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Here you can find some of the questions that we are often asked about the ordering process, how to order, delivery and more.

Online: You can order directly from this website through our online essence shop. When you order online through the Crystal Herbs site you can choose between two payment gateway options. We offer secure encrypted card payment through either Worldpay's secure payment gateway or by Paypal, so you can be assured that your card details and payment information will remain entirely secure.

By Phone: You are also very welcome to phone us to place an order. We are available from 9am - 5.30pm on weekdays, so please give us a call and one of out team will be happy to take your order! U.K. 01379 608059 | Outside the U.K. ++44 1379 608059

You can find more detailed information about placing an order with us here.


Post & Packing is calculated on the weight of the Essences that you order. When you add items to your basket on the website, it automatically gives you delivery options based on the weight and value of your order. You can find out more about Post, Packing & Delivery here.


Most likely! We ship to destinations all around the world from our base here in the U.K. So almost no matter where you are in the world, you are welcome to buy our Essences. If you can choose your delivery country from the dropdown menu in our shop, we can send essences to you! If you can’t see your delivery country in our shop, you may be able to buy our essences from one of our international distributors instead. Please contact us for more information.


Unfortunately we cannot display prices in international currencies on our website. However you can quickly convert the price for individual essences and for the total of your order on any currency conversion website ( such as Xe Currency Converter ). Simply choose to convert prices from GB Pound Sterling to your currency.


V.A.T. on shipments to the E.U. : - Orders to be delivered outside of the U.K. will be zero rated for V.A.T. ( Value Added Tax ) on your invoice, so you will pay no U.K. VAT. However if your order is being sent to a country within the European Union you will be liable to VAT on import, which will be charged by your local customs authorities at your countries local VAT rate.

V.A.T. on shipments to the rest of the world: - Orders to be delivered outside of the U.K. will be zero rated for V.A.T. ( Value Added Tax ) on your invoice, so you will pay no U.K. VAT.

Customs & Import Duties - Orders delivered to countries outside of the U.K. may be liable for customs / import duties levied by your countries customs service. We clearly label all of our shipments to help to faciliate a quick and easy customs clearance, but please note that payment of any import duties and taxes are your responsibility and that any charges levied are outside of our control and will vary from country to country. You can always check with your local customs office to see what import duties may be levied on your order.


We usually dispatch orders either same or next working day.

Within the U.K. you can choose Royal Mail's First Class or Second Class Standard and Tracked Services, Special Delivery or Courier.

Outside U.K. orders are sent by Royal Mail's Airmail service (choose from standard or tracked) or by courier – typically UPS, TNT or DHL.

You can find more information on Post, Packing & Delivery here.


Yes, you can cancel some or all of your order before dispatch by e-mailing or phoning us and letting us know your name and order reference number. We will then cancel your order and refund your payment as soon as possible.

It is not possible to cancel your order after it has been dispatched or if it contains personalised custom combinations which we have already made up for you.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel an order. If it has already been dispatched you can find out about returning an order for a refund here.


Yes if we have not dispatched your order ( or already parcelled it up for dispatch), then we can usually add essences to it for you. If you would like to add something to your order and we have not notified you of dispatch, please contact us as soon as possible and if it is not already parcelled up for you, we will arrange to add your extra items and we'll contact you for payment for the extra items and any additional postal charges due.


Almost all our essences ( with the exception of Inner Child and Light Body Essences ) come in a choice of 10ml and 25ml sizes.

From our own experience of taking essences and from observing how they work with customers over the past 30 years, we'd usually recommend that in general you choose a 25ml size rather than a 10ml size. This is particularly important for issues that seem to be deeply buried or that you have experienced for a long time.

The Bach Flower Remedies are different as these are meant to be diluted down to a treatment bottle. You can make multiple treatment bottles from 10ml size bottles so they often last a long time, unless you are treating lots of people, in which case a 25ml size might be more appropriate.


We offer a number of different bottle sizes. To help you to decide which size you need, here are the approximate quantity of drops in each of the different sizes and how long the bottle will last at a normal adult dosage:

10ml: there are approximately 200 drops in a 10ml bottle. This equates to about 50 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 12.5 days.

