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If you are a qualified practitioner and would like to use our range of essences as part of your practice, you can apply for a 'Practitioner Account' here.

Stage One

Create Your Online Shop Account

Please go to 'My Account' and create your Crystal Herbs online shopping account.

This stage is important as this is the account that will be authorised as your 'Practitioner Account'. If you have already have an online account with us at Crystal Herbs, please use the email address associated with this account in your application below.

Stage Two

Complete Your Application

Once you have created your online account ( as above ), then please complete all fields below to apply for your Practitioner Account.

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Thank you for completing the Practitioner Account Application form.

Please make sure that you have completed stage one ( created your online account ) and that all the relevant fields above are complete.

To complete your application, please click submit, and we will respond to your application as soon as possible - many thanks!