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Which Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence We're Taking & Why

This is where one of the Crystal Herbs team shares which essence they're taking and why!

Inner Harmony Essence

Catherine Keattch

Inner Harmony is an essence that I have turned to often over the last few years when my human self has been feeling too stretched, agitated, stressed or tense about something. For me this means that I get easily wound up, try to go too fast and then find myself out of my centre and unable to relax.

My experience of taking the Inner Harmony essence is that it helps enormously to calm to my nervous system and to allow the knots in my mind and body to release so that I can slow down and relax again. Then I can move back into my heart and find that quiet place where there is calmness, harmony, and soul wisdom to help with whatever challenge I might be facing.

Catherine Keattch

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White Chestnut


I took White Chestnut for circulating thoughts during a very stressful period where I was getting caught up in ruminating thoughts. My sleep was getting disturbed because I was waking up with circulating thoughts. I took it throughout the day and also had it next to the bed, so when I did wake up with a churning head I would take drops on the tongue.

It was very noticeable at night time. My mind went very quiet and calm so I was able to get back to sleep again. It felt like it gave me permission to switch off.


White Chestnut flowers

Higher Heart Chakra Essence


I’m taking Higher Heart Chakra Essence for Self-Forgiveness. I’d been watching a medium in the US who does readings for people who were feeling regret and guilt, wishing they’d done things differently before their loved one had passed. It brought into my consciousness many things in my past that I felt regret and guilt about, where I’d been full of self-reproach. I chose Higher Heart Chakra Essence because this is a good essence when we have difficulty forgiving ourselves or others, or when there’s issues with loving yourself unconditionally. These were both things I was feeling very stuck in.

You can read the full story here: From Blame to Forgiveness

Julia Payne

Higher Heart Chakra Essence - Forgiveness & Compassion

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Healing Bereavement Essence


I’ve recently taken two 25ml bottles of Healing Bereavement because I’d experienced so many losses in quick succession a few years ago that it was too much for my system to integrate at the time. I’ve grieved a lot in the time since but I’d hit a sort of brick wall. Whenever I thought about it all, I’d just start crying and feel like I was drowning in this ocean of grief that flooded my system. I knew I was defending my heart against further losses by not really opening up to people and not connecting with the area where I live in case I lost everything again. It’s like part of me had shut down and I was living half a life, not able to experience the beauty and opportunities that were in front of me. Healing Bereavement has helped me open my heart to heal the grief that was stuck there, so I’m more at peace with what happened. Unexpectedly I feel more spiritually connected and creative than I have in years, like I’ve come back to life again.

Jackie Stewart

Healing Bereavement Essence - Transforming Grief

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Sunflower Flower Essence


Sunflower is one of my favourite essences for working with any aspects of out of balance male energy. The radiant energy of sunflower is all about empowerment from the heart, helping you to feel more confident, assured and self-empowered. It does this by helping you to balance your inner male aspect, helping to harmonise old unbalanced male energy patterns such as control, anger or hostility around the father figure or authority figures more generally. As these old patterns transform it allows you to step more solidly and firmly into your own empowered state and more confidently into your heart. It’s just such an important and relevant essence right now, with so many out of balance male energy patterns playing out in the world, causing many of the problems that we are seeing at the moment. So if any of these issues resonant with you, then this is definitely one to try!

Sam Cremnitz

Sunflower flower

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