About Tax on the Crystal Herbs Site

Tax Man

The 'Inc Tax' and 'Ex Tax' labels in the Flower Essence Shop relate to the 20% V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) that customers in the U.K. are liable for on purchases. The following is an explanation of when each one might apply to your order.

You can also find out about reclaiming VAT on your order if you are an overseas resident leaving the U.K.

You will need to pay V.A.T. if:

  • 1. You are ordering from within the U.K. - If you are ordering from within the United Kingdom then you will be paying the Tax inclusive price ( tax refers to VAT @ 20% ).

You Will NOT need to pay V.A.T. if:

  • 1. You are ordering from within the E.U. - If you are ordering from within the E.U. ( not including the U.K. ) you will be charged the Ex Tax price. You may however be charged VAT on import by your local customs authorities.
  • 2.You are ordering from the U.S.A, Canada or the Rest of the World - If you are ordering from the U.S.A, Canada or the Rest of the World, then you pay the Ex Tax price. ( the only exception to this is if the delivery address for the order is within the U.K. or E.U. )

If not paying V.A.T. please note that:

  • The shopping cart will show the Inc Tax price as you proceed through the shop, until the payment stage. When you enter your address details in the payment stage the site will determine whether you will be charged the Ex Tax price depending on if your details relate to the requirements as shown in the Ex Tax section above.
  • When ordering from outside of the E.U. you will be responsible for any import duties and other taxes which your customs authorities may apply once your package reaches your country.


Reclaiming VAT on your order

If you are visiting the UK from another country and you buy goods in the UK, then when you leave, you may be entitled to a refund of the VAT you paid on them. However, in most cases this will only apply if you live outside the European Union (EU) and you're travelling back to a country outside the EU.

If you are an overseas visitor, to qualify for a VAT refund you must:

  • live outside the EU
  • leave the UK for a destination outside the EU with the goods you have bought by the end of the third month after the month when you bought them
  • show customs officials the goods, your receipts for them and a completed VAT refund document when you leave the EU.

Claiming Your VAT Refund

If you are eligable as above then please request a V.A.T. 407 form when you place your order with us. Complete the V.A.T. refund document ( VAT 407 form ) for U.K. customs and get your form approved by U.K. customs on your departure from the U.K. Once the form is approved by customs please return it to us at Crystal Herbs. If your form has been correctly completed and approved by U.K. customs we will then refund the V.A.T. portion of your invoice. For more information please visit HM Customs & Revenue here.