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Essences and Personal & Spiritual Growth

A wider perspective on spiritual & personal growth

Personal and spiritual growth is essentially the process of human evolution in action. It is through the effort that each of us makes to grow and evolve at an individual level that the collective group of humanity moves forward as a whole. In the last thirty years or so we have seen a massive increase in the numbers of people interested in the subject of ‘personal growth’ in all its varied aspects. Indeed it has become an ever-growing field as, with perfect timing, we each respond to an inner calling to explore beyond our perceived limitations, and to awaken to higher truths and new levels of consciousness.

Cycle of Human Evolution

Personal and spiritual growth is essentially the process of human evolution in action

There have been many cycles of human evolution on our planet, each one with its particular focus of growth. The period that we now live in is one of immense opportunity in that it offers us the possibility of making a quantum leap in evolution both individually and collectively.

We are currently completing a cycle of many thousands of years in which we have explored duality consciousness to the absolute limit of its possibilities. A fundamental belief in the separateness of one aspect of life from another is the legacy of this exploration and one that is responsible for the common reality that we currently all share. However the next cycle, now fast approaching, requires us to be ready to embrace unity consciousness, a state in which we recognise the interconnectedness of all life. This is a very different paradigm, based on the wisdom of the heart and an understanding of the spiritual dimensions of life.

A process of inner growth is required for us to move from one paradigm to the next and as we can see from the explosion of interest in personal & spiritual growth this is exactly what has been happening for some years now.

Flower Essences

How Vibrational Essences can help

Vibrational essences are amazing catalysts for change, transformation and inner growth. They are extremely effective used as a therapy in their own right but can also be used to support any other therapy that seeks to create greater unity and wholeness within an individual.

Vibrational essences come from a tradition that recognises unity as a fundamental truth of life so they are ideal tools to help move us into the new paradigm. Used systematically they encourage a process of inner growth and transformation that gradually expands our awareness until we perceive ourselves as part of an interconnected stream of life and can consciously remember that we are spiritual beings in the midst of a physical experience on Earth.

Essences are amazing catalysts for change, transformation and inner growth.

The next stage in this ever unfolding process of growth is to allow our spirit to be the guiding force in our lives, so that mind, emotions and spirit can function as an integrated whole. Currently we are all at different stages in the process of creating this inner integration of spirit and matter.

To be successful we must raise the vibrational level of our personality (mind & emotions) to a level that blends harmoniously with that of our spirit. No matter where we might be on our personal journey to greater integration, essences can be an invaluable tool to assist us since the positive natural vibrations that they contain, gently transform the lower frequency energies that keep us stuck in old patterns and ways of behaviour.

Using Essences to support your Personal Journey


Like individual threads in a giant tapestry we are each contributing to the greater picture of life on earth as we weave our way through our own personal life journey. However, it can be all too easy to become immersed in the everyday events of our own journey and forget to remember that the experiences we are having are in reality a co creation, chosen by us to help us in our quest for greater harmony and balance. This can sometimes seem very far from the truth when life appears harsh, painful or a struggle in some way, however it is exactly these experiences that are our greatest gifts because they offer us doorways of opportunity.

When we experience a lack of balance or disharmony in some area of our lives it is simply a signal to us that our personality (mind & emotions) is somehow out of harmony with our spirit. Understanding that this is what is happening gives us the empowering opportunity to make the necessary changes simply by focussing on the parts of our personality that have become stuck in old thoughts & beliefs or where we are entertaining less than positive emotions. Often this is easy and we can see without difficulty those aspects of ourselves that have become stuck and need help.

We can then choose an essence or combination of essences that will help to transform the old energies so that they can be recycled into more positive life affirming energies. Sometimes however it is more difficult to identify the root of the issue because it is buried in some long forgotten experience or old trauma that needs release and transformation. You can find out more about How Essences Can Help You & How They Work here.

Using the Law of Attraction


When we are having difficulty uncovering the parts of ourselves that have become stuck we can often gain valuable help and insight from simply observing what we are attracting into our lives, particularly those things, events or people that trigger us off in some way. The mirror of the universe is always exact and will mirror back to us through the Law of Attraction, those parts of ourselves that we prefer not to acknowledge. The Universal Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and therefore ensures that we draw towards us those that carry similar patterns to ourselves. More on the Universal Law of Attraction

The gifts of our family legacy

It can be very enlightening to review the issues that are reflected to us from the family that we chose to incarnate into, because our choice of family patterns is often one designed to bring our attention to deeply held beliefs within ourselves that we have been unable to see in previous lifetimes.

Sometimes we are only able to accept certain parts of our personalities, while rejecting others perhaps as unsafe or painful

Taking a little time to review the relationship between ourselves and our parents & siblings, as well as the interactions between one parent and the other or between our family unit and the outside world, will often provide us with valuable insights about ourselves. Sometimes we are only able to accept certain parts of our personalities, while rejecting others perhaps as unsafe or painful. It is by looking at those we have chosen as companions that we are able to see and heal these rejected parts. This process requires courage, humility and forgiveness and can be one of the most difficult on our inner journey. However, it is also very rewarding for those prepared to look behind seemingly difficult and often painful circumstances.

Accepting, and moving on

Once we can see the issues that need to be addressed within ourselves clearly, the first step in the process of transformation is always that of acceptance, or ownership of the issue. From that space, using the appropriate vibrational essences to help transform the old energy will normally instigate a quick process of change that will leave us feeling more balanced and in harmony with our true self.


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