Bach Flower Remedy Groups

Dr Bach's Seven Groups

Dr. Bach divided his 38 Bach Flower Remedies into seven different personality groups; each group representing the differing ways a particular thought pattern or emotion could be seen and experienced in the personality.

The Seven Personality Groups...

Fear Group

Mimulus - Fear Group

Fear is possibly the most common human emotion and affects most of us in some way or another. The five remedies in this group represent the different ways that fear can influence our behaviour.

Loneliness Group

Imaptiens - Loneliness Bach Group

The three very different remedies in this group describe the various ways that we can behave when we feel isolated and separate from those around us.

Uncertainty Group

Cerato - Uncertainty Group

Those who face life with uncertainty have somehow lost contact with their own intuitive knowing about what is right for them. The six remedies in this group express the different ways that this state can be experienced.

Lack of Interest Group

Wild Rose - Lack of Interest Bach Group

Each of the seven remedies in this group is a description of the different ways in which those who are in some way reluctant to fully take part in life can behave.

Despondancy & Despair Group

Star of Bethelehem - Despondancy & Despair Bach Group

The eight remedies in this group express the very different ways that we can behave when we have in some way lost our connection with the higher purpose of our lives.

Oversensitivity Group

Centaury - Oversensitivity Bach Group

The four remedies in this group express the different ways we can react to feelings of vulnerability and over sensitivity to the emotional and mental energies of others.

Overcare for Others Group

Chicory - Overcare Bach Group

The five remedies in this group each express the very different ways in which we can behave when we feel overly responsible for the welfare of others or possibly the planet.

Bach Seven Groups Colour Poster

Bach Seven Groups Poster

This beautiful poster shows the Bach remedies in each of Dr Bach's seven groups along with a brief understanding of what each essence does. It also shows the relevant Karmic Essence for each group.

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The origins of Dr. Bach's Seven Groups

In 1928 Dr. Edward Bach was in the process of beginning to birth his “new work”, which would culminate in the 38 Bach Flower Remedies and the understandings laid out in his book Heal Thyself. He at the stage of seeking an understanding of disease itself, it's cause and its effect upon mind and body.

According to Nora Weeks' book, the Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician, Dr. Bach had been, somewhat unwillingly, attending a dinner in a large banquetting hall one night. It was during the course of that dinner, as he idly observed his fellow diners to help pass the time, that an idea suddenly came to him.  He realised that humanity was made up of a definite number of groups of types. In a moment of inspiration he realised that “the individuals of each group would not suffer from the same kinds of diseases, but that all those in one group would react in the same or nearly the same manner to any type of illness”. This understanding – that it is the state of mind and emotion that is of most importance - gave Dr. Bach the philosophical foundation point that underpinned what were to become the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.

The seven Bach groups are a useful guide to choosing which Bach Remedies will help with particular issues and types of people.