Borage Flowers

The Flower Essence Collection Set

We have selected twenty of the most powerful and deep acting Essences from our single Flower Essence range to make up this Flower Essence collection set. Together they form a comprehensive set providing transformational solutions for the wide range of issues and problems faced by so many of us in today’s fast changing world.

You can choose to use these essences individually or mix them together to make your own combinations.

The Flower Essence Set contains the following 20 Essences:-

You can click each one to find out what the Essence does:-

An Introduction to the Flower Essences in this set


Bleeding Heart Flower Essence

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Emotional/mental - Bleeding Heart essence promotes feelings of inner harmony and peace. It does this through its ability to bring higher understanding to any issue relating to the heart chakra. It is a particularly helpful essence in situations where there is an unhealthy emotional attachment between two people or buried emotional pain from previous experiences of loss.

Energetic level - Bleeding Heart aligns the mental & spiritual subtle bodies and strengthens the energetic blueprint relating to the heart chakra.

It is also in the following combinations: Letting Go, Healing Bereavement

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Borage Flower Essence

Borage Flowers

Emotional/mental - Borage essence helps to promote feelings of joy, happiness and courage, dispelling sorrow and lifting the spirits. It does this through its ability to open the heart chakra and release emotional tensions.

Energetic level - Borage essence opens the heart chakra, strengthens the heart chakra meridian and relaxes the emotional body.

It is also in the following combinations: Healing Bereavement combination

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Celandine Flower Essence

Celandine Flower

Emotional/mental - Celandine essence strengthens all forms of communication through its ability to enhance the transfer of information. This could be at an interpersonal level, such as that between teacher and student, or esoterically between higher self and personality. The essence works to sharpen whichever sense is required for a greater level of communication to take place. Thus it strengthens telepathic abilities and clairaudience as well as activities associated with the throat chakra such as singing or lecturing. It is therefore particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty receiving & processing information of any kind. Facilitates inter-dimensional communication.

Energetic level - This essence opens and strengthens the throat chakra and associated nadis. It also activates the etheric body, aligns the emotional and astral bodies and gently activates the mental body.

It is also in the following combinations: Concentration, Learning Easily, Self Responsibility

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Daffodil Flower Essence

Daffodil Flowers

Emotional/mental - Daffodil essence helps to stimulate connection to the soul/higher self through the mental body making it an excellent essence to assist meditation and greater spiritual connection. It also increases sensitivity and clarity of thought as well as helping to release patterns of frustration and low self-esteem. Helps the development of clairaudience/inner hearing.

Energetic level - Daffodil promotes greater organisation within the mental body and stimulates the crown chakra.

It is also in the following combinations: Feeling Worthy, Inner Focus, Inner Joy

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Daisy Flower Essence

Daisy Flowers

Emotional/mental - Daisy is an excellent essence to help promote clarity and understanding in those whose thought processes are very scattered or who find it difficult to bring information together in a coherent form. Promotes understanding that all information comes from a central source and as such has a common origin. When one responds to this central level of the self then a greater perspective can be understood about all the information one is seeking to understand.

Energetic level - Promotes alignment in the emotional, mental, casual & spiritual bodies.

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Dandelion Flower Essence

Dandelion Flowers

Emotional/mental - Dandelion promotes emotional balance and mental relaxation. It is highly effective to release tension from the mental body, bringing calmness to an overly active mind and promoting greater ease and well-being at all levels. It has the effect of drawing someone deeper into the self, enhancing their capacity to connect more fully with the present moment as well as their ability to face emotional issues that they perceive as difficult.

Energetic level - Dandelion aligns the etheric, mental & casual bodies.

It is also in the following combinations: Being Present, Clarity, Inner Strength, Solar Plexus Chakra.

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Fig Flower Essence

Fig Flowers

Emotional/mental - Fig essence has the ability to help one connect with long forgotten memories stored away in the subconscious mind. It is particularly good to help with the release of hidden fears or blockages from the subconscious mind so that they can be understood and overcome. It also helps to promote greater understanding, confidence and telepathic ability. It can be used to enhance biofeedback or creative visualisation techniques.

Energetic level - Fig stimulates the throat chakra and the mental body.

