Essence Suggestions for May

Here you find our Essence Suggestions for the month and a little about why we have chosen them.

Essence Suggestions from May's Edition of E-Light

We are all currently in a process of deep transformation and the energy flow this month is perfectly set up to help promote further change. Vibrational essences are valuable tools to help us negotiate change of this kind because they are essentially templates that help us remember and align with a higher frequency more expanded version of ourselves that can offer us a new perspective on what we are experiencing.

Here are some suggestions for essences that might be particularly helpful this month based on the themes highlighted in our May edition of our E-Light Newsletter.


Freedom is a theme that will present itself to us in many different ways over the coming months. There are some very strong threads in the energy flow this month that will make it feel urgent to push against and even rebel against restrictions that limit our ability to do what feels important to us.
Negotiating this energy can be tricky because a perceived lack of freedom can so easily be seen as an external problem with a solution that will only be found outside of ourselves. Of course, there are many situations in the external world where rules and regulations currently limit our freedoms and sometimes it is important that we speak up where there is injustice in a situation. However, we also have to look within at the ‘rules and regulations’ that we have imposed on ourselves in an effort to conform to the realities of earth plane life. These old agreements are beginning to feel burdensome because they limit our freedom to be our true self and it is these that may become uncomfortably obvious to us this month. In this situation look carefully at the emotion that holds the agreement in place and choose an essence that will help you to dismantle it. Here are some essence suggestions that help with some of the most common issues. Fear: Inner Calm; transforming fear, Courage, or Strength & Courage Spray; overcoming fear. Anger: Inner Peace; transforming anger, or Goodwill. Resentment: Self-Responsibility; transforming resentment. Judgement; Inner Freedom; transforming judgement. Self-value; Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness. Confidence: Confidence; restoring self-assurance.

Stay in Your Heart

Strong polarised energies are very visible in our world right now and the energies this month could well emphasise these rather than diminish them. It will therefore be important to stay in our hearts to avoid being pulled into strong polarities of right/wrong or pushing against something that we disagree with. Like water the energy of the heart has its own ability to find a way around obstacles and resistance if we just stay neutral, allowing and in a loving space.
We have many lovely essences that will support you to stay focussed in your heart centre. Here are a few for you to check out; Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind or Love.


Self-care is always important but right now it is particularly so. Take lots of time for yourself this month to rest, relax and listen deeply to what is stirring within. Nurturing ourselves is still difficult for many of us, even though we know that it is important for us. Essences that can assist with this are Self-Acceptance; restoring unconditionality, Open to Receive; creating abundance and Forgiveness; transforming guilt.

Dream Big

The energetic flow this month is highly creative and will deeply support us in dreaming the dream of how we would like our personal and collective future to be.

Check out Soul Connection; enlightenment, Creativity; restoring individuality and Vision.

You can find out more in May's E-Light Newsletter

Other Essence Suggestions for May

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The Earth Connection spray is an excellent combination to quickly help you to re-align and re-balance when you are feeling ungrounded or disconnected from your body. It will help to pull you firmly back into your body and to ground and connect you with the Earth as well as stabilise your energetic foundations, re-connecting you with the present moment. This will be a particularly useful essence to help you to stay grounded in the energies this month.

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Always Useful Essences

Positive Vibrations Spray

This Essence is all about cleansing and purification. You can use it to cleanse and purify your personal energy field of negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs, and it is also a really useful Essence to use as a space clearing spray for your living or workspace. This is always such a useful essence to have around for when there are difficult energies around you or in your space, or simply to help to clear and release your you are feeling!

Positive Vibrations Spray | Pure Vibrations Collection

Revival Remedy

Revival Remedy is a combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem and was originally formulated by Dr Bach for use in situations requiring ‘emergency rescue’. It acts as a very swift emotional stabiliser in circumstances where there is much fear, panic, trauma, or other severe upset such as a serious accident or unexpected bereavement. It's a really useful essence to have on you as it's just such a useful essence in so many different situations.

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Essence of the Month

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