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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions to help you this month

We’ve carefully selected a range of essences to help you stay aligned, centred and connected with your true self this month so you can make the most of current opportunities for emotional balance and spiritual expansion.

Astrological Essence for the Month

Towards the end of his life, Dr Bach was exploring the link between the first 12 Bach Flower Remedies he discovered (The Twelve Healers) and the 12 astrological signs.

Scleranthus flowers

Scleranthus Bach Flower Remedy for Librans

We are in Libran season, Dr Bach’s own astrological sign and the one that he felt would most benefit from Scleranthus essence. Diplomatic and charming with a strong sense of justice, Librans naturally seek harmony, fairness and balance. However, their ability to see all sides of a story coupled with their dislike of conflict can make it difficult for them to make decisions that serve their own highest good. If your sun or moon is in Libra, Scleranthus will be a great choice to balance your energy.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Do you get immobilised by indecision and waste time weighing up all the options instead of trusting your intuition? Do you regularly swing from one decision to another entirely different one, unable to find your own centre? Do you experience strong mood swings and can be laughing one moment then tearful the next?

The soul journey for Librans is to find the state of balance that comes from being in harmony with your own inner guidance. Scleranthus essence will help you to listen to your inner voice so you can make empowered choices, instead of making decisions to keep the peace in your relationships or because they make sense to your rational mind.

Team Choice - Slow Down & Relax

This is where one of the Crystal Herbs team shares which essence they're taking and why. This month Jackie shares her experiences of taking the Feeling Safe Essence....

Feeling Safe Essence

Jackie Stewart

I’ve just finished Feeling Safe Essence and it’s taken me on a very deep journey to release underlying feelings of danger in my system. I started taking it to clear an emotional imprint that felt as though I’d absorbed it in my mother’s womb. Taking the essence consistently has brought unconscious feelings of not being safe from different key times in my life strongly to the surface. A situation where I have consistently felt unsafe in my current life came to a head so that I had to face it and clear the old fears that made it so uncomfortable. I’m noticing that the background hum of danger in my system that I’ve lived with all my life simply isn’t there now. Instead I feel safe in my body and able to take up space with more confidence. This isn’t the fist time I’ve taken Feeling Safe Essence but this time it’s taken me to a new level of safety, security and personal empowerment.

Jackie Stewart

Garlic flowers

Inner Guidance for Daily Life

From the quiet inner space in our hearts, we have been tuning into the essences which will support you best with the energetics this month.
As we continue to travel deeper into the consciousness of the heart as a human collective, we are being invited to notice where we limit the love that we feel for ourselves through old patterns like self criticism, self blame or self rejection. What parts of yourself do you find difficult to love and accept? What are the old stories, beliefs or patterns that limit your ability to love yourself fully in every moment? What happens when you make it a regular practice to extend the healing balm of compassion to yourself and welcome all your feelings into your heart so you can meet them tenderly with infinite love?  This month we’ve chosen an essence for awakening Unconditional Love more fully and another for Self Acceptance.


Unconditional Love Essence

Unconditional Love

This is a combination of four rose essences that together hold the vibrational frequency of unconditional love. Use this combination to travel deep within your own heart chakra to connect with the infinite source of love held within. It can help you to expand the spark of divine unconditional love within your heart chakra so that you can connect more fully with the radiance of your true self.
Choose Unconditional Love Essence to gently dissolve pain from past experiences in which love appeared to be absent so that you can once again open the petals of your heart chakra and align fully with the unconditional love that is your true self.

Unconditional Love Essence - connection with infinite source of love within


Self Acceptance Essence

Self Acceptance Essence

Self Acceptance Essence is all about loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally. Our soul understands the language of the heart chakra, which is unconditional love. Communication between soul and personality takes place through the heart chakra rather than the mind which means that we can’t ‘think’ ourselves into self acceptance, but we can open our hearts and expand our ability to feel it. Self Acceptance Essence helps to transform the energetic imprints that prevent us from feeling true self acceptance so that the love & light of the soul can reach the personality. Choose Self Acceptance Essence if you find it difficult to be non-judgmental and unconditionally accepting of yourself and would like to experience greater unconditional love and soul communion.

