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Essences with candle and rose quartz crystal

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions to help you this month

We’ve carefully selected a range of essences to help you stay aligned, centred and connected with your true self this month so you can make the most of current opportunities for emotional balance and spiritual expansion.

Astrological Essence for the Month

Towards the end of his life, Dr Bach was exploring the link between the first 12 Bach Flower Remedies he discovered (The Twelve Healers) and the 12 astrological signs.

Water Violet flowers

Water Violet Flower Remedy for Aquarians

We are in Aquarius season, the astrological sign that Dr Bach felt would most benefit from Water Violet essence.

Progressive, humanitarian and idealistic, Aquarians are visionary thinkers who want to create a better future for everyone. They are the rebels and the revolutionaries who think outside the box to birth a new world where all life forms can thrive.

However, because they have incarnated to create something new in the world, they often feel the pain of being different and not belonging.

If your Sun or Moon is in Aquarius, Water Violet Flower Remedy can help you to transform painful feelings of separation and isolation into interconnection and oneness.

From Separation to Oneness

Do you feel as though you don’t belong and find it difficult to connect meaningfully with others? Do you secretly feel aloof and superior to people who don’t share your wisdom and idealistic values? Are you focusing on your special mission out in the world instead of making space in your heart to acknowledge the pain of feeling lonely and different?

The soul journey for Aquarius is to dissolve barriers around your heart chakra so you can experience oneness. Water Violet Flower Remedy will help you to release feelings of loneliness, isolation and separation so you can experience interconnection, belonging and true community.

Team Choice - Compassion & Forgiveness

Each month one of the Crystal Herbs team shares which essence they're taking and why. This month Julia shares her experiences of taking the Higher Heart Chakra Essence....

Higher Heart Chakra Essence


I’m taking Higher Heart Chakra Essence for Self-Forgiveness. I’d been watching a medium in the US who does readings for people who were feeling regret and guilt, wishing they’d done things differently before their loved one had passed. It brought into my consciousness many things in my past that I felt regret and guilt about, where I’d been full of self-reproach. I chose Higher Heart Chakra Essence because this is a good essence when we have difficulty forgiving ourselves or others, or when there’s issues with loving yourself unconditionally. These were both things I was feeling very stuck in.

You can read the full story here: From Blame to Forgiveness

Julia Payne

Higher Heart Chakra Essence - Forgiveness & Compassion

Close up of two Higher Heart Chakra Essence bottles

Hand-Picked Essences for this Month

The start of a new year gives us all a fresh opportunity to connect with our hearts, align with our highest truth, and focus on what we want to consciously create in our lives. However, if you’re feeling gloomy and uninspired this January, you are definitely not alone.  The third Monday of the New Year has been dubbed Blue Monday because it’s considered the most ‘depressing’ day of the year. This month we’re focusing on one of our favourite essences for starting the year ready to embrace change and another that will help to lift your spirits. 


New Horizons Essence - close up of 10ml and 25ml bottles

New Horizons Essence

New Horizons Essence helps you to initiate change by encouraging connection with the ‘bigger picture’ of your life.

New Horizons is a combination of 6 deep-acting flower, gem and crystal essences that help you feel steady, supported and inspired to move forward in your life, embracing any changes that are required to be fully aligned with your soul.

This is a wonderful essence for helping you find the courage to move outside your comfort zone, break out of stagnant old habits and patterns, and embrace opportunities for living the life that your soul intends for you. 

New Horizons Essence - for Soul-Inspired Change


Inner Joy Essence - close up of 10ml and 25ml bottles

Inner Joy Essence

Inner Joy Essence helps you to connect with your own inner light and joy by unravelling and releasing the deep-seated patterns that cause feelings of despair and despondency.

Inner Joy Essence is a combination of 6 deep-acting flower, gem and crystal essences which release feelings of despair and despondency that are stored at a deep unconscious level. Inner Joy addresses a wide range of feelings of low mood, despair and despondency ranging from feeling mildly flat and disconnected to feeling like you’re in a big black hole of despair from which there seems to be no way out.

