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The Music of the Plants

Exploring Plant Consciousness and Plant Communication

Our connection with the natural world is a fundamental part of who we are and contact with plant intelligence gives us both a deeper insight into ourselves and the world around us. This deeper insight is an important part of our own spiritual growth and development and also of the well-being of our natural environment.

The U1 Device is an instrument that gives voice to plant perception.

“One of the most joyous parts of working with Music of the Plants is the moment when a person realizes that the plant world is not just alive, it is aware. This changes everything.”
Tigrilla Gardenia
Plant Researcher

The Damanhur community in Italy has spent more than forty years researching plant communication and plant consciousness. As part of this research, they created an instrument able to perceive the electromagnetic variations from the surface of plant leaves to the root system and translated them into sound. By deciphering and registering the impulses and interactions of plants, they have developed a device that uses a MIDI interface to transform the impedance from a leaf to the root system of a plant into music.

Music of the Plants in the U.K.

When we first experienced the device we knew straight away that it fitted in beautifully with our work with Vibrational Essences and from there it just felt right to stock the devices. We keep a good number in stock and as well as the U1 Device itself, we also sell the optional battery pack, the optional long cable and 'The Music of the Plants' book.

U1 Device

Buying a Device

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Music of the Plants is a form of expression, beauty, and artistry like no other.

Using the U1 Device

The Music of the Plants device can be used with almost any type of plant from a small house plant to large trees out in nature and the results are really quite magical. We've found in our time using the devices that even if you can already connect with plants energetcially, listening to them communicating with you through their song, is a deeply moving experience.

The Device is simple and easy to use and connects to the leaf of the plant or tree and to the earth around the root of the plant. It comes with a small instruction manual in the box, and a longer more in-depth manual that you can download. You are also more than welcome to call us and ask for help and advice in using any device that you have bought from us.

Plant Consciousness

Science increasingly supports the concept that plants and trees operate with an innate consciousness, intelligence and logic diverse from our own. Music of the Plants allows people around the world to connect with this intelligence. Doing so encourages people to go beyond traditional ways of thinking and expand their awareness of how they relate to plants, trees and nature in general. Through passion, research and dedication, Music of the Plants has become a leader in the area of education on plant intelligence. Their extensive research continues today as we become increasingly conscious of the innate ability of nature to communicate with us when we have the tools to listen.

u1 Device U1 Device and Oak Tree

See The Music the Plants Device in Action

In this short video filmed by plant researcher Tigrilla Gardenia you can see the U1 Device being used with a 1300 year-old platanus orientalis. The beautiful music that it plays is very moving and hearting warming.


The Music of the Plants Book

This book is a lovely introduction to the Music of the Plants concept, and is a great starting place to understanding the principles and science behind the device.

The Music of the Plants book

"Plants perceive sound and love to play music.

This is demonstrated by studies and experiments conducted in academic research and, more importantly, by the experiences of many researchers and musicians who teach plants to use electronic, musical equipment to play and sing along with them.

The research into plant intelligence, plant sensitivity and the willingness of plants to communicate with us opens our minds and our hearts to a new vision of nature and to unprecedented opportunities to dialogue with the plant world."


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