Self Acceptance Essence - for Restoring Unconditionality

Video: Meet the Flower & Vibrational Essences on Special Offer for September

Flower Essences & more for yourself, family & friends

Come and meet the lovely Flower Essences and other Vibrational Essences that we've got on special offer this month. The essences we’ve chosen for September will help you to feel grounded, supported and connected, balance your personality patterns, and help you move forward with joy, clarity and focus. So join Sam & Jackie to find out more about the lovely Flower & Vibrational Essences on offer this month.

Essence Suggestions from September's Edition of E-Light

Catherine Keattch

The energies this month will be prompting us to step more fully into our power as spiritual beings and to continue to release more of the old patterning that might hold our consciousness stuck in the old third dimensional paradigm.  Our essence suggestions this month are based on essences that might be helpful in this process.

Stepping Fully into your Power

One of the legacies of having had many lifetimes on a planet where separation and disempowerment have been part of the experience is a belief in separation and the fear that this creates at a deep level within us. Fear is a vibrational frequency that holds many of the other imprinted patterns related to third dimensional living in place, e.g. judgement, uncertainty and unworthiness. If you find yourself resisting stepping into your personal power more fully this month look carefully at the stories that your mind is bringing to the fore for you. Possibly you will find that there is a thread or two of fear woven into these stories, suggesting that moving forward might be ‘unsafe’ in some way. You might also find that are encountering resistance without really being able to identify what is causing that. You are just aware that you are losing yourself in distractions, feeling unmotivated or very ungrounded or perhaps not able to connect as well as you normally do in your meditations. These would all be indications that at some level some deep fears have been triggered off.  With this in mind lets start with some essence suggestion to help you dissolve the vibration of fear and move into a more empowered space. Firstly, consider taking some Pink Rose from the Karmic Essence Range. This is a wonderful essence to use when you need help to ping buried fears into consciousness. We have all found ourselves using this essence a lot lately and it has been really effective at shifting those fears that lurk just below the level of consciousness. If you discover that your fear is very entangled with another pattern such as uncertainty or oversensitivity, try using either Wild Orchid or White Bluebell alongside the Pink Rose for a few days. If there are uncomfortable emotions sitting in your heart chakra, then try pairing the Pink Rose with the Karmic Fuchsia essence. Other essences to help with fears would be the Inner Calm; transforming fear combination and the Strength & Courage Spray; overcoming fear.

Staying Grounded and Connected

Many are finding themselves spun out of their centre very easily at the moment which makes it very difficult to feel empowered and connected to your inner truth. Either a Base Chakra combination or an Earth Connection Spray; strong foundations would be very helpful in this situation.

Honouring Yourself

Another deeply unhelpful and disempowering issue affecting many people right now is that of feeling that there is something wrong with them or that they are not good enough in some way. This is of course just another of those disempowering legacies and completely untrue, but none the less powerful in its ability to hold us back. Either a Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness combination or a Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality combination will help here.

Positive Personal Power

We cannot step fully into our personal power if we are still too connected to what has been considered ‘normal’ in the past. Most of us have had to squeeze ourselves into the patterning that was demanded of us in our childhood by those that we chose as our families in this incarnation. Often this involved feeling unloved unless we conformed and led to a series of patterns that to this day are unconsciously keeping us in the old paradigm. These would include pleasing others, not giving ourselves the space that we need to explore who we truly are and a reluctance to rock the collective boat because it is ‘scary’ to do so. If you should resonate with any of these things this month, then a Solar Plexus Chakra combination might be just what you need to help you to release and move on. Some might find that an Auric Protection Spray; safe boundaries would be very helpful to use alongside the Solar Plexus.

Lastly, here is a reminder of a couple of our Pure Vibrations Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month. Energetic Alignment Spray; soul connection to help you stay grounded and aligned with your soul purpose and Heart Connection Spray; living in love to help you stay connected with your heart’s truth.

Hellebore Flowers

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Hand-Picked Essences for September

September is often a month of transition, with the return to school or further education after the holidays and many people taking stock and contemplating next steps. There is a noticeable seasonal shift in many parts of the world which invites a change of focus and can provide new opportunities for you to move forward on your path.  We’re highlighting two essences that can help you to get unstuck and focus on what’s next for you.


A bottle of Moving Forward – New Beginnings Essence

Moving Forward – New Beginnings

Moving Forward – New Beginnings is a an excellent essence if you feel stuck on your journey of inner transformation. On any healing journey there are times of expansion and integration, as well as times when we can feel stuck,  especially when old patterns that we thought we had released come to the surface again. While the recurrence of past issues is a sign of deep healing at a soul level, it can bring feelings of frustration, anger or despair to the surface if you thought that you had already dealt with those issues. Use Moving Forward if you’re noticing the resurgence of old patterns you thought you had healed, feeling stuck in a rut or unable to move forward.