Essence Suggestions from January's Edition of E-Light

Catherine Keattch

Our essence suggestions this month are designed to help you with making new choices and continuing to let go of the old.

Permission to be Yourself

Staying in touch with your true self and allowing flow are all important as we give ourselves permission to live from the inside out.

Choose a Heart Connection Spray; living in love if you find yourself in need of some support to stay focussed in your heart. A Creativity; restoring individuality combination will help you to bring forward more of your true self and the gifts and talents that you brought with you into this lifetime.

A Brow Chakra combination will provide support with expanding your vision and inner knowing. Check out Soul Connection; enlightenment, or Causal Body to help you expand your connection to your multidimensional self and the expanded truth that it holds for this time now.

Strong Foundations

Here we are looking at the health and efficiency of the chakra system as being the backbone of your energetic foundations while you are in incarnation. The lower three chakras are particularly important here as none of the others can work to full capacity unless these provide a solid foundation.

Choose a Base Chakra combination to enhance physical wellbeing, grounding, and security. A Sacral Chakra combination will help to stabilise everyday emotions, enhance self-acceptance, and encourage greater creativity. While a Solar Plexus Chakra combination will help you to establish healthy boundaries and a positive expression of your own personal power and will - something that is so important for us to be able to bring more of our true self into our lives.

To enhance your anchor point with mother earth, check out an Earth Star combination or an Earth Connection Spray; strong foundations.

Lastly in this section remember to keep an Auric Protection Spray; safe boundaries, handy if you are easily influenced by the emotions and behaviours of those that you share life with. This combination is excellent at keeping you in your own energy field.

Let Old Stories Go

Essentially this is a question of raising our frequency so that we can see beyond the old story, whatever it might be. Often a simple way to do this is to take a well-chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies to help dissipate what has been triggered off for you as quickly as possible.

Bach Flower Remedies are gentle acting essences that will very quickly pull you back into balance and help you to get a more detached perspective on the situation that you face.
They are best used in combinations of 7 or 8 essences and taken often and consistently over a period of time.

You can find out more about Bach Flower Remedies and the ones that might particularly help you on our website here; Crystal Herbs Bach Flower Remedies. Please do call us for assistance with choosing the best essences for your situation if you need to. We are always happy to help.

Lastly this month, here is a reminder of two of our Pure Vibrations Spray Collection that will help you to keep your vibrations high over the next few weeks. Check out Positive Vibrations; cleansing negativity and Energetic Alignment; soul connection to see which would most help you.

Hellebore Flowers

You can find out more in January's E-Light Newsletter here.

Our E-Light Newsletter is all about personal and spiritual growth and how Essences can help you with your personal journey. Each month we explore the energetic themes and issues for the month from a spiritual and astrological perspective and recommend some Essences to help you with these issues.

You can find the last twelve editions of E-Light here.

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Inner Guidance for Daily Life

From the quiet inner space in our hearts, we have been tuning into the essences which will support you best with the issues that are most important and relevant for everyday life right now.

A theme that is very close to the surface for many people at the moment is how to become as comfortable with ‘being’ as we are with ‘doing’. Current energetics are inviting us to release the old habits and patterns that keep us busy and switched on all the time so we can awaken more of our intuitive inner knowing and experience effortless flow.


Sphere Essences - close up of 10ml, 25ml and 30ml bottles

Sphere Essence

Sphere is one of the Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences and it represents the Void, the place from which all of creation is initiated.

This essence helps you to connect with your own creative, sacred centre so you experience the restoration, rest and replenishment that come from non-doing.

So much of modern life is focused on doing, thinking and keeping busy, yet it is the dark fertile void of beingness that is the source of all creation. Sphere Essence will help you to experience the generative creative power of simply ‘being’ so that new dreams, inspiration and creativity can be birthed within the darkness of the Void.

Use this essence when you want to connect with your calm, sacred centre of creative ‘beingness’.

Sphere Essence - the Void, Beingness, Creativity


Inner Harmony Essence - close up of 10ml and 25ml bottles

Inner Harmony Essence

Inner Harmony Essence helps you to slow down and switch off so you can find a healthy balance between being and doing.

