A List of Resources for the Bach Flower Remedies and Dr Bach

Here you can find a list of resources to help you to find out more about Dr�Bach and the Bach�Flower�Remedies.

Books on the Bach Flower Remedies

Heal Thyself


Heal Thyself by Dr Edward Bach

A fascinating insight into Dr Bach's understanding of the true causes of illness and disease.

Available from us at Crystal Herbs.


Collected Writings


The Collected Writings of Edward Bach edited by Julian Barnard

A collection of all of Dr Bach's writings on his Bach Flower Remedies and his understanding of illness and disease.

Available from us at Crystal Herbs


Twelve Healers


The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies by Dr Edward Bach

Dr Bach's book about his Remedies, with a description of each remedy and how to use.

Available from us at Crystal Herbs


Medical Discoveries


The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician by Nora Weeks

A wonderful insight into Dr Bach and his work by Nora Weeks - a colleague and close friend of Dr Bach.

Available from us at Crystal Herbs


The Essence Within


The Essence Within by Julian Barnard

Richly, this book details the way that the flower remedies of Dr Edward Bach are used, and gives instructions for the way they are made.

Available from us at Crystal Herbs


Crystal Herbs Colour Poster

This beautiful poster shows the Bach remedies in each of Dr Bach's seven groups along with a brief understanding of what each essence does. It also shows the relevant Karmic Essence for each group.

Available from us at Crystal Herbs


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Other websites on Bach Flower Remedies


A comprehensive site dedicated to all aspects of the flower remedies of Dr Edward Bach. It gives lots of information about Dr Bach, his life and work. It also gives a good list of Bach related resources.


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