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How Many Flower & Vibrational Essences Can I Take At Once?

How many Flower & Vibrational Essences to use at one time is one of the questions we are asked most often and the answer depends on which of our essences you’re taking. When you take a Flower or vibrational essence you're working at an energetic level to bring about deep change and transformation and balance to how you are thinking and feeling and to your bodies subtle energy systems. This can be quite a profound process and so you want to make sure that you are taking the right number of essences to best faciliate that change, but without it feeling overwhelming.

Here is our guide to how many essences you can take and how to use them together...

The Bach Flower Remedies...

How Many Bach Flower Remedies Can I Use at Once?

Bach Flower Remedy bottles - 10mls and 25mls

You can take the Bach Flower Remedies singly or you can use them in combinations of up to 7 - 8 remedies. We find that generally you will get the most benefit from the Bach Remedies by combining the 7 - 8 most important remedies for you into a treatment bottle. Bach Flower Remedies swiftly balance the personality so a Bach Flower Remedy is helpful in its own right and is also very effective when taken alongside one of our deeper acting combinations. We don’t recommend adding essences from other ranges into a Bach Flower Remedy combination.

How Do I Make a Bach Flower Remedy Treatment Bottle?

From a Bach Flower Remedy stock bottle, put 2 drops (4 drops of Revival Remedy combination) from each of the stock bottles that you have selected, into a clean glass dropper bottle containing no more than 30ml of spring or spa water, together with a teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative. Dr Bach called a combination made in this way, a treatment bottle. You can find out more here - How to Choose & Use the Bach Flower Remedies and you can also Mix Your Own Bach Flower Remedy Combination here.

The Deeper Acting Single Essences...

How Many Single Flower Essences & Gem / Crystal Essences Can I Use At Once?

You can take up to 6 of these essences together either separately or in a combination. To make a combination, mix equal quantities of each chosen essence in a clean bottle. Unlike Bach Flower Remedies which work well in a treatment level combination, these essences are most effective taken at stock level.
To make a stock level combination, simply fill the clean bottle with equal amounts of each single essence (e.g. 5ml of 5 different essences in a 25ml bottle). You could also order your chosen essences made into a stock level combination by us. We don’t recommend taking any other essences except Bach Flower Remedies alongside them.

Single Flower Essences | Single Gem & Crystal Essences

How Many Karmic Essences Can I Use At Once?

Generally we advise taking only one Karmic Essence at a time, although it can be effective to use two complementary Karmic Essences together by taking 4 drops of each at the same time. We don’t recommend taking any other essences except Bach Flower Remedies alongside them.

Karmic Flower Essences

How Many Angel or Archangel Essences Can I Use at Once?

You can take these separately or mix 2 or 3 together. Use them as and when you want to call in a particular vibrational frequency, or take them over a longer period of time until you notice a difference. If you are using them on an ‘as needed’ basis it’s perfectly fine to use them alongside any of our other essences.

Angel Essences | Archangel & Ascended Master Essences

How Many Platonic Solid or Single Rose Essences Can I Use at Once?

You can take these separately or mix 2 or 3 together.

Platonic Solid Essences | Single Rose Flower Essences

How Many Personal Custom Combinations Can I Use at Once?

Take just one custom combination at a time, and for greatest benefit we recommend you take a combination of Bach Flower Remedies alongside.

Personal Custom Combinations

The Deeper Acting Combination Essences...

How Many Combination Essences Can I Use At Once?

Divine Harmony Essence combinations - 4 x 10ml bottles

Divine Harmony Essences, Chakra Essences, Rose Collection Combinations, Wellbeing Combinations, Inner Child Essences and Light Body Essences are all powerful combinations of at least 5 different deep acting flower, gem and crystal essences.

We recommend that you take only one combination at a time until the bottle is finished and do not take any essences other than Bach Flower Remedies at the same time. Our Combinations contain a complex mix of deep acting flower, gem & crystal essences that work deeply into the energetic system to make lasting change and transformation. Taking multiple combinations at the same time is simply too much for the system to integrate so you will find the greatest benefit from focusing on one combination at a time.

Divine Harmony Essences | Chakra Essences | Rose Collection Combinations | Wellbeing Combinations | Inner Child Essences | Rainbow Light Body Essences

How Many Pure Vibrations Sprays Can I Use at Once?

Each of these sprays is a powerful combination of 5 to 6 different essences, so if you're using them consistently for a period of time we recommend that you avoid taking other deeper acting combinations at the same time. However, a well-chosen combination of the Bach Flower Remedies can be very supportive used alongside one of these Sprays.

If you are using the sprays on an ‘as needed’ basis then using 2 or 3 different ones separately over the course of a day would be fine. If you are taking another deep acting combination such as a Chakra Essence or a Divine Harmony Essence, the occasional use of one of the Pure Vibration Sprays in the auric field alongside your other combination will work well for most adults.

Pure Vibrations Essence Sprays

Can I Dilute Crystal Herbs Essences to Make a Combination Bottle?

We are often asked whether its possible to dilute any of our single or combination flower, gem & crystal essences to make a treatment level essence. This is not something that we usually recommend for any of our essences, apart from Bach Flower Remedies. The reason for this is that in our experience when you take these essences directly from stock you get a much deeper acting effect from them than if you were to dilute them down. This means that an essence taken from stock tends to clear and release patterns more deeply and with greater effect. All of our essences are at stock level and so it is possible to dilute them, but if you do you won't get this deeper acting effect in the same way. There may be occasions when this would be appropriate, or there are good reasons to do it, but as a general rule we would usually recommend that you use them directly from stock. If you have any questions about this, please do contact us.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about how to use any of our essences, please do contact us.

You can also find help and advice in our Help With Choosing & Using Essences section and more information on How to Use Flower & Vibrational Essences here.

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