It is also in the following combinations: Inner Calm

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Forget Me Not Flower Essence

Forget Me Not Flowers

Emotional/mental - Forget-me-not promotes mental clarity, releases negative thought patterns and stimulates recall of information. It aids communication between all the levels of the subtle anatomy enhancing responsiveness to unexpected or emergency situations. It helps to release emotional tension and worry as well as easing nightmares and soothing disturbed sleep patterns.

Energetic level - Forget-me-not aligns the emotional and mental bodies and strengthens the astral body. It also increases the connection between the crown chakra and the conscious mind, particularly during meditation.

It is also in the following combinations: Concentration, Sleep

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Garlic Flower Essence

Garlic Flowers

Emotional/mental - Garlic essence releases and transforms both fear and anger. It has the ability to help release these states due to its ability to promote greater objectivity in the mental and emotional bodies. It is particularly helpful where a person is afraid to face their fear or anger. In this situation Garlic can help such a person gradually face and release these hidden issues.

Energetic level - Garlic opens the liver chakra and eases the radiation, petrochemical and psora miasms.

Other Uses - Garlic can be used as a natural insect repellent either for humans, animals or plants. It can either be ingested or used as a spray. Taken over a period of time it will create an energetic pulse in the auric field of human or animal that is irritating to insects.

It is also in the following combinations: Inner Calm, Healing Family, Inner Peace, New Horizons, Solar Plexus Chakra

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Hyssop Flower Essence

Hyssop Flowers

Emotional/mental - Hyssop essence alleviates deep feelings of guilt whether these are conscious or unconscious. It is only as we allow ourselves to confront the old memories to which our guilt is attached that we can begin to forgive ourselves and recognise that we have learned from the experience. This essence helps us to do this, releasing much mental and emotional tension in the process.

Energetic level - Hyssop strengthens the energetic blueprint and balances the solar plexus chakra and the emotional body.

It is also in the following combinations: Forgiveness

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Lemon Flower Essence

Lemon Flowers

Emotional/mental - Lemon promotes clarity of thought because of its strong impact on the mental body. Indicators for the need for this essence are mental blocks, a lack of humor or extreme emotional states. It is helpful for folks who find it difficult to make decisions or link issues together with clarity.

Energetic level - Stimulates and organizes the mental body and encourages a deeper link between the mental body and the emotions. Cleansing for both mental and emotional bodies, Lemon promotes a sense of calmness, ease and clarity on all levels. Can be used to enhance colour therapy.

It is also in the following combinations: Clarity, Decisiveness, Learning Easily

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Loosestrife Flower Essence

Loosestrife Flowers

Emotional/mental - Loosestrife promotes a greater degree of balance and alignment between the base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. This establishes the foundation and stability for inspiration and intuitive ideas flowing in through the crown and heart chakras to be activated more easily in everyday life. Anyone who is easily ‘spaced out’ or has difficulty acting upon intuitive guidance will find this essence helpful.

Energetic level - Loosestrife promotes an alignment between the lower three chakras as well as the etheric, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is also in the following combinations: Feet Chakras , Base Chakra, Being Present

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Lotus Flower Essence

Lotus Flowers

Emotional/mental - Lotus is one of the most powerful and important flower essences currently available to us. Working through all levels of consciousness it has a profoundly transformational effect on all levels of our being. It is particularly beneficial for emotional imbalances, obsessive behaviour and to stimulate the release of buried emotions. It can be used in combinations of other flower and gem essence combinations to amplify and raise the vibrational frequency.

Energetic level - Lotus brings all chakras, nadis, meridians and subtle bodies into temporary alignment, stimulating cleansing in the etheric blueprint. It has a major impact on the crown chakra and will help to clear blockages from the energetic system that prevent other vibrational medicine from working. If used regularly can reduce the influence of miasms.

It is also in the following combinations: Crown Chakra, Inner Focus

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Mallow Flower Essence

Mallow Flowers

Emotional/mental - Mallow is an excellent essence to help promote smooth transitions from one phase of life to another. It is particularly good for those who dwell negatively on the idea of growing old. Anyone who experiences insecurity about their physical appearance would also find Mallow helpful to encourage a more objective perspective.

Energetic level - Mallow cleanses and strengthens the energetic blueprint and can be used to stimulate the release of past life memories from the energetic and cellular data bank.

