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Vibrational Medicine

About Vibrational Medicine

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A simple way to understand Vibrational Medicine is to see it as a therapy that uses energies or vibrational frequencies to help restore or maintain wellbeing in an individual.

Vibrational Medicine is a spiritual science, based on a balanced philosophy that encompasses both scientific and spiritual principals. Today it is commonly categorised as complementary or alternative medicine, because the philosophy upon which it is based does not support traditional mainstream beliefs about humans or the world in which we live.

Instead it is based on the understandings of Einstein and today’s leading edge quantum physicists that everything around us, including our physical bodies and our apparently ‘solid’ everyday world, is an interconnected field of energy vibrating at different speeds. From this perspective we can more easily appreciate why the basic tools of vibrational medicine are simply different vibrational frequencies.

Using the universal principle that higher frequencies of energy will positively affect lower frequencies such as fear, anger, guilt etc, many simple adjustments can be made that will impact the causal level of a problem.

Vibrational Essences

Vibrational Frquencies

Some of the most effective vibrational frequencies to assist us in maintaining harmony balance & wellbeing in our lives, come from the natural pharmacy of mother nature through the wonderful gifts of the plant & mineral kingdoms. A very common way to make these vibrational frequencies easily accessible is in the form of vibrational essences such as those we make at Crystal Herbs.

Vibrational Medicine - part of an ancient system of healing

Although this way of working might appear to be relatively new in fact it is part of a very ancient system of healing, the knowledge of which is now resurfacing as we reach a level of collective consciousness that will support its use. The 38 flower remedies that Dr. Bach developed in the UK during the 1930’s are perhaps the most well known modern day example of this revival and have helped to lay the foundations for the growth that has taken place in this field over more recent years.

Vibrational Medicine into the future

Vibrational Medicine is an important part of our future and will eventually form the basis of 21st century medicine as the understandings upon which it is based become more widely understood and accepted.