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The Inner Journey of Change & Transformation

Feel it, Embrace it, Explore it, Love it

The inner journey is one of change and transformation and it’s both beautiful and profound. It’s a journey of discovery that takes you into your heart, deepening your relationship with yourself and connecting you more fully with who you really are.

It’s a journey that takes you from the inside out, exploring and healing the inner world of your feelings, emotions and old belief patterns. When you feel, embrace, explore and love what you find on the inside, you create lasting change and transformation in your life and a ripple of change in the world around you.

Working in this way connects you more fully with the power of your heart and the wisdom of your soul. It helps you to see more of the inherent unity and oneness of all things, and as we collectively walk the inner journey, we have the potential to co-create a new and better world.

The key steps on the Inner Journey are:

  • Feeling what you’re feeling even when it’s uncomfortable or painful because that’s how to keep your heart open to yourself.
  • Embracing all your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and stories without judging them because this is a life-changing practice in self-acceptance, love and compassion.
  • Exploring your inner world so that you can bring unconscious stories, beliefs, patterns and emotional childhood imprints into your conscious awareness for transformation.
  • Loving and accepting yourself as you learn, grow, evolve, and open more to your true spiritual nature.
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Together these steps help you to keep your heart open and develop a deep, honest and loving relationship with yourself.  This depth of connection helps you to feel more peace, love and joy in your life, and connect more meaningfully with other people, with yourself at all levels, and with life itself.

What we love most about flower and vibrational essences is that they are such powerful catalysts for change. They help you to connect more deeply with what is going on for you so that you can feel it, embrace it, explore it and love it. As you strengthen your inner relationship with yourself, you experience a deeper connection with the power of your heart, your intuition and inner knowing, and the light and wisdom of your soul.

1. Feeling What You’re Feeling

You have feelings because you’re meant to feel them. Feelings are part of the unique expression of who we are, they have a purpose and give us important information about how we engage with the world and navigate our unique path in life. When we’re in touch with our feelings, we connect fully with ourselves and other people, and our feelings keep us tuned into our intuition and in the flow of life itself.

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However, so many of us live on auto pilot because we don’t connect with our feelings. Most of us have not grown up with the message that our feelings are okay and we haven’t learnt the simple skills and practices that help us to embrace and feel them. In a culture where there is not a strong lineage of emotional expression or positive role models to learn from, our feelings can often seem frightening and alien. Few of us grow up with a safe container to explore our emotions, so we may not even realise that we’re actually hard wired to feel.

If you want to make positive and meaningful change in your life, feeling your feelings is an essential first step in understanding yourself and how you relate to the world. We need to feel things on an emotional level if we want to transform intense, blocked or stuck emotional energy. Thinking, analysing, or talking about how we’re feeling can be cathartic and useful for understanding ourselves better, but it doesn’t shift things on an energetic level. In fact, too much thinking and analysing can be a sign that you’re caught up in the story and not in touch with the energy of the emotion itself. 

Flower & Vibrational Essences are powerful catalysts for change because they make it easier for us to keep in touch with what we are feeling on an energetic level. They take us into the heart of what we are feeling so that we can get in touch with the emotional energy that needs our attention and this is how we change things from the inside out.

2. Embracing all your emotions

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Sometimes people say they are scared of feeling strong or difficult emotions in case they get overwhelmed by them, or they are worried about putting too much focus on ‘negative’ emotions in case they attract more of the same. However, we actually need to embrace our emotions (especially the ones we resist or judge as negative) if we are to transform them.

When you welcome your emotions and feel them as energetic sensations they soon shape shift into something different. It’s resisting our emotions that keeps them stuck and makes them feel uncomfortable. But it’s no wonder that we resist - they are not always easy to deal with – especially if we are feeling strong fear, anger, guilt, loss, sadness, emotional overwhelm or fears of not being good enough.

Emotional discomfort doesn’t come from the pain of the emotion itself, it comes from our resistance to feeling the emotion. It takes an enormous amount of emotional energy to resist what we’re feeling. When you learn how to embrace all of your emotions, you begin to cultivate a more loving and honest relationship with yourself. You feel much more peace when you turn inwards to meet yourself fully and welcome the energy of your emotions instead of pushing parts of your experience away or resisting feeling what’s really going on for you.

E-motions are simply energy in motion, and emotional energy needs to move so that it can transform. Change on an inner level results in transformation and tangible change in your daily life, and new perspectives and possibilities become available on the outside when you make the changes on the inside.