This is a really useful essence if you habitually overwork, can’t relax and are unable to switch off from the constant busyness of modern life. Inner Harmony can help you transform any unhealthy patterns and core beliefs that result in over-striving or if you feel strongly driven to achieve things in the outer world. It can help to illuminate unconscious beliefs and old stories about being ‘productive’ and busy so you can let them go and give yourself permission to experience the gift of true relaxation.

This is also a really helpful essence to calm down a busy mind so if you are somebody who overthinks things and can’t switch off mentally, Inner Harmony will create more peace and spaciousness in your thoughts.

Inner Harmony Essence - for Relaxation

Always Useful Essences

These are the essences that people most often tell us they wouldn’t want to be without because they are so useful for balancing emotions, soothing the mind and uplifting the spirits.


Olive Bach Flower Remedy

Olive – Bach Flower Remedy

Olive is the essence to use if you’re feeling depleted because you’ve inadvertently drained your natural energy reserves. It’s all to easy to push our physical bodies beyond their natural limits, so Olive is a great energetic ‘pick-me-up’ in those situations. Use Olive if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and now feel completely washed out, if you’re recovering from illness and need to restore your natural vitality, or if you’re finding it difficult to muster up the energy needed for your daily life.

Olive Bach Remedy - for vitality


Clarity & Perspective Spray

Positive Vibrations Spray

Positive Vibrations is a fast-acting essence spray that works very well to cleanse your personal energy field and to transform the energy in your living or work space.

This spray has a lovely uplifting vibration, so it will quickly elevate the energy in your space. It’s a great choice to clear your energy field if you’re feeling negative, sluggish or unmotivated; if you want to uplift your vibrational frequency after recovering from winter bugs, or if you want to re-energise your home or work space with positive vibrations for the year ahead.

This is probably our favourite spray for space clearing and we use it in our workspace here at Crystal Herbs to keep the energy sparkling, light and clear.

Positive Vibrations Spray - to Uplift Your Energy


Revival Remedy Essence

Revival Remedy

Revival Remedy is a combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem and was originally formulated by Dr Bach for use in situations requiring ‘emergency rescue’. It acts as a very swift emotional stabiliser in circumstances where there is much fear, panic, trauma, or other severe upset such as a serious accident or unexpected bereavement. It is also a very effective support for those less traumatic but still challenging events in life like exams, driving tests, visits to the dentist, presentations etc.

Revival Remedy | Bach Flower Remedies

Latest on our Flower Essence Blog

From essence reviews & top essences for particular issues to transformational stories, Q&As and articles on spiritual growth, our Flower Essence Blog is full of inspiration and information. Read our most recent blog posts here.


From Blame to Forgiveness

A field of Curcuma flowers

Here you can read Julia’s heartfelt story about the Higher Heart Chakra Essence and it has so many beautiful insights about the true nature of forgiveness and living from the heart. ‘I’m taking Higher Heart Chakra Essence for Self-Forgiveness. I’d been watching a medium in the US who does readings for people who were feeling regret and guilt, wishing they’d done things differently before their loved one had passed. It brought into my consciousness many things in my past that I felt regret and guilt about, where I’d been full of self-reproach.’ Read more about how this essence is helping her to experience self-forgiveness and compassion instead of guilt, blame and self-reproach.

From Blame to Forgiveness


The Throat Chakra Essence: for Self Expression

25th January 2023

Bluebell Flowers

This is a wonderful combination for self expression and is very helpful if you have difficulty knowing or expressing your truth, expressing yourself or expressing how you feel about things. It’s also helpful if you feel withdrawn or feel that you have to put on a ‘brave face’ rather than express what’s going on on the inside. It is good for suppressed emotions, needs or creativity. Find out more in our Essence Review.

The Throat Chakra Essence: for Self Expression


Clematis – Bach Flower Remedies

Clematis flowers

Clematis helps those who all too easily drift off into daydreams and fantasies about the future feeling that life will be better there, than it currently is. People in need of this remedy seem to be generally inattentive or sleepy and might complain of forgetfulness or a lack of concentration. They often have cold feet and hands, and often need lots of sleep.

Being in the Here & Now - Clematis Bach Flower Remedy


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