be no trade tariff charges on your delivery.

Delivery Times

You may find that delivery times are just slightly longer than they have been due to the fact that your parcel will now need to clear your local customs authorities before delivery. We clearly label all of our shipments to help to faciliate a quick and easy customs clearance and we have long experience of sending parcels all around the world and dealing with various customs issues, so we are not expecting any problems.


We have been advised to be patient as all of this should sort itself out eventually, but it may take some time.


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