It is also in the following combinations: Concentration, Feeling Safe, Graceful Change

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Passion Flower Flower Essence

Passionflower Flowers

Emotional/mental - Passion Flower essence strengthens the connection with the spiritual body increasing the ability to experience and understand visionary states, as well as promoting greater attunement with Christ Consciousness. It helps to dispel emotional confusion relating to these states of higher awareness so that the understandings received can be more easily assimilated and integrated into everyday life. Passion Flower also stimulates the development of compassion and encourages peaceful, natural sleep patterns.

Energetic level - Opens the heart chakra and throat chakra.

It is also in the following combinations: Feet Chakras, Inner Certainty, Sleep

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Pomegranate Flower Essence

Pomegranate Flowers

Emotional/mental - Pomegranate stimulates the ability to nurture the self, making it easier to release insecurities created through a lack of love, especially in childhood. It is particularly supportive for all emotional issues experienced by women and will help women accept and embrace their feminine nature. It is also helpful for men who need to awaken their maternal instincts.

Energetic level - Pomegranate temporarily aligns all the subtle bodies, making it easier for impurities to be expelled from the subtle energy system and increasing the effectiveness of all vibrational essences. It strengthens and supports the etheric blueprint associated with the sacral and base chakras by increasing the flow of subtle energy to these areas, particularly in women.

It is also in the following combinations: Female Essence

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Squash Flower Essence

Squash Flowers

Emotional/mental - Squash helps to restore the natural balance between male and female qualities as well as promoting the release of anger and frustration and the development of creativity.

Energetic level - Squash promotes balance in the sacral chakra and supports positive repatterning of the associated areas of the etheric blueprint.

It is also in the following combinations: Graceful Change, Sacral Chakra, Sexuality

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St Johns Wort Flower Essence

St Johns Wort Flowers

Emotional/mental - St. John’s Wort is a wonderful essence to promote the release and transformation all kinds of fear, whether hidden, subconscious, past life or very obvious fears - all can be treated with this essence. A very powerful essence, useful for all.

Energetic level - St John’s Wort encourages the proper release of the souls forces during sleep time, promoting restful sleep patterns and the ability to collect higher understandings during the sleep state.

It is also in the following combinations: Inner Calm

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Sunflower Flower Essence

Sunflower Flower

Emotional/mental - Sunflower cleanses and purifies the heart chakra as well as promoting greater balance between one’s inner yin yang energies. It can help to spiritualise the male ego when over powerful and to transform feelings of anger or hostility related to one’s father or towards God/Divine Intelligence. Sunflower is also a helpful essence to stimulate the flow of higher wisdom and increase intuition.

Energetic level - Sunflower stimulates the spiritual body and realigns all the subtle bodies to work more easily with the heart chakra. Stimulates and aligns the kundalini energy in the seven main chakras.

It is also in the following combinations: Inner Certainty, Inner Unity, Letting Go, Male Essence

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Yarrow Flower Essence

Yarrow Flowers

Emotional/mental - Yarrow strengthens the aura, and provides protection from negative influences of all kinds, including psychic attack from thought forms or very strong emotional reactions. The umbrella shaped Yarrow flowers create a pattern that disrupts and disperses impurities and negative thought forms or emotions. The pink flowers are especially good for those who are particularly sensitive to negative thoughts and emotions generated by those around them, while the white flowers give better protection from other man made impurities that might weaken the energetic blueprint.

It is also in the following combinations: Auric Protection, Environmental Stress

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Complete Sets & Individual Essences

Flower Essence Collection Set Flower Essence Collection Essences


How To Use the Single Flower Essences

A normal adult dosage would be 4 drops on the tongue between 2 & 4 x a day, continuing until the bottle is finished. For best results take straight from the stock bottle, without further dilution, and preferably take at least 10 minutes away from food and drink.

How Many Essences Can I Take?

As a normal adult dosage you can take up to 6 of the single Flower Essences at a time. They will work just as well taken singly or in a combination, but if you would like to combine them, simply mix equal quantities of each essence in an empty clean bottle, or alternatively you can also order them as a pre-made combination here - custom Flower Essence combinations. We wouldn't normally recommend using any other essences whilst using a combination of this type, except the Bach Remedies.

Storage Advice - It is best to store vibrational medicine in a cool place away from TV’s, mobile phones, microwaves, computers etc.

Please Note - Using vibrational essences does not replace medical treatment.

Help & Advice

If you need any help or advice with choosing or using these Essences, please see our Choosing An Essence page or you are most welcome to contact us if you would like to speak to someone.

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