25ml: there are approximately 550 drops in a 25ml bottle. This equates to about 136 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 34 days.

15ml ( Rainbow Light Body & Inner Child only ): there are approximately 300 drops in a 15ml bottle. This equates to about 75 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 19 days.

30ml Spray: there are approximately 230 sprays per 30ml bottle.

50ml Spray: there are approximately 385 sprays per 50ml bottle.


Each of our essences has a best before date on the label. The length of before before date varies slightly between essences ranges, depending on the amount and type of preservative used. Most of our essences are in an organic brandy & water mix ( brandy was the original preservative that Dr Bach choose because of its purity ) and these have a best before date of approximately 6 years.

The Pure Vibrations Sprays are in vodka and rose water and have a two year use by date. Our custom combinations ( such as the Bach Flower Remedy Custom Combinations and the Deeper Acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence custom combinations ) are made to order and have a best before date of approximately 3 months.

The Inner Child Essences and Rainbow Light Body Essences are preserved in vodka and water and have a best before of around 6 years.

Where we offer alternative preservative options ( organic cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine) the best before date matches the best before of the preservative used which is generally around 18 months.

As a general rule if they have been stored properly and well looked after your essences will be fine to use well beyond this date - both brandy and cider vinegar are long lasting preservations!

We recommend storing essences in a cool dark place away from excessive heat such as fires and radiators. Do not place near TV's, microwaves, computer screens, mobile phones, hi-fi speakers or magnets.

Our Revival Remedy Creams have a best before of around two years.


While essences are usually fine to use beyond their best before date, there are a couple of things to look out for which would indicate that your essence is no longer suitable to use.

Most commonly, problems arise if they have not been stored in the recommended way or if the glass dropper has touched your tongue. Bacteria may develop in the essence if the dropper has touched your tongue – under these circumstances the essence may taste strange or you may see small particles in the liquid when you hold it up to the light. N.B. It’s common to see tiny golden flecks in the bottle from the organic brandy we use, but any other substances in the essence can indicate that it’s become contaminated.

Another issue that can happen over time is that the rubber in the lid can break down so you may find small flecks of rubber in the bottle, and notice a strange taste. Leaving your essences in direct sunlight in warm temperatures can also have a negative impact on your essence.

If you have any concerns about using older essences, we would recommend replacing them.


Yes. You can order 10ml & 25ml Bach Flower Remedies in organic cider vinegar directly from our website.

For our other essences (excluding Inner Child, Rainbow Light Body and Pure Vibrations sprays) we can make 25ml organic cider vinegar & vegetable glycerin versions to order.  Simply order the essences you would like and add a comment into the comments section of the order form to tell us which alternative base you would prefer (organic cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin).

Are These Completely Alcohol Free Essences?

Very nearly! Each bottle contains a very small amount of organic brandy from the Mother Tincture (2 drops for single Bach Flower Remedies, 10 drops for Revival Remedy combination, 7 drops for deeper acting essences). Our mother tincture is half water and half brandy so each bottle does contain a very, very small amount of brandy.

The approximate alcohol content for each Bach Flower Remedy stock bottle is as follows:

  • 10ml Bach Remedy: 0.2% ABV
  • 25ml Bach Remedy: 0.07% ABV
  • 25ml Revival Remedy: 0.15% ABV


We sell our range of handmade Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences all around the world.  If you are a Practitioner or a Therapist who would like to incorporate essences into your practice, or if you have a Shop or are a Distributor and would like to stock & sell our Essences, or you if would like to become an affiliate and help to promote our Essences, you can find out more about what we offer here: Selling & Promoting our Essences


It’s very important to us that we give you an enjoyable and easy shopping experience, while respecting and protecting your privacy and your personal information. You can find out more about our Privacy Policy here.


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Handmade with Love & Care

From making the Mother Tincture to bottling and labelling the stock bottles that we send you, each essence is handmade with love and care, helping to ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of essence.