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Essence Suggestions for the month

Here you find our Essence Suggestions for the month and a little about why we have chosen them. Some come from the essence suggestions in our monthly E-Light newsletter, some from essences that we are finding particularly helpful this month, and some are essences that are simply always helpful ones to have around.

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Essence Suggestions from May's Edition of E-Light

With emotional intensity likely to be at quite a peak this month we thought that we would start our essence suggestions section with a reminder of how helpful a well-focussed combination of our Bach Flower Remedies can be if you find yourself in the midst of an emotional storm that is all consuming and difficult to see beyond. Bach Flower Remedies are wonderful when you need something to help bring you back into balance quickly.

Emotional Intensity

We all have our weak points when it comes to emotional intensity, and it can be very helpful to make a note of what states tend to come up for you when deep patterns are triggered and also the Bach Flower Remedies that will help you to create greater balance quickly.

This is particularly important if you can find yourself in some of the more extreme states like deep fear; Rock Rose, extreme despair; Sweet Chestnut; feeling out of control; Cherry Plum, deeply isolated; Water Violet or unable to cope; Elm.

There are of course many other possibilities beyond these few so do check out the Bach Flower Section on our website to make a comprehensive list for yourself. When you have completed your list, you can order your combination through our website here; Mix Your Own Combination.

Once you have your combination of 7 or 8 essences take it consistently, at least 8 x a day or more often if needed. Please do call us for advice if you need help with this process, we are always happy to help.

Heart Space

Cultivating the ability to move into an expanded heart space is one of the best ways that we can facilitate the release of old patterns. Heart space is also where will find the doorway into the new beginnings that always follow on from endings.

Here are a few essence suggestions to help you stay in your heart this month;

Heart Connection Spray, living in love; this is a wonderful spray to use when you need to expand your ability to stay in your heart. Use often! Heartfelt Forgiveness; this deep acting Rose combination will connect you into the Ruby Red Ray of Forgiveness and help you to release and move on. Letting Go, dissolving attachment; this might be just the combination you need this month to help you release old outworn relationship ties and agreements. Fuchsia; this is a really helpful essence to take when you need to release a build up of painful emotions blocking your heart chakra. It will act very quickly to help you see what the emotion is and assist you to dissipate it with ease.

Lastly a reminder of two Pure Vibrations Sprays that will help you to stay grounded and connected this month; Earth Connection; strong foundations and Energetic Alignment; soul connection.

Hellebore Flowers

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Other Essence Suggestions for May

Divine Mother Essence

Divine Mother Essence

The nurturing, compassionate energy of the Divine Feminine is personified in the west by Mother Mary and in the east by Quan Yin. Call on the Divine Mother energy to help you to connect with and balance your own feminine energy. The energies of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine must be balanced within each of us and within the Earth herself, before Peace & Harmony can be restored on Earth.

Divine Mother Essence | Archangel & Ascended Master Essences


Creativity Essence

Creativity Essence

The Creativity combination is a wonderful Essence for helping you to express your creativity, recognise your individuality and feel free to be yourself. It helps to transform any old stuck energies blocking your natural creativity and it is also helpful if you feel withdrawn or find it hard to be a full expression of yourself.

Creativity Essence | Divine Harmony Essences


Decisive Essence

Decisive - Inner Child Essence

The Decisive Essences is a really useful essence if you lack trust in your own judgement or intuition. Indecision comes when you are not able to trust your intuition, for this aspect of your divine nature will always guide you to the right decision. It is important to be in your own calm space when making important decisions and these need to be made in a meditative space, balanced with practical aspects. This essence helps us become more naturally decisive.

Decisive Essence | Inner Child Essences

Always Useful Essences

Emotional Balance Essence

Emotional Balance Essence

Emotional balance is a really good combination if you experience volatile emotions, excessive mood swings or difficulty remaining calm and balanced in emotionally charged situations. This Essence will help to promote a gentle release of buried emotions creating a firm foundation for greater emotional balance as well as a release of discomfort in the solar plexus chakra.

Emotional Balance Essence | Divine Harmony Essences


Angel of Beauty Essence

Angel of Beauty

The Angel of Beauty reminds us that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and helps us to open our awareness to recognise the inherent beauty in all things and all life forms including the beauty of your own inner being.

Angel of Beauty | Angel Essences

Crystal Herbs

Our Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences

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Forgiveness Essence

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Forgiveness Essence | Divine Harmony Essences

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