Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Essences are simple and easy to use, but lots of questions always come up. Here are some of the questions that we are most often asked.



How many essences can I take at once?

This is perhaps one of the questions we are asked most often and the answer depends on which of our essences groups you are wishing to work with. For example the Bach Flower Remedies can be used alongside any of our other essence ranges.

However, with most of our deeper acting essences and the combinations in particular, we recommend taking one at a time until the bottle is finished, then assess where you are and select your next essence in the same way. This enables you to focus on each of the issues that you have identified as needing support in turn and the essences will be able to work at their maximum capacity.

You can find more here: How to Use Flower & Vibrational Essences




Help, I need to find an Essence for a particular issue

Choosing the right essence is a simple and easy process which is focussed on working with the underlying issues rather than particular symptoms. What is going on for me? How am I thinking and feeling? What emotions do I need help with? Where are the energetic blocks within me?

In our Essences and Themes Explorer pages you can explore some common issues and patterns and find a full selection of essences from across our ranges that will help with that particular issue. See our Essences and Themes Explorer pages.





How do I choose an essence for my pet?

Bach Flower Remedies work very well for animals, and we recommend choosing the 1-6 remedies that most closely match your pet’s personality and behaviour to bring them back into balance. When choosing their remedies, it’s also helpful to consider whether it’s a recent issue or a long standing situation. Has anything happened to cause a change in their behaviour? Learn more about choosing essences for animals on our Choosing Essences for Animals page.





How Do I Make a Bach Flower Remedy Treatment Bottle?

From a Bach Flower Remedy stock bottle, put 2 drops (4 drops of Revival Remedy combination) from each of the stock bottles that you have selected, into a clean glass dropper bottle containing no more than 30ml of spring or spa water, together with a teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative. Dr Bach called a combination made in this way, a treatment bottle. You can find out more here - Choosing & Using the Bach Remedies.





How long will my essence last?

We offer a number of different bottle sizes. To help you to decide which size you need, here are the approximate quantity of drops in each of the different sizes and how long the bottle will last at a normal adult dosage:

10ml: there are approximately 200 drops in a 10ml bottle. This equates to about 50 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 12.5 days.

25ml: there are approximately 550 drops in a 25ml bottle. This equates to about 136 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 34 days.

15ml ( Rainbow Light Body & Inner Child only ): there are approximately 300 drops in a 15ml bottle. This equates to about 75 doses ( 4 drops on tongue ) and when used 4 drops 4 x a day will last approximately 19 days.

30ml Spray: there are approximately 230 sprays per 30ml bottle.

50ml Spray: there are approximately 385 sprays per 50ml bottle.





How long should I take my essences for?

The time it takes an Essence to work can vary considerably depending on how sensitive you are to Essences and on how deeply held the emotional / mental pattern, issue or state is.

Generally we recommend taking an essence until the bottle is finished. Sometimes an essence will have an immediate effect and you will feel a shift almost straight away. At other times the process happens on a subtle level over a longer period of time as the old patterns and layers are peeled away, like the layers of an onion.





Do You Deliver To My Country?

Most likely! We ship to destinations all around the world from our base here in the U.K. So almost no matter where you are in the world, you are welcome to buy our Essences. If you can choose your delivery country from the dropdown menu in our shop, we can send essences to you! Orders are dispatched either by Royal Mail's Airmail service or by UPS, TNT or DHL Couriers.

Please note that if you are ordering from outside of the U.K. you will pay the tax exclusive price on orders, but you will be liable for any import duty that your countries customs may levy. You can find out more here - Receiving International Shipments.

If you can’t see your delivery country in our shop, you may be able to buy our essences from one of our international distributors instead. Please contact us for more information.





Do You Offer Essence Help and Advice?

Yes, we do! You can call us on 01379 608059 between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and one of our essence practitioners will be happy to help. These free advice calls are ideal when you just want 5-10 minutes of essence advice to help you choose an essence. 

Alternatively if you would like essence advice by email, please send us a short email describing what you would like essence support with, with details about any thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing. We aim to reply within 48 hours Monday-Friday. Contact Us.




How Do I Place An Order?

Online: You can order directly from this website through our online essence shop. When you order online through the Crystal Herbs site you can choose between two payment gateway options. We offer secure encrypted card payment through either Worldpay's secure payment gateway or by Paypal, so you can be assured that your card details and payment information will remain entirely secure.

By Phone: You are also very welcome to phone us to place an order. We are available from 9am - 5.30pm on weekdays, so please give us a call and one of out team will be happy to take your order! U.K. 01379 608059 | Outside the U.K. ++44 1379 608059

You can find more detailed information about placing an order with us here.




Can I Add to My Order?

Yes if we have not dispatched your order ( or already parcelled it up for dispatch), then we can usually add essences to it for you. If you would like to add something to your order and we have not notified you of dispatch, please contact us as soon as possible and if it is not already parcelled up for you, we will arrange to add your extra items and we'll contact you for payment for the extra items and any additional postal charges due.




How do I convert the prices on your website to my local currency?

Unfortunately we cannot display prices in international currencies on our website. However you can quickly convert the price for individual essences and for the total of your order on any currency conversion website ( such as Xe Currency Converter ). Simply choose to convert prices from GB Pound Sterling to your currency.