Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Essences are simple and easy to use, but lots of questions always come up. Here are some of the questions that we are most often asked.



How many essences can I take at once?

This is perhaps one of the questions we are asked most often and the answer depends on which of our essences groups you are wishing to work with. For example the Bach Flower Remedies can be used alongisde any of our other essence ranges. However, the deeper acting essences you need to be more careful with, particularly the ranges which are pre-mixed combinations - these are designed to make deep adjustments in your energetic system and are best taken one at a time. Each essence range has its own guidance and you can find specific details on the individual essence pages and a general overview here:


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What will happen if I take an 'incorrect essence'?

Unlike chemical medicines vibrational essences are basically self-adjusting. If you choose an essence that you do not really need it will simply cancel itself out in your bodies energy system.


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What size bottle should I choose?

From our own experience of taking essences and from observing how they work on those we treat with them, we would recommend that in general you choose a 25ml size rather than a 10ml size. The reason for this is because you are taking the essence over a longer period of time, which often produces better results. The Bach Flower Remedies are different as these are meant to be diluted down to a treatment bottle, so a 10ml size will often last a long time, unless you are treating lots of people, in which case a 25ml size might be more appropriate.


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How long will my essence last

We offer a number of different bottle sizes. To help you to decide which size you need, here are the approximate quantity of drops in each of the different sizes and how long the bottle will last at a normal adult dosage:

10ml: there are approximately 200 drops in a 10ml bottle. This equates to about 50 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 12.5 days.

25ml: there are approximately 550 drops in a 25ml bottle. This equates to about 136 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 34 days.

15ml ( Rainbow Light Body & Inner Child only ): there are approximately 300 drops in a 15ml bottle. This equates to about 75 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 19 days.

30ml Spray: there are approximately 230 sprays per 30ml bottle.

50ml Spray: there are approximately 385 sprays per 50ml bottle.


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Is there a best before date on the essences?

Each of our essences has a best before date on the label. The length of the best before date varies a bit between essences ranges, depending on the amount and type of preservative. Most of our essences are in an organic brandy & water mix ( brandy was the original preservative that Dr Bach choose because of its purity ) and these have a best before date of approximately 6 years. The Pure Vibrations Sprays are in vodka and rose water and have a two year use by date. Our custom combinations ( such as the Bach Flower Remedy Custom Combinations and the Deeper Acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence custom combinations ) are made to order and have a best before date of approximately 3 months. The Inner Child Essences and Rainbow Light Body Essences are preserved in vodka and water and have a best before of around 6 years. Where we offer alternative preservative options ( cyder vinegar or vegetable glycerine ) the best before date matches the best before of the preservative used and generally that is around 18 months.

As a general rule if they have been stored properly and well looked after your essences will be fine to use well beyond this date - both brandy and cider vinegar are long lasting preservations!

Our Revival Creams have a best before of around about two years.


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Can I give essences to my animals?

Many people are finding that their animals gain great benefit from using essences. Bach Flower Remedies are usually a good place to start with animals - you can easily add the remedies to the animals water or food bowl. Remember that you will need to use larger quantities of remedies for bigger animals like horses. Garlic Flower Essence & Snap Dragon Flower Essence are also a very useful essences for animals as taken over a period of time they will create an energetic pulse in the auric field of an animal that is irritating to insects.


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I feel that I need so many essences - how do I know which to start with?

You can't work with everything at once so choose essences to work with the issues that are most predominant first. There is more help with this on the Choosing an essence page.


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How do I find which Essences are included in each combination?

You can find which individual Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences are included in a particular combination under the 'More Information' tab on shop page for that particular combination. So for example if you wanted to know what was in the Creativity Combination from the Divine Harmony Essences, you would go to the Creativity Essence page in the shop, and click on the 'More Information' tab and you'll find a list of the essences that are in that combination.


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My symptoms have become worse since starting to take the essences - should I stop taking them?

This is really a very good sign, however for those of us who have become used to visiting the doctors for something to take away our symptoms it might feel a little strange or even disturbing at first. Do be reassured that this is both temporary and helpful. Under these circumstances it is better not to stop taking the essences completely but to reduce the dose to perhaps 2 or 3 x a day until you feel more comfortable. A combination of the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies will also often help to bring balance to how you feel.

Why does this happen? Vibrational essences work by releasing old blocked energy - if you are quite sensitive you will be more likely notice that your emotional/mental patterns become more conscious or obvious while you are taking essences. For some this might be a process that takes place in the dream state while for others it will be more conscious. The more you can allow this process to take place the quicker the issues will clear away.


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I have been using essences but I am not sure whether they are working?

If you are comparatively new to taking essences you may find that it is a little while before you notice big changes in yourself. Essences work slowly and subtly over a period of time so be patient and know that change is taking place gradually. Very often if you look back over a period of a few months of taking essences you will be able to see a change in the way you react to the situations and events in your life which is new and positive. This is your clue that the essences are working.


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Can I order as a Practitioner or as a Wholesaler?


Practitioners.. If you are a qualified Practitioner you are eligable for a practitioner discount. You can find out more and apply here - Practitioner Account Application

Wholesalers.. If you run a shop, webshop or retail outlet you can apply for a Wholesale account. You can find out more information here - Wholesale Account


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Handmade with Love & Care

From making the Mother Tincture to bottling and labelling the stock bottles that we send you, each essence is handmade with love and care, helping to ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of essence.

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