Moving Forward Essence - for Releasing Stuckness


Three bottles of the Tetrahedron Essence

Tetrahedron Essence

Tetrahedron Essence relates to the element of fire and the Divine Spark of Life within all of creation. Use Tetrahedron Essence if you want to bring a new project or other creative endeavour into physical manifestation. It will support you in embracing change and exploring new potential as well as aiding with clarity, focus and decision making.

Tetrahedron Essence - for Creative Change and Potential

From Crystal Herbs Social Media

The most common reason that most of us say we don’t meditate is because there’s too much to do and not enough time, but that’s only part of the story. The real reasons why you don’t meditate will most likely be unconscious patterns, beliefs, stories, and emotions that get in the way. Our new guide to Flower Essences for Meditation will help you recognise what stops you from meditating so you can choose the most useful essences to release those inner blocks. We’re also sharing our top tips for meditation + a guided meditation to get grounded, clear your energy, and radiate the light and love of your true self. Happy reading and happy meditating - we wish you a very peaceful weekend.

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Always Useful Essences

These are the essences that people most often tell us they wouldn’t want to be without because they are so useful for balancing emotions, soothing the mind and uplifting the spirits.


Energetic Alignment Spray - two spray bottles

Energetic Alignment Spray

Energetic Alignment Spray brings all your subtle bodies, chakras and subtle energy points into greater alignment.  This stimulates a flow of light, expanded awareness, guidance and wisdom from your soul so it’s an excellent spray to use before meditation or contemplation,  when you need to make choices or set a new focus for yourself.
You can also use Energetic Alignment if you feel energetically scattered, ungrounded and disconnected from yourself.  It will swiftly bring you back to a point of balance and inner awareness which makes it easier to recognise and release old stories, patterns and emotional issues.

Energetic Alignment - Spray for Soul Connection


Archangel Michael Essence - three bottles of essences

Archangel Michael Essence

Archangel Michael Essence is an excellent choice when you feel the need of more Courage, Strength or Protection. Archangel Michael carries the flaming blue Sword of Truth and can be asked to cut away any old ties, cords or misaligned energies that are holding you back. Use the Archangel Michael Essence for help in any situation where you feel that you need to develop more willpower, initiative, strength & focus or where you feel in need of protection – either at physical or psychic levels.

Archangel Michael Essence - for Courage, Strength & Protection


Revival Remedy Essence

Revival Remedy

Revival Remedy is a combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem and was originally formulated by Dr Bach for use in situations requiring ‘emergency rescue’. It acts as a very swift emotional stabiliser in circumstances where there is much fear, panic, trauma, or other severe upset such as a serious accident or unexpected bereavement. It is also a very effective support for those less traumatic but still challenging events in life like exams, driving tests, visits to the dentist, presentations etc.

Revival Remedy | Bach Flower Remedies

Latest on our Flower Essence Blog

From essence reviews & top essences for particular issues to transformational stories, Q&As and articles on spiritual growth, our Flower Essence Blog is full of inspiration and information. Read our most recent blog posts here.

The Brow Chakra Essence: for Intuition & Inner Knowing

Petunia Flower

The Brow Chakra Essence is a combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences for opening and balancing your Brow Chakra. It is a wonderful essence for working with issues around inner knowing and intuition and a lack of faith in yourself or the universe, so its particularly useful if you find it hard to trust or feel your intuition or inner knowing. Also if you have an overly mental approach to life, an inability to focus your thoughts, or a feeling of being stuck in the small details of life, or often have feelings of ‘I don’t know’, this would be a really useful Essence.

The Brow Chakra Essence: for Intuition & Inner Knowing


Flower Essences for Meditation

Montage Image - Lady meditating, Lotus flowers and zen stones

Although meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, its popularity has grown in the last 25 years and the benefits of meditation are increasingly well known.  A regular meditation practice has been found to reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, relaxation, and improve emotional wellbeing as well as helping us to feel more inspired and hear our inner guidance. We’ve created this post to help you recognise what stops you from meditating so that you can choose the most useful Flower & Vibrational Essences to help you develop a meditation practice.

Flower Essences for Meditation


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