Flower Essences are brilliant for supporting this journey inwards to get in touch with difficult or painful feelings because their energy opens your heart so that you can get in touch what you’re really feeling and let more love in. Most people find that as soon as they take some essences, the emotional discomfort starts to dissipate and they feel much more centred and supported. 

Essences give us a very gentle way to embrace the emotions that we resist or find difficult to accept so that they can be lovingly embraced and gracefully transformed. The very act of feeling your feelings opens your heart and transforms pain into love.

3. Exploring your inner world

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The journey of transformation is a journey inwards to deepen your relationship with yourself and your inner world so that you can discover who you truly are. As we transform the unhealthy and limiting old stories, beliefs and emotions that have kept us feeling stuck, scared, unhappy or unfulfilled, we re-connect with our full potential as conscious creators of our lives.

We all have unconscious beliefs, emotions, patterns and stories that govern how we experience the world until we can bring these into our conscious awareness and transform them. We all have parts of ourselves that we hide away from or protect ourselves from getting in touch with because we find them difficult to love or accept. And we all have emotional imprints we’ve absorbed from childhood or may even have carried from other lifetimes. These shape our core beliefs in life – for instance you might have an underlying belief that life is unsafe, or you aren't loveable, or that your voice doesn’t matter. These unconscious patterns give us a very limited perspective on life and shape the way that we experience the world.

The inner journey is about bringing these unconscious parts of ourselves more fully into our awareness, so that we re-connect with the power of our hearts and the wisdom of our souls. We’re so much more than our limitations and it’s only when we embrace our unconscious aspects that we can break out of our limited ways of being, and make more empowered, conscious choices. As we keep meeting ourselves with honesty, courage and self-acceptance instead of shutting down, suppressing, avoiding or blaming others, we step more into the fullness of who we really are.

As we open our hearts to release old pain, defences, wounding and stuck energy we set ourselves free to live with more love, joy, purpose, creativity and bliss. Flower essences are very good at supporting you emotionally with this deep inner work because they help to bring unconscious issues to the surface so that you can embrace and transform them. Essences are like keys that unlock the doors we’ve unconsciously shut so that we can embrace our lives fully, feeling more deeply connected to our hearts, our spiritual nature, soul purpose and unique gifts.

4. Loving and accepting yourself

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Love is the catalyst that makes the real change. Feeling, embracing and exploring your inner world are all really important steps on the inner journey, but it is deep inner love for yourself that creates lasting change and opens your heart to the unity and oneness of all things.

The inner journey is a journey into your own heart to learn the radical art of loving everything that you find, including the parts of yourself that you think are unloved and unlovable. Compassion and acceptance are the gateway into love because each time you open your heart to yourself and invite feelings of love and compassion in, your heart opens and expands a little more.

There will be times when it’s easier to feel loving and compassionate towards yourself than others. It’s easier to love yourself when you are feeling generous than when you’re feeling judgemental. And yet it is the nature of the heart to love without conditions or limits, and your heart expands each time you love and accept yourself. The most transformational experiences happen when we find love for all those parts of us that we think are unlovable; when we embrace and accept what we find without judgement. This is love in action.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken, there’s nothing to fix. You don’t need to be a better person because you’re already perfect, divine and loveable. You don’t need to change or improve yourself – you simply need to practice loving yourself. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always easy and yet this is where the magic happens. This is the nature of opening your heart to discover who you truly are, and Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences ease, amplify and accelerate this process.

The transformational power of our hearts

As we each open our hearts to feel more love and compassion on an inner level, it creates a movement of love and compassion which ripples out to create more interconnection and oneness in the world. You fulfil your true potential when you connect with the power of your heart and the wisdom of your soul, and the world fulfils its true potential when we all do it together. This is the inner journey that we are all on together, and the possibilities are profound, beautiful and never more needed.

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Jackie Stewart: Jackie is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer and workshop facilitator who loves holding space for people connect to their hearts, bodies, and souls. Jackie is passionate about Bach Flower Remedies and how flower, gem and crystal essences help us to open our hearts so that we can live more consciously and lovingly, in sacred relationship with all of Life. More on Jackie Stewart.

Sam Cremnitz: Sam is co-owner here at Crystal Herbs and has been working professionally with Flower & Vibrational Essences since 1996. Sam is passionate about all aspects of Flower Essences and the potential they have to help us with our inner journeys of personal and spiritual growth. He is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer, writer and teacher and loves sharing knowledge and information about essences and any other tools that help us to re-connect with our hearts and the true essence of who we are. More on Sam Cremnitz