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How Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences Work And How They Can Help You

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How Do Flower & Other Vibrational Essences Work?

Flower, Gem, Crystal and other Vibrational Essences are pure, natural remedies that can be safely used by anyone to balance the mind, emotions, spirit and subtle energy bodies.

Flower Essences and other Vibrational Essences are gifts from mother nature that help us to reconnect with our true nature of love, joy and peace. They do this by gently transforming old or difficult thoughts and emotions into more uplifting, life-affirming ones that are more in resonance with who you truly are.

Each essence contains the energetic imprint or vibrational frequency of the particular flower, tree, gem, crystal, mineral or sacred geometric shape from which it has been made. All these different aspects of nature have their own unique energetic signature which then gets transferred into an essence during the essence-making process.

The Energetic Frequency of Plants

We naturally resonate with and respond to the energetic vibrations of the natural world because we are also part of nature. We sense the subtle energetic frequencies from plants even if we’re not consciously aware of this happening – this is partly why time spent in nature is so uplifting and revitalising.

Beautiful Oak tree in a field

If you were to think about an oak tree’s qualities, then strength, endurance and resilience would most likely be on your list. These are parts of the oak tree’s energetic signature so when you take oak flower essence, those qualities get passed onto you. Taking oak essence creates a blueprint or template in your energy system to activate and awaken those qualities of strength, endurance, and resilience more fully within you. Oak flower essence reminds your system of what it feels like to be strong and able to handle responsibility with ease so it’s a great essence to take if you are weary or feel like you’re lacking the strength to go on.

When you take a flower, gem, crystal, mineral or platonic solid essence, you are using the energetic frequency of what that vibrational essence has been made from so that its core qualities get transferred into your energetic system.

Different essences resonate with different thoughts and emotions so the key to using essences effectively is to choose essences that correspond with how you’re thinking and feeling. For instance if you are feeling a lack of love for yourself, choosing essences that hold the vibration of love will help you to awaken and experience more love in your heart and transform any parts of you that do not currently resonate with this vibrational frequency.

The Energetic Frequency of Humans

Vibrational essences work very directly and effectively to raise your energetic frequency and restore you to your natural state of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony. Each time that you take an essence you are realigning yourself with the wholeness of your true blueprint and allowing all that is not in resonance with this to release and transform.

Every living thing, including ourselves, is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Just like the rest of the natural world (flowers, trees, crystals, birds, insects, animals etc.), we each have our own unique vibrational frequency or energetic signature.  

Crown Chakra

Your vibrational frequency is comprised of your core spiritual essence and the vibrations of your subtle energy bodies, thoughts, emotions, and physical blueprint. Your vibrational frequency is subtly changing all the time, and is related to the thoughts and emotions you choose, consciously or unconsciously, the stories and patterns that you have inherited from your family, and your perception of life in general.

Healthy uplifting thoughts and emotions vibrate at different speeds to dense disempowering ones.  For instance feelings like fear, guilt and despair vibrate at a lower and denser frequency than feelings like love, joy and hope.  Essences take us on a journey of transformation to release the dense vibrational frequencies that are not part of our true nature and raise our vibrational frequency so that we remember our original state of love, balance and harmony.

How Essences Affect Your Vibrational Frequency

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Because we are made up of vibrating energies, we respond very quickly to the positive vibrational frequencies contained within flower, gem, crystal, mineral and platonic solid essences. Taking an essence is rather like a tuning fork striking a particular note that then invites all parts of your energy system into harmony with that uplifting positive vibration.

Your vibrational frequency will change as a result of taking essences, as the consciousness that’s held within the essence flows into your energetic system to retune and realign any areas of imbalance so that you can remember consciously that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

How Essences Help with Personal and Spiritual Growth?

Vibrational essences go straight to the heart of an issue to break up the density of crystallised emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and patterns in your subtle energy system. This facilitates a movement of energy that expands your perspective and allows you to remember the bigger picture of why you are here and why you might have chosen to experience these particular issues in this lifetime. This process takes you gradually up a spiral of personal and spiritual growth that ultimately takes you back into wholeness and unity with all life everywhere.   

You will find that you feel lighter and less identified with the issue that’s been troubling you as the vibration of the essence creates subtle yet profound changes in your energetic system.  Simultaneously, the essence is shining the light of awareness onto hidden patterns, beliefs, and wounds so you become more aware of the vibrational imprints and old stories that you’ve unconsciously absorbed and believed to be true.  Taking essences is an empowering way to get to know yourself better, to see things in a new light, and to release the blocks that limit your awareness of yourself as a powerful spiritual being.

Describing how his Remedies worked, Dr. Bach ( often known as the Father of modern day Flower Essences ) said: "They are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls: and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings."

How Can Flower & Other Vibrational Essences Help You?

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Over the years, we’ve noticed that people usually turn to flower essences when they want to transform challenging issues in their life or when they want to expand their spiritual connection.  

Although people take essences for many different reasons, they are ultimately on a journey of healing old patterns, stories, and wounds so that they can remember their true purpose, unique gifts, and inherent wholeness. 

Crystal Herbs Essences take you on the journey back to your heart to heal the past and experience the love, joy and oneness that is your true spiritual self. Over the past 30 years we have developed a wide range of essences for every step of this journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

So whether you feel stuck and are unable to make the changes you want, have challenges in your relationships or daily life, want to heal emotional issues or transform your beliefs, are deeply engaged in personal and spiritual growth, or simply want to live with more love, joy, ease, connection, abundance, freedom and clarity, there will be a Crystal Herbs essence that can help you!

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